List of Companies Selling Vanadium at Good Prices

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The vanadium market became unstable after hostilities broke out in Ukraine in February 2022. In March and early April, vanadium prices skyrocketed due to this added strain on an already tight market.

2021 was a year of difficulty for the supply chain due to worldwide logistical delays, which led to variable pricing in North America compared to China and Europe. Supply problems caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022 led to increased purchasing of Chinese ferrovanadium. According to trade data, ferrovanadium exports increased by 176% year-over-year in April, reaching 934 t (gross). Most of these exports have gone to the Netherlands, South Korea, and Japan.

Vanadium is indeed a metal with certain unusual qualities. Steel production is its most common application, but it also has found a place in several cutting-edge technologies. Because of this, we’ve spent some time today locating promising vanadium stock options.

Let’s start with a deeper dive into the vanadium market. With this guide, you can see if purchasing vanadium is wise.

Oushi Metal Company

The vanadium village of Shicheng in Chongyang county, Hubei province, is famous for its abundance of metal. This is where HUBEI OUSHI METAL CO., LTD. Located. You can find a lot of stone coal vanadium ore in Chongyang county. Vanadium extraction technology for stone coal was first developed in 1976. Chongyang county’s vanadium industry has been growing for over 30 years, making it a vital part of the country’s economy and an operational wind vane for the domestic vanadium sector. Visit this page to check out different vanadium products.

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Another Australian business is Neometals. Materials for storing energy are also a significant emphasis. There are three main initiatives. The Barrambie Titanium and Vanadium Project is an example of a venture in the upstream direction. In terms of hard rock titanium-vanadium deposits, it is among the best in the world. A mining license has been issued, and the project is still in the evaluation and development stages.

The two other Neometals initiatives are both concerned with reuse and recycling. One such enterprise is a partnership between SSAB, a Swedish steel manufacturer, and a vanadium recovery firm. The other is a method for recycling ion-lithium batteries, which will become increasingly crucial as battery output rises in the coming years.

Bushveld Vanadium

South Africa is home to the world’s most outstanding high-grade primary deposits of vanadium, and the Company has a significant presence there through its mining and processing operations.

There are some of the most outstanding primary grades in the world at the Vametco Mine, Mokopane Project, and Brits Resource, which together have a JORC-compliant natural resource of at least 548 Mt (100% basis), including 74 Mt (100% basis) of JORC-compliant reserves.

The Vanchem and Vametco plants contribute to Bushveld’s ability to remain competitive in the vanadium market by providing a scalable, low-cost manufacturing platform.

NextSource Materials

Mine developer NextSource Materials, based in Canada, operates out of Toronto and prioritizes graphite and vanadium. The Company is the only owner of the Molo Graphite Property in southern Madagascar. It also has a vanadium project called Green Giant, far from there.

One of the world’s largest vanadium deposits is located in this project. Resource estimation of 60 million metric tonnes of vanadium pentoxide has been made, making this an exploratory project in an advanced stage.

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It is a priceless asset that has the potential to generate significant revenue in the years to come. Yet, the Company isn’t currently making any money. It is still in its infancy, and its market cap is shallow; therefore, many investors pass it by. Yet, this could be a good moment to invest in vanadium stock.

The companies mentioned above are among the top options for investing in vanadium. This sector should remain profitable as long as there is a need for steel. There are options for investors to examine in the present, like the rhodium mentioned earlier and nickel stocks. It would be wise to spread your investments around various markets and countries.

The most recent studies have uncovered many prospects beyond vanadium and metal stocks. 

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