List of top 5 Best Sushi Restaurants in Lahore to try Sushi

Sushi Restaurants in Lahore
List of top 5 Best Sushi Restaurants in Lahore to try Sushi
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Wishing to eat Japanese food in Lahore is not a problem anymore, as the city has bundles of restaurants to offer the finest cuisines. Authentic Japanese like, Sushi can be tough to get by in Lahore, especially if it isn’t a native dish. But, when it comes to choosing places, are you unsure if the sushi will be good or not? Is it going to be genuine?

Will the money be well-spent or will it be squandered? It’s natural for questions like this to arise in your thoughts. Sushi restaurants are few in Lahore, owing to the high expense of fresh fish. Despite this, many eateries are still open and providing excellent service to their clients. Today for you, we have 5 best sushi restaurants in Lahore listed below.


Asahi is a Japanese restaurant in Lahore’s DHA. They are well-known for delivering the finest Japanese cuisine, produced with genuine high-quality ingredients for an amazing dining experience. Creating attractive and appetizing sushi meals is an art form, and Asahi is well-versed in it.

Their cuisine is designed to represent real and delightful tastes. The Rainbow Roll, a combination of crab and tamagoyaki on the interior with salmon, tuna, and avocado, is the most popular dish on their menu. This is the most delicious and luxurious choice.

Saku Hana 

Saku Hana offers a delectable taste of Japanese food. They offer a beautiful atmosphere that will make everyone’s eating experience memorable. They provide a vast selection of sushi to suit everyone’s tastes. Saku Hana has a well-thought-out menu that includes a variety of tantalising sushi plates. The food’s unique ingredients are imported directly from Japan. When you visit Saku, don’t forget to try their Signature Rolls.

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Sumo is Lahore’s first Japanese contemporary cuisine restaurant, having opened in 1990. True fans of Japanese cuisine love the tastes, artwork, and eating experience. Modern design features are combined with traditional oriental accents throughout the restaurant.

Sumo’s famous Robata grill, live teppanyaki cooking stations, and live Sushi counter provide the ultimate eating experience. When all of these elements are blended, they create one-of-a-kind Japanese emotions. With their Dynamite California Roll and their distinctive Nigiri Platter, Japanese cuisine enthusiasts delight in a delicious affair. The cuisine is prepared to perfection, prompting you to want more.

Bamboo Union 

Bamboo Union, a top restaurant in Gulberg Japanese food in Lahore that serves delectable cuisine that is a great joy. Get your hands on a plate of your favorite sushi restaurant in Lahore. Sushi balls, nigiri, teppanyaki, and maki rolls are all available on the restaurant’s extensive sushi menu. The Mango Maki is a client favorite, with a delicious but tempting flavor. The Union Special Platter, which features a distinctive platter with Salmon Nigiri, California Maki, Tempura Maki, and Salmon Maki, is another great option for family reunions.

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Kinoko is a restaurant in the city that serves traditional Japanese food. The food is centered on the kitchen’s and sushi bar’s original tastes. They provide an extensive sushi menu produced by seasoned chefs using foreign products. Raw and cooked Maki Rolls are available. The Kinoko Special Platter is a one-stop shop for all sushi essentials. It feeds 15 people and may be shared with family and friends. 

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Sushi is one of the most well-known dishes in Japanese cuisine today. However, its popularity has grown form parts of Asia, and ranked as the best Japanese food in Lahore. From the above, Bamboo Union is one of the greatest sushi restaurants in Lahore. The first Pan Asian Diner in Lahore is Bamboo Union. 

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