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Live Chat Software
Live Chat Software
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A good live chat tool makes it easy to improve the customer experience and manage support requests quickly. As consumers seek more convenient ways to connect with businesses, chat features on websites are becoming essential for many brands. We’ve reviewed some of the most popular live chat apps for websites on the market today to bring you a list of the top 10 best cheap and feature-rich live chat apps. Top 10 Live Chat Software.

Top 10 Live Chat Software:


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Trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, Tidio is one of the best live chat software options for integrating live chat and chatbot services. This live chat app is easy to set up and use, with customizable widgets to help you reduce your response time. Tidio offers entrepreneurs a highly customizable chat widget that they can adapt to their logo and website. You can log in to the survey provided by the company to learn more about the people browsing your website and even reaching out to customers.


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Versatile and easy to use, LiveChat is one of the most popular chat tools on the market today. With this service, you can create a branded chat box where customers can post messages and support requests on your website. LiveChat is an all-in-one customer service platform used by more than 35,000 companies worldwide, including big names like Ikea and PayPal.

With LiveChat, businesses can manage customer service requests and conversations in a personalized inbox. The software provides a comprehensive platform where customer support teams can track conversations, respond to multiple customers simultaneously, and even integrate a number of different chat tools.

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LiveAgent is a full support platform with a full live chat widget. This widget works with your customer service plan for 24/7 customer support. Considered one of the fastest live chat apps on the market, LiveAgent turns your business into a 24/7 help desk, complete with AI automation.

With LiveAgent, businesses can connect with their customers on every channel they can think of through one unified inbox. There are more than 130 ticket plans to help you sort through conversations and more than 200 integrations with advanced tools like WordPress and Mailchimp.


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If you are looking for the best live chat software for website support, JivoChat is a great choice. Cheap and easy to use, this tool allows you to connect with customers wherever they are, thanks to integration with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and others. Agents receive calls, chats, and emails in an inbox for easy management.

JivoChat comes with a variety of features to improve customer service, including CRM integration with detailed visitor information and insights into what customers write. It is possible to collect information from customers with quality service.


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With a portfolio of customer data tools and live chat tools, Olark promises businesses a way to learn more about their audience. You can engage with your customers or answer their questions, users can have an easy backend to manage all chats. Olark focuses on enhancing the brand/customer relationship through various tools. It only takes a few minutes to create a custom chat widget and publish it to your website. You can start collecting customer data to improve their shopping journey. It comes in the list of the best Live Chat Software.


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Chaport is a one-to-one communication software that helps businesses integrate communication channels and automate support. Designed with a focus on simplicity, Chaport makes it easy to add chat functionality to your website in minutes, with an easy-to-use interface for users to navigate. Best Live Chat feature

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Chaport promises to help businesses increase sales and deliver support quickly, with a unified inbox to support and empower members. You can integrate messages across multiple channels like Viber, Telegram and Facebook to reduce the time your users spend switching between apps. It is one of the most amazing Live Chat Software.


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PureChat is one of the easiest live chat options for websites. Unlike other providers, this company focuses only on chat services, with unlimited conversations on any plan. There are customizable widgets for branded conversations and native apps for Android and iOS to keep the conversation going.

One of PureChat’s main selling points is its simplicity. You can easily create and customize your chat widget, adding your own colors to help your widget match your website.


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One of the most popular companies in the field of customer service, Zendesk offers a variety of marketing and support plans. Zendesk’s chat features are available as part of its comprehensive service set, which includes personalization, agent tools and an intelligent approach to all conversations. Zendesk makes it easy to connect with your customers across all the channels they love through a unified agent workspace. There are over 1,000 integrations with popular apps, so you can find your customers anywhere. Additionally, smart routing rules connect the right users to the right customers instantly.


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Offering web chat and many other services and support tools, FreshWorks is a market leader in customer service. Otherwise known as “FreshChat”, the FreshWorks messaging service is popular with thousands of large companies, including Klarna. The service offers a full range of interactive messaging tools.

With FreshWorks, you can split customer conversations between human agents and chat, to reduce stress on your team. There is a user-friendly bot builder that is great for people who want to get into AI without a lot of coding knowledge.

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Convenient and affordable, Smartsupp helps businesses record and record users’ time on the website, as well as communicate with customers. You can integrate Google Analytics to better understand your customer journey and adjust your CX strategies according to their needs. Advertised as an “online shopping assistant”, SmartSupp combines a number of features to help support teams and deliver a better customer experience. This solution provides live chat, and logs, to provide behind-the-scenes insight into browsers. It is one of the top Live Chat Software.

Top 10 Live Chat Software with their website: Chat SoftwareWebsite 


What technology is used for live chat features?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is the most secure way to chat?

  • Signal.
  • iMessage.
  • Telegram.
  • Wire.
  • Threema.
  • WhatsApp.

Why do companies use live chat?

  • Live chat improves the support experience for customers.

Can chat logs be used as evidence?

  • In many legal cases, transcripts of Internet conversations can be useful if used in court as evidence.

Who has the best chat support?

  • Pure Chat.
  • LiveChat. 
  • Chaport

What are the risks of instant chat?

  • Viruses and other malware.
  • Identity theft.
  • Data leaks.
  • Instant messaging spam.
  • Firewall tunneling.

What are the rules for online chats?

  • Never write anything you wouldn’t say aloud. 
  • Remember the human behind the chat. 
  • Be mindful of other people’s communication preferences. 
  • Be prompt with replies.  
  • Be mindful of spelling, formatting, and other mechanics.

How can I improve my live chat service?

  • Set the right expectations.
  • Cut first response time.
  • Empower reps with context.
  • Infuse live chat with your brand’s touch.
  • Ask for customer feedback.


So, these are the list of Top 10 Live Chat Software. Having a live chat button on your website helps build trust with your users, and is something every e-commerce business should have.

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