Magic Leap has a new CEO

Magic Leap has a new CEO
Magic Leap has a new CEO
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Peggy Johnson, the Magic Leap has a new CEO, joined me on stage at Disrupt five weeks ago. Much of the discussion centered on the augmented reality hardware company’s complete transition with the Magic Leap 2 into corporate applications. When Johnson joined the company in August 2020—a former executive at Microsoft and Qualcomm—she led the change in business strategy.

But Johnson left the company a little more than three years after joining. Magic Leap has appointed Ross Rosenberg as chief executive officer in her place. He was previously an executive with First Solar and Belden, Inc.

According to Magic Leap, this shift signifies the end of its enterprise pivot. Johnson states it’s time to move on as the relocation was her main objective while working for the organization.

Johnson expressed, “I believed it was the appropriate moment to hand over the reins to a new CEO who can steer the company through its forthcoming phase of expansion. I’ve achieved a substantial portion of my objectives at Magic Leap.” He continued, “I genuinely appreciate all the employees for their contributions in effectively repositioning the company toward the enterprise market. I take immense pride in the leadership team we’ve cultivated at Magic Leap.”

Magic Leap has a new CEO:

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Magic Leap, at the very least, is more focused than it was in the years preceding 2020. Making the incredibly well-funded firm viable is a seemingly unachievable task for Johnson and Rosenberg.

By no means has technology been Magic Leap’s most significant issue. When using the Magic Leap 2, the outcomes are difficult to dispute. On the other hand, market fit is still a massive unknown for the company.

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In a release, Ross Rosenberg stated, “There is now a clear need state that Magic Leap is capable of solving for as companies begin to see true ROI from deploying AR technologies.” “I would like to express my gratitude to Peggy for her leadership in steering Magic Leap through a crucial stage of its growth and how excited I am to start working with their elite team.”

The announcement of Apple’s upcoming VisionPro during the summer knocked the wind out of Magic Leap’s sails. But Johnson informed me that the business complimented the team’s efforts. Like the Vision Pro, Magic Leap’s products are priced considerably above the means of typical consumers; Meta is much more at ease in this market.

Undoubtedly, the Vision Pro has increased awareness of AR possibilities for businesses and the concept of spatial computing. It still needs to be determined how big those markets are precisely.

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