Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles

Manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles
Manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles
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Manufacturing companies are those companies that provide raw materials and other components to required industries. These companies can directly sell products to companies, other manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. The manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in the development of society. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 manufacturing companies in Los Angeles.

The manufacturing sector spans multiple industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, construction, electronics, clothing & footwear, chemical, floor covering& furniture, and more. The manufacturing industry is constantly increasing in the world especially in the USA. Manufacturers represent 15% of the economic output of the USA. There are several semiconductor companies in Los Angeles.

Here, we are going to discuss the top 10 manufacturing companies in different sectors by revenue. Please check the companies below.

List of Top 10 manufacturing companies in Los Angeles:

1Boston Scientific1979
2Red bull North America1996
3Sony Corporation of America1960
4Texas Instruments1960.
6Ford motor company1903
7Broadcom Inc1991
9Nestle USA Inc1990
10Toyota North America1957
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Boston Scientific:

File:Boston Scientific Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Boston Scientific is healthcare product manufacturing company located in Los Angeles. It is one of the top 10 manufacturing companies in Los Angeles area founded in 1979. They advance science for life by providing wide range of top performance solutions that meet customer needs and reduce the cost of health care. Boston scientific has a mission that is transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.

Boston scientific has 38000 employees across 6 continents committed to doing business sustainability and responsibility in communication in society. They have a dozen of manufacturing and technological centers around the world. Many of these centers make products for more than one business and include business facilities.

They manufacture medical devices used in interventional medical specialties including interventional cardiology, peripheral interventions, vernacular intervention, cardiac surgery, gynecology, endoscopy, electro psychology etc.

Boston scientific has won numerous awards and accolades including fortunes world’s most admirable company,2021,  forbs best employer for diversity,2021, best places to work for LGBT equality ,HRC corporate index, human rights campaign 2021 and more.This is one of the best manufacturing companies in Los Angeles.

Red bull North America:

Red Bull Energy Drink | Details - Brand Database |

Red bull North America is a food & drink manufacturing company in Los Angeles. It is one of the top 10 manufacturing companies in Los Angeles founded in 1996. The launch of this company was after one year of the foundation of Red Bull Company in Austria.  Red bull makes energy drink that respected worldwide by top athletes, professionals, university students and travelers.

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There are different flavors of red bull soft drink are available like original, watermelon, tropical, coconut berry, peach, kiwi apple,  tangerine etc. it is the first universal energy drinking brand to  deal with consumer request for sugar free energy.

Today red bull operates in over 70 countries and selling almost 7.9 billion cans annually. Red bull has a team of dynamic creative individuals working together to grow brand & deliver great products to customers. 

Sony Corporation of America:

Sony Corporation of America Scholarship Program - Youth For Understanding  USA

Sony Corporation of America is a consumer products manufacturing company in Los Angeles area founded in 1960. It is an American subsidiary of world’s leading manufacturing company called Sony Group Corporation. They produce high profit consumer electronic products and gaming systems.

They produce digital and video camera, walkman stereos, TVs, semiconductors etc through its more than 1200 subsidiaries. Sony is also one of the top media conglomerate in the world. Sony boasts entertainment assets such as Sony music, motion pictures, DVDs, TV program and also involved in film, financial services.

It is one of the world’s largest consumer products and professional electronics manufacturer. They manufacture computer hardware, consumer electronics, music, films, robotics, videogames, semiconductors, technology equipments and more. They Have 55% of market share in image sensor market.This is one of the top manufacturing companies in Los Angeles.

 Texas Instruments:

Texas Instruments - Wikipedia

Texas Instruments is electrical & electronic manufacturing company in Los Angeles area founded in 1930 as a reorganization of ‘Geophysical service incorporated’. Later in 1951 Texas Instruments was emerged they designs, manufactures, tests and sells analog and embedded chips across world.  Its revenue is mainly from development of analog chips and embedded processors.

Texas instruments provide semi conductors and various integrated circuits worldwide mainly for electronic designers and manufacturers. They also provide products to industries like automotive, personal electronics, industrial, communication equipment & enterprise systems. They are the introducer of world’s first silicon transistor in 1954 and the same year they produced first transistor radio.

Texas Instruments working with a mission of creating a better world by making electronics more affordable through semiconductors. They keep trust worthy, inclusive, innovative, and competitive & result oriented services for decades. They have 15 manufacturing sites worldwide that produces millions of chips each year.

They offer approximately 80,000 products for over 100,000 customers. Texas instruments have achieved numerous recognition including NAFE top 50 company for executive women, 2016, worlds most admired company, fortune 2016 and America’s best employers, forbs 2015.This is among the top 10 manufacturing companies in Los Angeles.


Caterpillar | Caterpillar

Caterpillar is world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining in Los Angeles area founded in 1925. They manufactures constructing &  mining equipments, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial turbines and diesel electronic  locomotives etc. they provide innovative customer solutions to worldwide from its inception.

Caterpillar has number of brands including cat reman, cat financial, Kempa, cat lift trucks, Olympia, Perkins and ore. They are principally operating through three segments such as construction industries, resource industries, and energy. Their service built on cutting edge technology and they have decades of experience in manufacturing sector.

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Caterpillar focused on solutions that help their customer build a better world. They have committed and dedicated team of employees.  Caterpillar has 41.7 billion with sales and revenue in 2020.This is one of the top 10 manufacturing companies in Los Angeles.

Ford motor company:

File:Ford Motor Company Logo.svg - Wikipedia

Ford motor company is a transport equipment manufacturing company in Los Angeles area founded in 1903 by Henry ford. It is one of the best leading manufacturing companies in world sells automobile and commercial vehicles under the ford brand and luxury vehicles under its Lincoln luxury brand.

They provide their services worldwide.  Their products include automobile, commercial vehicles, automobile vehicles, auto motive parts; pickup trucks, SOVs etc.  ford motor company has number of subsidiaries across different regions of the world including ford of Europe, ford Australia, auto alliance Thailand, blue diamond, ford sollas, Otosan, ford lio tto etc. ford introduced methods for large scale manufacturing of cars and management work force.

They service include vehicle leasing, vehicle service, and automotive finance.

Broadcom Inc.:

Broadcom Inc. - YouTube

Broadcom Inc is electrical & electronics manufacturing company founded in 1991. It is one of the top 10 manufacturing companies of Los Angeles. Brodcomm is a multinational designer, developer, manufacturer and global supplier of semiconductors and infrastructure software products. Company crafts, composes and distributes wide range of semiconductors  and infrastructure software solutions.

They offer products including Set top/CMTS, cable modems & DON/DSOs, Ethernet NICs, filters & amplifiers, ASIC, processors, HDD/ SSP controller, storage adapters, controllers & ICs, fibre channel networking and more. Company expands its services in multiple sectors including networking, software data centre, broad band storage, wireless and industrial.

Company operates through two segments includes semi conductor solutions infrastructure software and IP liscensing. Broadcom is a world leader has number of customers including popular companies like apple,samsung, cisco, dell, packard and more.


Swoosh - Wikipedia

Nike is a consumer products manufacturing company in Los angeles fonded in 1964 as blue ribbon sports. Later on 1971 it officially became nike. It is a leading designer, marketer, distributer of athletic footwer, equipment, apparel and acessories for a wide range of sports abd fitness  activities.

Nike operating in North America, Western Euorope, central & Eastern Euorope, China, Japan etc. whollly owned subsidiaries of Nike includes  convesse Inc, which designs markets and distributes casual footwear, appareal and acessories and Hureley international LLC, which designs, markets and distributes wide variety of sports, youth lifestyle foot wear, apparel and acessories.

Nike sponsors high profile athlets and sports teams around the world. Nike provide large number of products including shoes, jersys, shorts, cleats, bare layers, etc for sports activities like football, vollyball, basketball, tennis, ice hockey  and more.  Nike has recently teamed up with Apple Inc to produce the Nike+ products that monitors a runner’s performancre via a radio.This is one of the top 10 Manufacturing companies in the Los Angeles.

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Nestle USA Inc:

Nestlé: Good food, Good life | Nestlé Global

Nestle USA Inc is food and drinhk manufacturing compny founded in 1990. It is one of the top 10 manufacturing companies of Los Angeles  produces and distributes nutritious food and drink across world. There are 200 US locations in 34 states including 68 manufacturing facilities.

Nestle has a purpose to unlock the power of food to enhance quality of life. The company offers  products like baby foods, bakery, chocolate, coffee,  bottle water, drinks, frozen food products, ice cream, fruit and vegitable juices etc. Their operation in US composed of seven companies including nestle USA, nestle purina, Gerber, Nestle health science, Nestle professional and Nespresso.

Nestle has more than 150 US locationsin 31 srtates which include manufacturing R&D and supply chain facilities and corporate offices.

Toyota North America:

Toyota North America | LinkedIn

Toyota North America is transportation equipment manufacturing company one of the top manufacturing companies in Los Angeles founded in 1957. They deliver innovative and world class products to its customers worldwide. Toyota North America is the operating subsidiary of Toyota group that overseas all operations of Toyota motor corporation in Canada, Mexico and US. 

Operation of this company includes research and development, manufacturing and marketing after sales. They have team of talented people who work hard to create some of the highest quality vehicles on the road. It was the first automotive company to produce over 10 million vehicles per year. 

They are also global market leader in hybrid electrical vehicles.  They also participates in non automotive activities including aerospace, philanthropy, higher education, robotics, agricultural, biotechnology, serving machine technology and more. 

FAQ’s about Top 10 manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles 

What is a manufacturing company?

A manufacturing company is a company that engaged in design and manufacturing of different types of components according to the need of companies, distributers and wholesalers of different industries.

 Which are the types of manufacturing industries?

Petroleum, chemical & plastics

Clothing & footwear



Food production

Metal manufacturing

Wood, leather & paper and more

Which are the top 10 manufacturing companies in Los Angeles?

Boston Scientific

Red bull North America

Sony Corporation of America

Texas Instruments


Ford motor company

Broadcom Inc


Nestle USA Inc

Toyota North America

Which are the types of jobs available in manufacturing sector?

Manufacturing operator

Manufacturing associate

Manufacturing technician

Manufacturing super visor

Manufacturing engineer 

Manufacturing manager

Director of manufacturing

Which are the manufacturing products?

Automobile, chemical, consumer electronics, electrical equipments, clothing, furniture, air craft, refined petroleum products, ships, steel, tool & dies and more 

Which are the manufacturing industries?

Automotive, aerospace, ship construction electronics, food preservation, clothing & footwear, floor coverings, furniture, chemical, soup & detergent, pharmaceutical, plastic, manmade fiber, industrial glass, ceramics, building construction, industrial polymers, mineral deposit, textile printing, paper making, elastomer and more

Which is the largest manufacturing company in the world?


What are the 10 largest US manufacturing industries?

Petroleum, steel, automobile, electronics, consumer goods, food production, aerospace, telecommunication, chemical, lumber & mining

Which country is best for manufacturing?



Manufacturing companies are emerging day by day. They provide rapid changes in multiple sectors like automobile, industrial, aerospace, clothing & footwear, construction, chemical and more. If you are looking for the top 10 manufacturing companies in Los Angeles you are in correct place. According to us these are some of the top manufacturing companies in Los Angeles.

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