Massive Geomagnetic storm to hit Earth today, says NASA

Massive Geomagnetic storm to hit Earth today, says NASA
Massive Geomagnetic storm to hit Earth today, says NASA

The Sun is due to attack the Earth with a major solar geomagnetic storm, according to space agencies all across the world, as soon as tomorrow. There are predictions that this geomagnetic storm might be deadly due to the Sun’s increased activity.

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On Thursday, the Sun will release huge volumes of Coronal Mass Ejection with high-intensity radiation toward the Earth and some of the other planets in the interior solar system, causing a solar geomagnetic storm.

NASA and NOAA have been monitoring the Sun’s CME emissions and forecast that the storm will impact Earth on April 14. Due to the extremely rapid solar wind stream, NASA predicts that after the mega-storm strikes Earth, it will certainly increase.

“Our model fit suggests a very high chance of Earth impact on April 14, 2022, with speeds ranging between 429-575 km/s,” the Centre of Excellence in Space Sciences India (CESSI) stated in a tweet. Geomagnetic disruptions of low to moderate magnitude are predicted. Solar wind and near-Earth space environmental conditions are currently reverting to normal.”

A large geomagnetic storm has the ability to disrupt the Earth’s power infrastructure and other resources, perhaps resulting in a global blackout. This geomagnetic storm is projected to reach G-2 levels at higher altitudes!

“A stunning filament explosion in the Earth-Strike Zone!” tweeted Dr. Tamitha Skov, a well-known space weather scientist. Impact is expected around mid-day on April 14th, according to NOAA and NASA solar storm prediction models! Expect aurora down to mid-latitudes, intermittent GPS reception disturbances, and amateur radio propagation delays, especially at night!”

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According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), places at higher altitudes on Earth are expected to experience power outages and radio signal interruption. Mid-altitude locations may not be as badly affected, but there will almost certainly be some power outages.