Measuring blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer:
Measuring blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer:

Measuring blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer:


A sphygmomanometer is a device which helps in the measurement of blood pressure. It mainly consists of a rubber cuff that revolves around the arm of a person. The device which is measuring blood pressure dictates the pressure of the cuff. 

In this process, a stethoscope is also involved to listen to the sound of the blood flow. The systolic pressure rises with each heartbeat. As when one opens the value the pressure of the cuff decreases. And when this cuff pressure is equal to the arterial systolic pressure the blood creates turbulence. One can listen to the sound with the help of a stethoscope. And when this sound stops this will indicate the diagnostic pressure. Diastolic and systolic pressure are usually known as ‘over’ diastolic. Manometer manufacturers are providing quality materials and products to their manufacturers.

Types of sphygmomanometers:

Mainly there are three types. These are:

Digital sphygmomanometers.

Manual sphygmomanometers

  • Aneroid
  • Mercury 

The digital types of sphygmomanometers are less accurate than the manual sphygmomanometers. And that’s the reason that the lab assistant uses manual sphygmomanometers for the readings. Others are aneroid and mercury. Generally operating these two devices are the same. But the aneroid device needs periodic calibration. 

Procedure of a sphygmomanometer:

Before using a sphygmomanometer one must know about its procedure. He must be aware of the process. Some of the steps are as follows:

  • One must use a proper blood pressure cuff for the beginning of the blood pressure measurement. The cuff’s bladder length must be 80% of the upper arm.
  • After this, you have to wrap the arm with the lower edge of the cuff. 
  • After wrapping, start pressing the bell of the stethoscope. You have to do this process very lightly. One must use a diaphragm or bell to avoid difficulty while using the bell. 
  • The next step is to inflate the cuff to 180mmHg. And then release the air from the cuff. 
  • You can listen to the heartbeat with the help of a stethoscope. The first sound of the knocking indicates the sound of systolic pressure. And when this knocking sound stops then it becomes the diastolic pressure. 
  • After taking the pressure, the next thing is that you have to record the pressure. After noting down you can write the difference between these two. 
  • You have to measure the blood pressure twice if the subject of the pressure elevates. 
  • 180/120 mm Hg blood pressure or pays immediate attention.
  • Periodic calibration is required for digital and aneroid calibration.
  • For heavily muscle subjects you can use larger cuffs. 
  • You have to use smaller cuffs for the pediatric patients. For such patients, this gives direction to hypertension. 
  • You have to place the cuff on the direct arm. Clothes are adjusted according to the cuff.
  • Make the patient relax and give support to the arm.
  • The interval of the appearance and the disappearance of the knockoff sound is known as the auscultatory gap. And this will lead to the systolic pressure being underestimated. This gap increases blood pressure.

These are some of the steps which one has to follow. The steps given above must be followed in a proper sequence. 

Things to be considered before buying a sphygmomanometer:

There are many things which physicians have to consider before buying the sphygmomanometer. Because the sphygmomanometer is the device that helps in monitoring the blood pressure of a person. Such things are: 

  • Requirement:

The first and the basic thing is that for which requirement one is buying the sphygmomanometer. Different kinds of sphygmomanometers provide different readings. The aneroid sphygmomanometer gives high reading and it requires professionals. The price of a normal sphygmomanometer may vary from $10-70. It depends upon the type of sphygmomanometer. 

  • Correctness:

The first and foremost thing is accuracy. Because these are the medical instruments which can not be ignored on any choice. The accuracy of the system depends upon its size and type. The aneroid requires experts and it gives high accuracy. Whereas the digital needs the involvement of the physicians. 

  • Cuff size:

The next thing is the quality, size, and design of the cuff. One must consider these things before buying a sphygmomanometer. Well, it varies according to the material’s quality and the design. 300 mmHg is the ideal gauge. And the cuff size must not be too loose or too tight in the hand. So you have to buy that cuff which does not provide any harm to the hand of the patient. 

These are some of the basic things which one has to consider before buying the sphygmomanometer. Manometer manufacturers look at the demand of the market and design it as required.


From the above, it is concluded that a sphygmomanometer is a tool that helps in the measurement of blood pressure. Before using a sphygmomanometer one has to follow the necessary steps. This is a tool that helps a person a lot. The sphygmomanometer must be the one which gives the best results. There are many types of sphygmomanometers present in the market. They may vary according to the design, size, price, and brand. The sphygmomanometer of ours which you will use will be among the best. 



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