Meet "Shelly Luthra" and Know about Her Startup Journey For Online Silver jewelry "Ornate Jewels"

Meet “Shelly Luthra” and Know about Her Startup Journey For Online Silver jewelry “Ornate Jewels”

“In a woman’s life some form of jewelry that they receive marks all the important occasions. Be it their wedding be it the birth of a child etc. We Indians primarily buy gold jewelry but hardly wear, it’s mostly stored away in lockers. Most women can be seen wearing the same few pieces day in day out. Being expensive one can’t really afford to buy it on regular basis”, Says Ms. Shelly Luthra Founder and CEO Ornate Jewels. 


When I (Shelly Luthramoved to America a couple of decades ago. Being from the small-town middle-class background I was in for a surprise. Jewelry buying has been a very big event in Indian families. The whole family kind of gets involved and there is a lot of excitement and planning and budgeting. Surprisingly in America, I saw that jewelry is an extension of a woman’s wardrobe and not investment that needs to be hoarded in lockers or worn occasionally. Every day women matched their outfits with jewelry be it for work or for social events, which were chic and yet at the same time affordable. What surprised me was that jewelry was sold in department stores and was affordable for all. One didn’t have to plan and save and wait for the day they could buy something to make themselves happy or a man had to really think twice before buying a precious jewel for the woman in her life. Every little occasion could be marked by presenting a piece of jewelry which really didn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Somewhere that thought has always been playing on my mind.

When I started working for a jewelry company I realized that jewelry doesn’t have to expensive. It can be precious, trendy and at the same time affordable. I always to wanted to buy jewelry that looked like a million bucks but was affordable at the same time for me. That’s how ornate jewels were born in 2015. Silver is precious and still very affordable. It suits our budget and sense of fashion. This whole idea of creating fine jewelry, which looks and feels like the real deal was the always the driving force behind ornate. I wanted to give women the luxury of buying jewelry as and when they desire, to be able to match with their different outfits and at the same time don’t have to budget and plan . I like to call my jewelry as Affordable Luxury.

All our jewelry is manufactured in our own manufacturing facility; our designs represent the aspiration of an independent, today’s Indian woman. At ornate jewels, we strive to provide the best quality genuine pure 92.5 silver at super affordable prices. Our jewelry is anti-tarnish; rhodium plated which doesn’t turn black hence giving the buyer a product, which can be worn for years to come.

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We use the highest quality AAA grade American Diamonds. Our jewelry is nickel, lead and cadmium free. Each piece goes through strict quality control to make sure our customers get the best quality. Each piece is stamped with our brand logo and a stamp of purity. We ship each piece in eco-friendly velvet lined designer boxes along with a certificate of authenticity. We have a no questions asked 7-day return policy. All our jewelry comes with a 1-year warranty.  Our goal is to bring international designs and quality to our customers and put a smile on their face when they open the ornate box.

I (Shelly Luthra) moved back to India a couple of years ago and launched the site ornatejewels.com. It’s been a constant challenge as the business environment is different from the west. To be able to run ornate today I have had my share of setbacks. Every day there is a new challenge. I am a proud mom of a ten-year-old lovely girl. There are days its tough to manage the home front and work but somehow I am doing the best I can. There are days I fail miserably but then the next day I put my best on and go on and shall keep going on.

“The need for wearable affordable fashionable and quality silver jewelry is growing at 30% per annum Silver jewelry and silver accessories retail sales stood at 15,000 crores and expected to be Rs 45000 crore in next 5 years. We aim to capture 1% of this market in the next 5 years. We want people to associate the name ornate with quality jewelry and we will keep working towards it”, Says Shelly Luthra. 


Url : https://www.ornatejewels.com/


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