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Meet Urvi Fansalkar The Founder of “Krerum” a One-stop Platform for Handmade Products

“People who know me can Very well relate this but people who do not, let me tell you something “, Says the Founder Urvi Fansalkar

I am not very sure if its hormones or maybe I was built this way, but I have always been attracted to, actually attracted to me is not the right word, always been in love with Innovative Articles.

Born in the family with no Maternal Uncle’s and brought up by a single mother, I come from the background where I had three mothers to bring me up.

As we women know how much we love the beauty and being beautiful, and every one of us is so Unique that we do never settle for something similar forget about same.

“Since Childhood, I believed in achieving something classy at the same time unique and much early in life that I realized that it is absolutely not necessary that the awesome only comes from those big labels or brands. I have worn a maximum of my frocks to suits designed by my Mom” Says the Founder Urvi

India is famous for its countless Sunday and Friday Markets, Bazaars which bring plenty of sellers with innovative stuff, probably never seen before and even if you bought it how were we to ensure that we have got value for money and of course, the next time I visited the bazaar, you will never find the same seller again.

I took up the Career at a Creative Agency as a Creative Consultant. Over 10 years, attempting to do Mega Events, Grand Marriage functions, Destination Weddings, Corporate Events to making Creative Artworks for corporate clients to individual sellers, brands and much more. Be it just a small identify creation for a Vadapav shop or it was a Destination event with over a crore budget, One common perspective, every single individual demanded that was being Unique, being Rare, exclusive, Only Me. I have seen the spark in people’s eyes while describing what they do and how important that mission is in their life.



Meet Urvi Fansalkar The Founder of "Krerum" a One stop Platform for Hand made Products

Image Credit/Source: Krerum

I remember one of my visits in the village at Kutch Gujarat, where I saw an old Mansion being demolished and that had placed some beautiful artifacts outside, and literally few tourists and foreigners begging to know where they got this art form and how to get them.

“India is the origin with plenty of cultures and each culture represents their emotions through the creative Products and go anywhere in India, we are to find that somewhere in Heart of those villages and cities, there are people who still want to continue making their art because that’s what defines them or completes them. Today some of them are not able to continue the same because they do not have to connect with a larger base or if they got connected, there are financial liabilities which impede and they are not able to fulfill the demand generated” Says The Founder Urvi

I remember few weddings that we Organized where the brides have Self-designed their dress, ornaments, jewelry and strict use of chemical-free cosmetics and these were not Gold or Diamond, this was a true personality of the individual and trust me it suited them much more than all the costly jewels.

Here comes KRERUM_TheRealmofCreativity, the conviction that motivated me so hard that I agreed to let go of my career to build the world where we could give the people something Unique, just for them, made for them in various categories. I have spent months traveling, communicating, meeting artisans who are so innovative and art they create which is not just a showpiece but things that we use on daily basis.

Here we devised an e-commerce platform, where all of them are together, the innovators and people like me who adore innovation. The platform takes special measures so that the innovators are identified, trained to use the technology and at the same time financially helping them to achieve their highest potential.

Krerum _ Kriya (To Do) + Rerum (Creativity), as the name suggests, will always win your hearts by doing things in most creative ways.

Krerum is just launched on the 1st day of this New Year at www.krerum.com, we already have about 500+ products from over 30 artists in 35 different categories. And while we are speaking the uploads are on and we aim to reach 1000 products by the end of February. Currently, Krerum itself is providing all the support to artisans, be it upload of products, content development, back-end management, delivery channel and more. Soon every Creative Associate will be provided with their own log in and space so they can manage their store.

The challenges are to establish a trusted brand, where people actually trust the quality delivered by us. So a lot of efforts are being made in that direction. Almost every order is being personally taken care of and feedback is very much acted upon. Also being a bootstrapped organization, we have to spend every penny very wisely. We are currently in talks with few investors who have liked our work, so keeping the fingers crossed there.

We are a very much start-up and being a woman entrepreneur it’s sometimes difficult to manage both social and professional side of life. But it’s with my friends and families support may it be my mom or my in-laws and most importantly my husband and my 3-year-old kid who has adapted to my working hours, they have stood by me for every step I have moved forward. So currently I may not be able to provide any message to my fellow startups but will share one of my favorite quotes.

As Rumi says “It’s Your Road and Yours Alone, Others can walk with you but no one can walk it for you”

             The KRERUM Team firmly believes in walking together, because we have decided to go long.


Meet Urvi Fansalkar The Founder of "Krerum" a One stop Platform for Hand made Products

Url : krerum.com

Contact Details :+91- 9586293255

Email id : [email protected]



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