Mistakes to avoid when sending a parcel to Germany

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Mistakes to avoid when sending a parcel to Germany
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There are common mistakes that many people make when sending packages internationally. In this article, we will examine the mistakes to avoid when send  parcel to Germany to ensure a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience.

Sending restricted items

Different countries have different rules on what can be shipped into or out of their borders. If you are sending your package without looking into Germany’s customs regulations, then you may get in trouble.

Here are some examples of restricted items :

Certain Items regulated by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, Animal Nutrition, Remains of Animals or associated products, Animal Disease Agents and Rabies Viruses, Live Creatures, Avian Species, Antique Goods and other Domesticated Animals, Mineral Fiber Material, Bees and Natural Sweeteners, Wildlife and Vegetation (CITES), Citizen’s Band Radios, Coffee Samplers, Software for Computers, Wireless Telephones (operating on frequencies exceeding 853 MHz), Dairy Products and related items, Floppy Disks, Medications, both Prescribed and Over-the-Counter.

This list typically contains all restricted items; however, if you are not sure of any of the items you are sending, you can go through the German government website for a list of prohibited import items.  

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Incomplete or Incorrect Address 

Providing incomplete or wrong addresses is the most common mistake when sending parcels abroad. To avoid this, double-check your recipient’s address and include all relevant information, such as building number, street area, and postal codes. You can also make use of an online mapping service to avoid this mistake.

Not Packaging properly

If you ignore any aspect of packaging your parcel properly it can lead to damage during transit. Make use of strong boxes and proper cushioning material to protect the contents. As your parcel is handled multiple times till it reaches its destination, proper packaging will help avoid damage.

Incomplete Customs Documentation

Make sure you are as descriptive as possible when writing the document information and understand the rules for documentation in Germany. Fill out all necessary customs declaration information accurately, as Failure to do so can cause delays or even seizure of the package.

Incorrectly Declared Value

To remain free from customs duties and taxes, people undervalue or overvalue the contents of their packages, which may become a big problem when caught, So avoid these strategies to save money and provide the actual value of your products according to customs rules in Germany.

Not Using a Reliable Shipping Service

Choosing a trustable shipping service is very important as you are relying on their services to parcel your package safely. Research a reputable shipping service that matches your needs and helps you stay informed about your parcel’s status.

Ignoring Import Regulations 

Ignoring import regulations can result in the rejection of your products. Certain items require additional regulations due to their delicacy to handle.

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While it may be an additional cost, shipping insurance is a smart investment. It provides coverage in case of loss or damage during transit, ensuring that you won’t be at a significant financial loss.

Not tracking the Parcel.

Monitoring your parcel allows you to see the status and anticipate any delays. Most parcel services allow an online tracking facility for its users to be updated on your package’s status. Not tracking your parcel may result in the loss of your package.

Not planning shipping in advance.

Shipping during busy seasons like holidays or festivals can result in the delay of your parcel. Plan your shipping in advance in your calendar, see how many days it will take to reach the destination, and accordingly parcel it to reach on time.

Failure to Communicate with Recipient

Failing to inform the recipient about the impending arrival of your parcel can lead to misunderstandings. Even if you’re planning a surprise for your friend residing in Germany, it’s essential to notify them about the expected delivery of the package. This communication should include tracking details and any potential customs duties or taxes they may be responsible for.

These principles apply when send parcel to Italy as well.

Ignoring Size and Weight Restrictions

Every shipping service company has its own weight and size restrictions. Not following any of them may result in additional costs to pay for them or to directly face rejections.

Not Considering Weather Conditions

Consider whether you are sending anything that can get moist easily during bad weather conditions, for example- food items. Consider waterproof packaging that can be helpful for added protection and protect your parcel during transit.

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Not Inspecting the Parcel Before Shipping

One of the critical mistakes that people frequently neglect is not checking their packages before dispatching them. To ensure a smooth shipping process, it is essential to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the parcel’s contents. This examination is essential to verify that nothing is damaged, missing, or improperly packed.

This practice remains crucial when send parcel to USA.

In conclusion, if you avoid these mistakes, sending parcels to Germany will become a smooth process. Take time to plan, prepare, research, and choose a reliable shipping company to increase your chances of a hassle-free delivery experience. By following these guidelines, you can be sure that your parcel reaches its destination in Germany on time and safely. 

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