Modular Ramps | Why Are They Becoming So Popular? 

Modular Ramps | Why Are They Becoming So Popular?
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Are you looking for a wheelchair ramp? Are you confused about which ramp is best for you? Today, we are going to share with you everything about modular ramps and why they are turning out to be so popular. 

What Are Modular Ramps? 

A modular wheelchair ramp is usually made of aluminium and gives a temporary solution to your accessibility problems. For all the people who are looking for temporary (semi-permanent) accessibility, solutions love these ramps since it is quite easier for one to assemble and disassemble them. People who are looking for something more permanent than portable ramps must consider investing in these modular ramps. In addition to being a semi-permanent ramp, these ramps have several other benefits which make them preferable for wheelchair users.

Benefits Of Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Let’s just come straight to the list of reasons why these modular ramps are perfect for wheelchair users. 

  • Safe to use 

All these ramps come with an anti-slip surface. This ensures the safety of the user while making it easy and convenient for one to use them. Along with that, since they are made using a strong aluminium material and come with handrails, they are considered to be very safe to use. 

  • Adjustability 

Another very important point to note before investing in these modular ramps is that they come with the adjustability feature. Unlike wooden ramps, these modular ramps are not anchored to concrete footings which makes them easy to adjust. 

  • Best for both residential as well as commercial places 
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These modular ramps can fit into both residential as well as commercial properties. Considering the durability and how easy it is to maintain them, you can use them in both residential and commercial properties. 

  • Easy to modify

Another good thing about these ramps is that they are customizable. You can choose from several different configurations as per your needs. You can ask for a straight, switchback, L-shaped, or any modification. This is not all, you can also modify these ramps after installation by adding, removing, or relocating the sections. Sounds convenient, right? 

  • Easy to assemble 

Another benefit of these modular ramps is that they are very easy to install. Since these modular ramps are made using different components, you might assume it is a very complex thing. On the contrary, these modular ramps can be easily fitted together in just a few hours. Most often when you buy a modular ramp, they send technicians who have experience in installing it along with it for you. So, you don’t have to do anything. They will take care of everything. 

These are some major advantages of these modular ramps. We are sure by now you must have decided whether you should invest in these ramps or not. Those who are interested in buying these modular ramps must check out the EZ Access. They have the best quality mobility and accessibility equipment. All their products are of the highest quality and come in a variety of options. So, if you are in the search for modular wheelchair ramps, we highly recommend you check out the EZ Access collection. 

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