Most Difficult Online Casino Games to Play for Beginners

Most Difficult Online Casino Games to Play for Beginners
Most Difficult Online Casino Games to Play for Beginners

If you’re a newbie to the casino world, we understand how enthusiastic you’re to learn about the most difficult games.

Thankfully, the more dedicated you are to these games, the more your proficiency and love for them grow.

Here’s your chance to crack these hard shells open. And you’ll soon find your way up the ladder to the best online casino in Canada.

Slot Machines

Playing casino games demands that you’re unbreakable because the going might get tough anytime.

And that’s where the thrill of playing those games lies. Now, let’s show you how to become a pro with slot machines.

Their standard design includes a screen that displays some reels that start “spinning” once the game starts. In most cases, the minimum number of reels you’ll see at the machine is three.

Meanwhile, there’s a chunk of difference between the old and contemporary slot machines. The former was built with a lever, like a skeuomorphic concept, that’ll push the machine to play.

On the other hand, the latest ones use touchscreens and buttons, while some work with random number generators.

Whether you want to pay using a voucher, cash, token, or coin, the machines can also validate your payment method.

Every machine has a table that contains the number of credits the winner will receive. And for you to win, the signs you list on the pay table must line up on the machine’s pay line.


No game outranks the complexities craps online offers. And it gets more challenging when you hear the rich jargon players use and the number of rules they follow.

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Another thing that might make you lose interest is the high playing pace. But you don’t have to worry, all you need to do is stay committed to the process.

Let’s talk about dice rolling.

Rolling 11s or 7s sounds encouraging until the dice start smashing the table’s edge. Anyway, there’s an antidote to this problem.

You can learn dice roll control to stay lucky with numbers. Other than that, this method will pitch you closer to higher odds of winning.

Lastly, selecting bets different from pass line one should also fast-track your learning cycle.

Get these rules right and you’ll be in the right direction to become a craps expert.


Roulette has been dominating the casino world as far back as the 17th century. And the most incredible part is that it retains top spot as one of the hardest card games till now.

From the sound of the ball to the vast range of bets, roulette should be the most compelling of all.

Another feature that makes roulette a harder nut to crack is the bond between the odds, bets, and probability determinant.

It has “inner” and “outer” bets alongside different versions.  For example, we have the En Prison and La Partage rules.

Meanwhile, there’s an American version that rewards customers’ odds of 38-1 with a cash-out of 35-1.

So if you want to get the full grip, you have to exercise patience and stay religious to it.


The difficulty here isn’t about the rules, so where does it lie? It’s in the various options that pop up when the dealer displays the first cards.

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To win the game, you have to beat the banker’s whole with a hand that mustn’t go beyond 21. That’s a hard task plus the different methods used by casinos to extend the house leverage.

In a nutshell, winning is hard.

But if you could apply some common sense tips, you should be on the safer side. Invest in learning some defensive and offensive ways that’ll supply you with more chances to win.


Acing this new live casino game requires some self-control and learning how to react in the face of unexpected scenarios.

In other words, we’re not trying to trivialize the place of knowing the basic rules. But if you can’t sense when to bet or stay back, you won’t hit the bag.

So instead of boasting too hard, you should maximize your time by making calculations on how to capture the goodies.

However, if you could be patient enough to grow your bankroll at a slower pace, you’ll start winning rounds.

With this game, always remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Finally, we’ll advise you to trust your guts and stay flexible as much as possible. Spread your wings and learn from other players too.


All these games are refreshing but you shouldn’t let the excitement that flows with playing leave you bankrupt.

Hence, beginners are advised to focus on a game and give it their undivided attention. This is your key to succeeding in this journey you’ve embarked upon.

Anytime you’re at the table, never forget to stay cool-headed. Happy gambling!


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