Mountain View iCity details and prices

Mountain View iCity details and prices
Mountain View iCity details and prices
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Mountain View Icity October tackles Sophistication and elegance to the next level, where all customers’ demands are fulfilled in outstanding and premium quality.

A residential project that goes viral has to feature at least 2 of the following features: strategic location, innovative design, unit variety, attractive price list, and, finally, a benefit that adds something new to customers’ lifestyles.

And indeed, Mountain View Icity Compound in October City comprises all of the above-mentioned traits. GREAT, ISN’T IT?

Here’s an overview of how your family can expose to the luxury in Mountain View Icity October, one of the top projects of Mountain View Company.

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The Location of Mountain View Icity October

Mountain View Icity is located at the heart of October at 5 minute-distance from the Mall of Arabia with an obvious proximity to the 26 July axis and the ring road, which heightens residents’ accessibility to the frequently-visited places in the area.

  • Icity October is 2 minutes from Shooting Club.
  • The compound is located 10 minutes from Nile Univesity
  • If you are heading to Dar Fouad Hospital from the project, you will need to drive only 10 minutes.
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The Land Space & Architectural Design of Mountain View I City October

Mountain View Developer strives to create sustainable and solution-based residential projects for its customers by choosing innovative designs and setting up a smart master plan.

Mountain View I city October extends over 500 Feddan, a huge land space where residents can feel the balance represented between the landscape, building percentage, and, most importantly, the most-wanted services and facilities.

Similar to other projects by MV Company, Mountain View October features a contemporary architectural design that depends on 2 light colors (White & Blue) to keep in line with a mindful lifestyle inspired by the Greeks.

Types of residential units in Mountain View Icity in October

Mountain View Icity Compound in October is your driveway to get exposed to a well-personalized housing experience because of its huge variety of luxurious units; each unit features flawless interior design and a perfectly-chosen size.

  • The average space of Mountain View Icity October apartments is 100 SQM.
  • I-VILLA Type is designed in MV October with a starting space of 180 Sqm.
  • The space of the Sunroof type starts from 130 SQM to 155 SQM.
  • The space of I-Villa Sky is 265 Sqm.
  • 185 Sqm is the minimum space for a luxurious townhouse.

It’s notable to mention that I city October represents the same premium finish of apartments & villas, inspired by MV Chillout Park October, by choosing high-quality paintings and door & window materials.

Top Features & Services Provided in Mountain View I city

The developer aims to be situated as a trendsetter when it comes to integration; therefore, Mountain View I City offers a unique vibrant lifestyle where residents have access to different types of facilities in the following aspects: Entertaining & Social, Sporting, and Medical.

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Get a quick overview of the provided services in Icity October Mountain View:

  • Commercial Mall
  • Sporting Club
  • Health Club
  • Food Plazza
  • Medical Clinics
  • Retail Stores
  • Non-stopping Maintenance Services
  • Pharmacies
  • ATM Machi

Icity 6 October Prices & Payment System

Icity 6 October Prices is an unmissable investment opportunity for anyone who is looking to choose the premium quality that grants passive income in the future, as the company was keen to classify its project with a superior location, units, and design.

  • The price of I Villa in Icity October Mountain View starts from 4.000.000 Egp, prime units that includes three bedrooms.

Kindly consider that these prices are subject to change at any time; we will do our best to keep you updated.

The history of Mountain View Company in Egypt & its Top Projects

Mountain View Company is renowned for its flagship residential projects that usually dominate the real estate market with their excellence.

Since its inception in 2014, the company has been endeavoring to deliver outstanding quality in terms of site location, interior & exterior designs, and integration.

Accordingly, the company has been expanding all over Egypt while paying more attention to the new fourth-generation cities, such as new Cairo & October.

Speaking about October City, which has become one of the first destinations for luxurious residents for people who live inside and outside Egypt, Mountain View Chillout Park has to be mentioned as a real milestone that shares the same level of luxury as Icity October.

image 549

Mountain View Chillout Park

Mountain View Chillout Park is one of the prominent real estate projects by MV Company that features a prime location in October City within seven minute-distance from Juhayna Square and showcases nearness to some of the most vital areas: Boulevard axis, Dar El Fouad Hospital, and Carrefour.

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Mountain View Development established its project ” Chillout Park in October over a massive 229-acre land space of 229 Feddan, where eye-pleasing lush greenery areas are perfectly intertwined in the scene.

Mountain View Chillout Park is meant to encapsulate a huge number of families by providing around 1900 residential units.

Source: سليكت هاوس العقاري

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