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While the popularity of motorcycles in the UK has dipped in the past few years, still there are well over a million bikes of all sizes and shapes found across the length and breadth of the UK. All of them must meet the DVLA guidelines of roadworthiness. As with cars and other vehicles that need to undergo an annual MOT after three years of registration, motorcycles also need to undergo their annual MOT. As a bike owner here are some of the things you need to keep in mind regarding your motorcycle’s MOT.    

Rules for MOT 

Like cars, the rules for motorcycle MOT checks are the same. A motorbike is only due for an MOT check, three years to the date after DVLA registration. However, if the bike has a Northern Ireland registration it will only need its MOT after 4 years as is the rule in NI. After the first MOT check, the bike needs to be checked regularly on an annual basis until it becomes off-road or falls into the category of a classic bike after the completion of 40 years of registration. In case you are unsure about the registration date of the bike visit the DVLA site and enter the bike registration number that will pull up the MOT due date as well as when the road tax is due.   

Getting the MOT Test

The process of inspection for bikes differs vastly from that of cars as is expected. This is because the body and the engine completely differ. Generally, MOT inspectors get certified to inspect cars or bikes but not both together. Never assume that where you get your car MOT done will be able to handle your bike MOT as well. It is recommended instead to look for a specialised motorbike garage that has both the certification and the expertise to carry out the motorbike MOT. If there are any repairs to be done the garage could do that as well before the MOT so that the bike clears the test without any hassle. Always book your bike MOT well in advance instead of waiting until the last minute. 

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Cost of motorbike MOT

Getting a bike MOT is much cheaper than that of a car with the government capping the limit to £29.65. However, garages charge different prices within the maximum capped limit. Some garages offer some of the best deals when business is slow at certain times of the week.  However, do not look only for the cheapest deals on the MOT price as the garage might recoup the money in other ways. Instead, look for a certified bike garage that is moderately priced. 

Regular bike maintenance 

The last thing any bike owner would want is to receive a call that their bike has not cleared the
MOT because of extensive work to be carried out. Some issues are undetectable to the owner and are only found at the time of the MOT. However, there are certain common issues like a faulty registration plate, overworn tyres, dim headlights etc. all of which can be repaired before the bike goes in for its MOT. The best option is first to get the bike serviced before sending it for its MOT as that will increase the possibility for the bike to clear its MOT.  Another benefit of getting the bike serviced regularly and having the service book stamped is that when you intend to sell your bike it will raise the value for sale.   

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