Neil Patel Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography and many more

Neil Patel Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography and many more
Neil Patel
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Have you ever wondered how TechCrunch’s traffic advanced 30% in just a period of 2 months? Neil Patel is the man behind this unbelievable progress, who gained great popularity with his efficient entrepreneurial and digital marketing skills. 

Neil Patel is an Indian origin London born and California-raised entrepreneur who began his career as a blogger and now he has turned into a millionaire by his numerous ventures. He is not only a businessman but also an avid entrepreneur, investor, and efficient analytics professional. He is presently residing and settled down in Seattle (Washington, United State). Right now, he is operating a few companies like Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg which are generally grounded on the client and visual analytics.

His works are mostly referenced by such well-recognised publications frequently. He has now become a widespread name among universal bloggers, entrepreneurs and various businessmen. He has also helped businesses like HP, Viacom, Amazon and NBC to excel in their field and advance their revenue in huge amounts.

According to an article at Forbes, Neil Patel is among the top ten digital marketers and has been well known to be recognized by the former US President Barack Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 years. He never had it easy and has struggled hard to get to the top. Both his companies, Quicksprout and KISSMetrics have been valued to be more than $10 million. He strongly endorses to make better improvements and not better excuses.

Personal and career life

His maternal uncles operated manifold businesses that inspired his mother, encouraging her to begin her home day-care business. Neil began his professional life at the ‘John F. Kennedy High School’ during his early year, where his older cousin used to sell burned CDs. Young Neil trailed his cousin but dodged selling pirated media to be on the harmless side.

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Patel got his initial real job at Knott’s Berry Farm at the age of 15, where he was tangled in cleaning restrooms, discharging trash cans, sweeping up puke and picking up garbage. He prized this job because it paid him some additional cents per hour than other jobs at the same place. 3 months later, he shifted to a sales job at Quality Systems, where he used to sell Kirby Vacuums worth $1600.

He soon left the job again and got into the business of digital marketing by getting inspiration from the working of He soon realised that, without having a college degree, he could not stand strong in the market so he again started his studies taking general education college courses at Cypress Community College while in high school. He got an offer from a company called Elpac Electronics during his educations just after the speech he delivered there about the working of search engines. He began working as a digital marketer from thereafter. He ultimately decided to start up an Internet marketing company with his sister’s boyfriend who is now her husband. 

He then began investing in numerous web hosting companies and made a lot. Then they shaped another business called Crazy Egg which was also fought a lot to get some investors at that time but did pretty well after some time. Then they decided to invest in software companies and also came with an additional business called KISSmetrics. Now both companies are doing great and Neil and his partners have also invested in some other ventures across the US, mainly at Silicon Valley. 

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Currently, Neil is working hard day and night to make his turnovers into billions. But at the same time, he also concentrating on some non-profit sectors also just to benefit those individuals who also desire to modify their lives.

Profession Digital Marketing Expert, Blogger, Angel Investor
Nickname SEO Guy
Age 34 years
Date of birth 24 April 1985
Birthplace London, United Kingdom
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 5’9’’
Weight 60 Kgs
Eye color Black
School John F. Kennedy High School, California
College Yale University, California
Fav authors Grant Cardone, Vishen Lakhiani and Ray Dalio
Fav actors Will Smith
Fav colors Orange
Hobbies Watching the news
Net Worth Unknown

Some of the lessons he imparts

  • When you feel like leaving think about why you began in the first place.
  • Succeeding is one thing. Upholding that success is another. It is during your accomplishment that you are most vulnerable to failure in the filed you choose.
  • Never let the things you want make you disremember the things you already have.
  • If your friends don’t inspire and stimulate you, you’re choosing them all wrong.
  • In the end, accomplishment is what you decide it is. Nobody else’s definition of it matters nearly as much as your own.

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