Never Get an Unwanted Landline Call Again? !

Never Get an Unwanted Landline Call Again? !

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A Review of impTM (It’s My Phone)

By John Mace Alois

Millions of households in the United States are inundated with unwanted calls daily. The problem has become so severe that the FTC receives more complaints about  unwanted calls than any other issue. But fear not, because there’s a solution that’s shaking up the industry. Meet It’s My Phone, or imp™ for short, the only technology guaranteed to  block calls on landline phones 

Unlike traditional call-blocking solutions, imp takes a different approach. Instead of focusing on blocking unwanted calls, it focuses on the calls you actually want to receive. You program your desired contacts into the system, and when they call, your phone rings. Anyone else who calls gets sent straight to voicemail, allowing you to enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

To put it simply, imp is a game-changer when dealing with unwanted calls and preventing bad actors from acting, well… impish. With its innovative approach and 100% efficacy rate, it’s no wonder it’s quickly becoming a go-to solution for households nationwide. So say goodbye to the constant interruptions and hello to a little bit of sanity in your daily life.

Why Traditional “Call Blocking” Doesn’t Work

Have you ever tried to block an unwanted call, only to have the same bad actor call back from a different number moments later? It’s a frustrating experience that millions of Americans deal with daily. Unfortunately, traditional call blocking solutions don’t cut it today.

The reason? It’s too easy for bad actors to pretend to be someone else on the phone systems. The caller ID information on your phone is provided by the caller, not the phone company. And with websites like “spooftel.com” anyone can easily make calls from a fake number.

To make matters worse, bad actors can use computers to constantly change the caller ID information. With billions of possible phone numbers to choose from, there’s just no way to block them all. Even if bad actors limited themselves to ‘valid’ fake phone numbers, there would still be over 3 billion numbers to use.

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So when you block a specific caller number, it’s basically a game of whack-a-mole. As soon as you block one number, the bad actor moves on to a new one. It’s a never-ending cycle that traditional call blocking solutions can’t keep up with.

How imp Works

The imp call screening service uses a small hardware box called the imp box, an app to manage the system from your smartphone or tablet, and network servers to keep everything in sync. The core functionality of imp is based on two things: caller ID service from your landline provider and a list of contacts you allow to ring through to your phone. This list is called the Greenlist™, and it is built based on contacts listed in your smartphone when you first set up the app.

When a call comes in, the imp box suppresses the first audible ring and listens to the caller ID data that comes through. This data is not standardized across all phone providers, and there are four different components to it: Name, Number, Location, and Other Details. The imp box has less than 1 second to decode the caller ID, perform a matching algorithm, and decide how to handle the call.

There are four possible outcomes of the matching algorithm: Greenlist calls ring through, Greylist calls go directly to voicemail, RedList calls are terminated, and calls not on any list go to voicemail. imp is designed to optimize for Greenlist calls, which are typically people you know and want to talk to.

The Greenlist is anticipated to grow and change over time. Other users can share in the management of the imp and contribute their contacts to the Greenlist. All contact updates or additions to any user’s smartphone are automatically added to the Greenlist. imp can also automatically Greenlist numbers dialed from the home phone. In addition, users can assign callers to different lists from the app by simple finger swipes.

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The Greylist makes up 70% of the average call volume and typically includes people like the pizza delivery guy, the plumber you just called, or your child’s 5th-grade teacher who might call again. You can also add members of your contact list to the Greylist so they go directly to voicemail. Finally, for those pesky callers who always seem to call at the worst times, imp offers a Do Not Disturb (DND) button that sends all calls to voicemail and an Allow All Calls (AAC) button that lets both Greenlist and Greylist calls ring through on your landline.

The imp app records and reports information about all calls, including voicemail messages, and presents this information to you so you can control how calls are sorted. The imp network servers keep everything in sync using secure communication channels.

Advantages of imp

The main advantage of imp is that it gives users complete control over their incoming calls. For example, the Greenlist, Greylist and Redlist ensure that users only receive calls from the contacts they want to hear from. Additionally, the ability to add and remove numbers to these lists and assign callers to different lists provides a level of customization and flexibility that is unmatched by traditional call screening services. This allows users to prioritize calls and ensure that important calls are not missed.

Another advantage of imp is its ease of use. Setting up the service is straightforward, and the imp app makes it easy to manage the imp box and the system from a smartphone or tablet. For example, the app builds the initial Greenlist based on contacts listed in the user’s smartphone. Furthermore, all contact updates or additions to any user’s smartphone are automatically added to the Greenlist. 

Additionally, the imp box’s local processing means that the call screening function is not dependent on network connectivity, ensuring that calls are screened reliably and quickly. Finally, customers seem to love the service, with many glowing reviews and people recommending the service to family and friends in droves. 

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Disadvantages of imp

A potential drawback of imp is that the system relies heavily on the accuracy of the Caller ID information provided by your phone provider. Unfortunately, Caller ID information can sometimes be incorrect, incomplete, or missing altogether. In such cases, imp may not be able to screen the call accurately, and you may miss important calls or receive unwanted ones.

Another potential drawback of imp is that it requires an additional hardware box to be connected to your landline phone. While the setup process is relatively straightforward, some users may find having an extra piece of hardware in their home inconvenient. Additionally, the imp box requires a power source, so you’ll need to ensure you have an available power outlet nearby.

Is imp Right for You?

With its core components, including the imp box, the imp app, and the imp network servers, imp offers a comprehensive system that ensures your landline phone calls are screened efficiently. By using a list of allowed or “Greenlist” callers and caller ID service, the imp box can quickly decide how to process incoming calls, whether to let them through, take a message, or hang up on them.

What’s great about imp is that it’s designed to optimize for Green list calls, ensuring that important calls get through while screening out unwanted ones. The app is also user-friendly, allowing easy management of contacts and customization of call screening settings. So whether you want to assign callers to different lists, trigger Do Not Disturb or Allow All Calls modes, or record and report information about calls, the imp app has you covered.

Overall, imp is a reliable, effective, and user-friendly call screening service that can greatly benefit anyone who wants to take control of their landline phone calls. With its simple setup and intuitive interface, imp can help you save time, reduce stress, and enjoy the phone calls you actually want to take, all without any unwanted interruptions.

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