Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs
Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs

Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs

On the first day of the month, the feeling of the richest person in the world is incomparable. In the mid of the month, the salary account starts fading. By the time, month-end arrives the feeling of little extra creeps in mind. During Month-end, people avoid family outing, shopping, and many more wishes.  In today’s world, it is impossible to sustain with one income. Little extra revenue is a must!  Most people are usually looking for another source of income to meet their family needs or raise their standard of living.

With the hectic work schedule, we avoid thinking of extra work. However, there are many opportunities available on the web which are worth to try like Online Data entry. It is the simplest and easiest form of part-time work with a good source of income. This online job doesn’t require any skills or consume much of the time. In Data Entry one must type stuff and fill forms. As this is not a skilled job, it can be done by housewives, college students, retired people to gain additional income. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and basic knowledge of the English language to earn a little extra money. There are many websites available on the internet which provide a wide range of source for earning additional income through data entry jobs and the mode of payment for these jobs varies depending on the type of work they offer.

Let me take you through such tow 10 online data entry jobs available that you can choose as per your skillset and time available:

1.Plain Data Entry Jobs:

This is the most basic form of data entry where you need to copy the data from Pdf format and type in MS Word document. This online job not only needs typing speed but also proficiency in English reading and writing. The payment of this data entry job is based on per page which might vary between Rs. 20/- to Rs. 50/-. Other basic typing jobs also include where you need to type the data into an excel spreadsheet. For this job, you need not require any technical knowledge of formulas. You could get paid to Rs. 100/- to Rs. 150/- on an hourly basis, depending upon the speed and accuracy.

2.Online Data Filling:

For this kind of job, you shall be provided with vast data separately. You need to be extremely careful while adding values and data in these online forms. You must not add incorrect data in the wrong field with wrong data. In the online survey jobs, you need to fill survey forms by answering simple questions. You have to answer a few simple questionnaires and fill up the survey forms. These forms can be filled within a duration of 5 – 15 mins depending on the questionnaire. Filling up forms and online would help you to gain additional revenue for yourself.


It involves solving Captcha and you shall be paid for the same. In case you are not aware of what captcha is about, while login any website, there is a random set of alphabets and numbers to be rewritten in the same form in the empty box. You can earn additional revenue only by solving this simple set. The payment paid to you for solving Captcha is not too much. However, it may vary to the number of people solving the captcha at that time. If there are many people are solving the captcha at that time, then you would earn less amount.  Captcha’s payment methods are WebMoney, Payza.

4.Copy & Paste Jobs:

The name says it all, you need to copy the content and paste it in someplace as instructed by employers. The easiest part of this job is you would be allotted the required data for copying and this data could be in either the word document or excel spreadsheet which you just need to paste. For this type of job, there is one thing that you must have is a very good command over English as it involves loads and loads of reading.

5.Data Formatting & Editing:

For this job, you need to realign/ format the database that could be aligning paragraphs, fonts or indentions as per the employer’s need. Sometimes, you may have to align the forms which consist of Name, address, email id, and contact number.  Along with formatting, there are times, where few employers requests to edit the data that involves spelling correction, grammar check or reformatting an entire document as per the requirement. This online job also requires you to have proficiency in English and basic skills in data formatting.


In this type of work you are required to transcribe the audio file into a word document and this means you need to hear the audio files given and write down every word that you listen. This kind of transcriptions is generally required for the Medical field, and hence you must have an excellent understanding of advanced medical technology and terms they use, good listening ability and accurately capturing the data as required by the employer.

7.Data Entry Keyer:

These type of jobs are mainly offline and usually involves updating data in software called CRM. There are three forms of data entry keyer, which are, catalog data entry operator, payroll data entry operator and entering data in a web-based system.

Catalogue Data Entry Operator: Here you need to update about a product either online or offline. This includes typing product name, code name, expiry date, and price, etc. 

Payroll Data Entry Operator: This data entry job includes typing details about the payroll employees like their name, allowances, payment package.

Entering Data into the Web-Based System: In this data entry job, you enter data into a web-based system from different kinds of product catalogs. This job involves loads of reading documents from different departments like Legal, insurance claims and type it in a word document or excel spreadsheet. Here, you need to enter details like automobile number, registration number Owner’s name, contact details

8.Word processor or typist:

This job is a highly technical form of data entry job and for this, you need to have excellent command over English as well as your vocabulary. In this kind of job, you need to create letters, mailing labels, reports, letterheads, etc. and along with this you also required to work on technical stuff like creating charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, etc. For freelancers/ job seekers who want to do such kind of work, most of the time the employers do provide training for their better understanding and improvisation on skills.

9.Converting files:

This is a regular form of data entry job in which you need to convert the image or audio into a word document. For this, an employer will provide you with a screenshot of the document which includes a paragraph of the data and you are required to convert this data into a word document. Whereas, when the employer provides you with the audio file, you need to carefully listen to every word while converting this file into a word document. This job requires, you to have proficiency in the English language and good listening skills.


This is a little different from a data entry job as this job involves your creativity, your knowledge, and research on a particular subject. That means you cannot just blindly type the data in Content and Copywriting. There are various bloggers and websites available on the internet who requires excellent content to be written on a variety of niches. These bloggers & site owners do provide you with different topics to write about along with the number of words required, contents to be covered and key highlights if any. This job includes writing articles, content, press release, reviews, blogs and many other types of data as per the employer’s requirement which can be used for the advertisements or publicity purposes. Nevertheless, you need to have skills in creativity, experience in this field and mastery in the English language.


Hope this list of top 10 data entry jobs will help you find the most suitable type of work for you to earn that little additional money that can help you live a happy life or fulfil your long pending dream. You can find such jobs from various websites on the internet such as SmartCloud, Captcha, ClickWorker, OneSpace, Indeed, Flexjobs.com,  Upwork, Guru, Peopleperhour.com, Worknhire.com, etc. So go ahead and select the type suits you best and start earning today.



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