Top 10 Online gifting Startups In India 2021
Top 10 Online gifting Startups In India 2021

Top 10 Online gifting Startups In India 2021

Gifts are a token of love and affection for family members, friends, and acquaintances. By gifting, you can express the feelings you have for that person. We always cherish the special moments of our close ones by gifting them or by arranging some sort of surprise gifts. But as we are all busy, so it’s very tough to gift someone hand to hand. Even sometimes our close ones live outside our city or state or even country and then it becomes impossible to present the gifts.

we made gifting a tradition and we can’t easily get rid of this tradition even if we wish to. Then we seek other for facilities to present our loved ones instead of hand-to-hand gifts.

Thanks to the advancement of technology for providing online-based gifting solutions, where we can search for preferable gifts and we can just send that to the doorstep of that person. You just have to take some time to select the gift and pay for it without going outside markets.

There are thousands of startups for online gifting in India and each and every website provides some unique gifts with remarkable facilities. So, in this article I’ll point out top 10 online gifting startups in India 2021 so that it can be a great help to you for finding your desirable gifts without rushing yourself. The list includes :

Let’s discuss above mentioned online gifting startups and what they provide. 

List of Best Online gifting Startups In India :

Indigifts :

Indigifts is an exuberant gifting brand with 25000+ Indigenous gifts. It’s one of the biggest online gifting startups in India that specializes in gifts for all types of occasions and brings you an exclusive collection in an affordable range.

This organization was founded by Nitin Jain and Khushbu Mathur in the year 2014. It’s a Jaipur-based startup and now gathers more than 10,000 orders every day. With 25,000+ unique designs, Indigifts has reached one million customers throughout 10+ countries.

Indigifts provides gifts like coffee mugs, cushions, and covers, wall hanging, photo frames, etc with some different innovative ideas. The most interesting part is this organization developed a quirky and vibrant language (Hinglish) and characters to use on the products by them. It’s very eye catchy, unique to attract so many customers. The available gifts are not aged biased and for every kind of person from kids to friends to mom to dad and so on.

Indigifts offers not-so-traditional gifts for everyone with an affordable price range and smooth delivery services. For the gift with love concept, Indigifts has stolen hear of so many people and holds the position of one of the best online gifting startups in India.

Giftease :

Giftease is a Pune-based online gifting startup, established by Asish Chandani in 2013. It’s India’s no. 1 online gifting shop for providing the coolest, unusual and unique gifts with delivery in India. An occasion is incomplete without proper gifts. Just like a birthday deserves a beautiful cake with a flower bouquet and chocolates, a Diwali is incomplete without some sweets and special gifts, same goes for father’s day, mother’s day, valentine’s day and other special occasions.

Giftease really made this easy to choose gifts according to occasions and this startup offers online gifts for father’s day, mother’s day, birthday, Diwali gifts, corporate gifts of fashion accessories, flower bouquets, chocolates, coffee mugs, office desk organizers, etc. They provide facilities for personalized gifts and on-time delivery.

For these unique gift services, Giftease is one of the top online gifting startups in India.      

GiftXOXO :

GiftXOXO is a well-known online gifting startup in India and recently launched its mobile phone application named “Frogo”. This organization was established in 2012 by Manoj Agarwal, Sumit Khandelwal, Abhishek Kumar, and Kushal Agarwal.  It was started with only 25 clients and today they have 650+ happy clients with remarkable feedback. This startup redefines the gifting experience with Experiences.

Experiences are conceptualized in the form of gifts for special occasions in GiftXOXO. This online gifting startup is the one destination for unique and crafty collections. Extra perks are GiftXOXO vouchers, physical or online vouchers that provide the gift of your choice to your loved ones.

The company serves over 20,00,000 customers and has become one of the top online gifting startups in India.

AskMyGifts :

AskMygifts is an extraordinary online gifting shop, founded by Manoj Agarwal, Shagun Nayyar, and Sumeet Agarwal in 2015. They offer a huge collection of unique gift ideas which are customized, handmade and sometimes DIY gifts for all occasions and moods.

Over 6 years, it has become a large startup for online gifting. The specialty of this website is it gathers craft makers from social media platforms like Instagram. WhatsApp, Facebook and caters a huge opportunity to showcase their talents to the common people. AskMyGifts has the most remarkable gift packaging tools and delivers gifts within the midnight.

This is one the best online gifting startups in India for providing many people a platform to show their talents and a huge collection for the consumers in ver affordable range.   

ComicSense.XYZ :

ComicSense.XYZ is the ultimate platform for those people who are superhero comics and anime freaks. Today’s generation is very much interested in those animation and superhero things and finding proper and unique gifts for them is quite troublesome. Previously it was sort of impossible to import comics merchandise but with the arrival of ComicSense.XYZ, it became easier to get all those merchandises for comics and anime freak.

This startup offers various gifts on anime such as posters, mobile covers, t-shirts, masks (recently added), notebooks, action figures, hoodies, shocks, special antique things, keychains, etc. It also provides 100 days return policy and COD options. These products are also available in Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra apart from the official website.

So, if your loved one is an anime freak and loves to collect anime-related merchandise, ComicSense.XYZ is the best online gifting option you can ever find.  

Giftsvilla :

GiftsVilla is an exclusive brand for personalized jewellery and gifts for you and your loved ones. If you intend to gift someone jewellery then GiftsVilla is the one-stop to provide you elegant and extraordinary customized jewellery in great deals and affordable price range.

GiftsVilla provides beautiful jewellery collections like single name necklaces, double name necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, custom gift collections, keychains, personalized pendants, etc.

GiftsVilla provides smooth delivery and a special discount on every purchase. 

Qwikcilver Solutions :

Qwikcilver Solutions is a card-based online gifting startup by Kumar Sudarsan and T.P. Pratap. In 2015, this startup launched its first e-gift card-based application Woohoo. This app is very unique from others and provides you the facility to send your e-gift cards to anyone through SMS or Mail instantly.

This online gifting startup offers various gifting services such as electronic and physical gift cards, prepaid cards, loyalty programs, discount cards, E-promotion cards, and other remarkable virtual and physical card-based programs.

For above mentioned astonishing features and user-friendly Woohoo app, Qwikcilver solutions are one of the top online gifting startups in India.

GiftingBazaar.com :

A recognizable online gifting startup GiftingBazaar.com was established by Sudhir Kumar in 2015. Mainly this startup caters to corporate and institutions for their corporate gifts and promotional items. The increasing popularity of custom promotional products, personalized products, and unique corporate gifts has created a brand new realm for creative resources to reach your target audience.

This online gifting startup offers a wide variety of promotional items from inexpensive corporate executive gifts like mugs, bottles, laptop bags key chains, desktop organizers to exclusive collections such as Swarovski crystals in 24K gold gifts, Luminarc items, etc.

For these amazing services, it’s one of the best online gifting startups in India.   

Incredible Gifts :

Incredible gifts are one of the largest growing online gifting portals and gaining rapid popularity with contemporary gifting ideas. This portal offers creative gifting ideas with passion, present with perfections, online and COD payments.

Incredible gifts provide incredible personalized gifts for special occasions and it features beautiful handcrafted at an affordable price. These beautiful gifts are available on top platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and Etsy.

For such incredible offerings, Incredible gifts are one of the top online gifting startups in India

GiftCart :

GiftCart is one of the biggest online gifting startups in India. It offers online gifts for kids to adults to relatives to old people. The gifting products are irrespective of age limit. GiftCart provides unforgettable customized gifts to everyone for keeping moments more special.

This online gifting startup offers beautiful gifts like romantic cushions, key chains to lunch boxes to organizers, and so on. You can find gifts for everyone at an affordable price. It’s the best portal in India for sending online gifts to your loved ones and it covers each part of India including major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Pune, Jaipur, Indore, Noida, Mumbai, Ahmedabad , Chandigarh etc.

You can send gifts to anybody anywhere in India within a short time period. So, for these extraordinary online gifting options and services, it’s one of the best online gifting startups in India.

Final Words :

Gifts are essential for expressing your affection for the people you care about. Doesn’t matter it’s a birthday or a wedding anniversary, gifts always bring a smile to people. But choosing a gift from the market is too much time-consuming in today’s busy life schedule. It’s always preferable to choose your desired customized gifts online anytime and anywhere.

These startups are the top 10 online gifting startups in India. I hope it’d help you to find your personalized gifts from the above-mentioned websites because they’re uniquely amazing!



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