Online Payment Methods for Small Businesses in 2022

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If you own an online business, Stripe may be the right payment method for you. It is low cost, and supports multiple payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers. Additionally, it offers technical support and access to the Stripe Dashboard. However, it may not be the best choice for businesses with limited technical expertise. The integrated service may be too complicated or expensive, and it may limit the range of customers you can serve.

While Stripe is a popular pay-as-you-go payment method, it is not the only one. Other options are equally valuable. If your business r is based in an area where security is paramount, Stripe might not be the best solution. You may also want to consider using a merchant service provider for your business which can take care of the payment process.


PayPal PayPal is a great option for small businesses that are looking for a reliable payment processing service. It doesn’t have subscription or setup fees and has a comprehensive suite of small business tools. Moreover, it allows you to accept ACH or e check payments. You can also set up recurring billing. And PayPal also provides you with payment reminders which helps you stay on top of payments.

PayPal is also highly affordable. It can be used to accept payments from both online and offline customers. It should be noted that it is one of the most popular payment methods among small businesses. It comes with countless other features that can help you grow your customer count.

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With no setup or monthly fees, Melio makes it easier for businesses to pay one another, helps you manage cash flow, and lets you keep track of it all in one place. You can pay all of your business expenses–from vendors to contractors, and from freelancers to utility bills—in a digitized, centralized location. The best part is that you can pay the way that’s best for you while your vendors choose how they want to get paid. This means vendor relationships stay strong and everyone enjoys choice and flexibility.

Another great feature is the accounting software sync. Melio syncs with your accounting software so you can keep track of money going in and out. Outstanding and new invoices, along with the corresponding details are automatically imported into Melio so you can easily pay and get paid how you want. Having all your invoices viewable on both platforms makes it easier to keep track of incoming and outgoing funds, send and receive payment requests, and create a cash flow plan. This bill payment solution is well-loved for good reason.


VizyPay, an industry-leading payment processing company for small businesses has just been
named the Best Small Business Payments Solution of 2022 at the FinTech Breakthrough
Awards. The awards recognize technologies that are transforming the payments
industry, and companies that are demonstrating best practices in FinTech technology. VizyPay’s
unique model enables business owners to save time, money, and resources while processing
credit and debit card payments.

VizyPay operates similarly to Square and PayPal. Both companies focus on customer service, and their support resources can answer questions within one minute. VizyPay doesn’t require long-term contracts, so customers can cancel anytime without paying a fee. It doesn’t offer as many features as Square, but it can handle most common payment scenarios.

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Helcim offers a complete payment solution for your small business, including customizable
invoicing, flexible payment request options, and a virtual terminal. The virtual terminal enables
you to accept credit cards from anywhere in the world, and you can also send and receive
payments via ACH. Payments can be processed online or via a mobile device. In addition,
Helcim offers self-service customer portals and automated past-due reminders.

Helcim’s customer service is responsive and professional, with many people praising the platform’s transparency and suite of tools. However, a few users are dissatisfied with the
account setup process and the lack of support for high-risk industries. Elavon previously provided backend payment processing for Helcim, but this partnership issuspended until June 2020.

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