Paddleboarding in Zanzibar

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A mention of Africa immediately brings to mind Mount Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls, the Nile River, and different species of wild animals. It’s a beautiful continent, but who knew there was so much more to see there?

Along the eastern coastline, there’s a hidden paradise that every adventure seeker should see. If you’re looking for a perfect place to spend your dream vacation, Zanzibar is the ultimate destination. It’s got stunning crystal clear turquoise waters, amazing scenery, as well as a rich cultural heritage.

In Zanzibar, tourists will find plenty of watersports activities to enjoy, but if you would like to experience the beautiful scenery to the fullest, you must try rent paddle board in Zanzibar.

Now, everyone is talking about paddleboarding. but what does it really mean? Why is it so popular? Well, in addition to being a great full-body workout, paddle boarding also gives you an opportunity to enjoy a breath of fresh air and beautiful scenery.

But what exactly is paddleboarding?

Whether you are new to paddleboarding or not, this article will explain some of the necessary information that you need to get started. We’ll also show the paddleboarding activities that you need to try when you visit the island of Zanzibar.

Last but not least, we will give you a few pointers for getting started so you can enjoy this wonderful watersport.

What is Paddle Boarding?

When you go to the beach, It is common to see these people paddling their way on the open water. Your first reaction might be to ask, “What are they doing?”.

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Most paddleboarding takes place on open oceans. With paddleboards or surfboards, a paddleboarder stands, kneels, or lies on the board and directly propels oneself through the water either using a paddle or one’s hands. Participants paddle and surf large swells as they paddleboard between islands or travel from one coastal area to another.

Paddleboarding has many similarities to surfing and kayaking. However, it does not require waves like what you need when surfing. In fact, flat water is ideal for beginners.

Meanwhile, SUP(Standup Paddle Boarding in Zanzibar) is a newer sport that originated from paddle boarding and has only been around for a decade or so. Since its introduction to the surfing community, it has become increasingly popular. And in contrast to surfing, you can also do it in a lake or river.

Your Full Body Workout

Paddleboarding attracts people for many different reasons. Its full-body workout and the fact that it provides an opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy the scenery are two main reasons why this watersport is so popular. With paddleboarding, you can work on your cardio fitness, improve your balance and flexibility. You can also strengthen your core which makes it a full-body workout. As it is virtually stress-free, it is often preferred over more demanding activities such as running.

Mangrove Tour

We get it. There are only one or two things that come to mind when visiting an island like Zanzibar: pearly white beaches and a beautiful ocean. You may not know this, but do you know that Zanzibar also has a large area of mangrove forests? Furthermore, you can enjoy the beauty of the lagoon here.

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With so much to do on this island, you’ll want to stay here as long as possible. We guarantee you won’t be left wondering what to do with your time.

Zanzibar’s mangrove forest and lagoon on the southeastern side are some of the most beautiful (and unexposed) areas on the island. Currently, they can only be accessed by SUP in Zanzibar. This part of the island is highly endangered. By taking a tour of this unique area of the island, not only will you be able to enjoy its beauty, but you will also be supporting conservation efforts.

With friends and family, it’s the perfect location for a paddleboarding tour. Paddling through this area will allow you to see a variety of birds and fish, which make the experience more fun and exciting.

Paddle Boarding At Sunset

Have you ever sat on the beach in the afternoon and watched the sunset? Isn’t it relaxing? How about paddleboarding while watching the sunset? Now, that would be a totally different kind of experience. Try it once, and you’ll be coming back for more.

A few tips on how to start

So you know what paddleboarding is and you’ve got your equipment. The next question is how do you stay upright on the board? That’s alright, beginners might not get it right on the first try. It’s totally fine. That’s why we are here to help. Here are a few things beginners should do to avoid making some common mistakes:

  • To paddle effectively, you must use your core instead of just your arms.
  • You have to keep a wide stance. You have to slightly bend your legs while you paddle.
  • You should keep your fingers spread wide as you put your hands on the shaft of the paddle.
  • Rather than looking downward, keep your eyes on the horizon.
  • It’s best to go out in calm water without any wind or waves.
  • Though you can use a life vest, obviously, it’s an advantage if you know how to swim.
  • If you’re new to paddling, you should start on your knees. With your center of balance low, it’s easier to get used to the board on the water.
  • Don’t forget to use a leash. Leashes are incredibly important when it’s windy and choppy, or in a current. If you fall, you want to be able to get back to your board quickly.
  • When you paddle, you have to use long and straight strokes. Among the common mistakes beginners make is poking at the water with their paddle. Instead, reach out in front of you, then plant the blade into the water. Slowly bring the paddle back to your feet.
  • Lastly, you have to relax. Make sure your body is composed while your legs and knees are flexible.
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Join us for a SUP tour in Zanzibar

Anyone can enjoy stand-up paddleboarding. Fun and relaxing, this workout is great for relieving stress. Are you interested in getting started? Come visit our shop at Paje Beach and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. For paddle board rentals in Zanzibar, please call us at +255776440449 or email at

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