Paradise Found: The Ultimate Guide to Family-Friendly Travel in the Maldives

Paradise Found: The Ultimate Guide to Family-Friendly Travel in the Maldives
Paradise Found: The Ultimate Guide to Family-Friendly Travel in the Maldives
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So, you’re looking at the Maldives for your next family adventure. Wondering how to keep the kids occupied (while also enjoying some quality time yourself, of course)? 

Here’s how you can make a family trip right in the Maldives :).

Traveling with Young Kids or Kids in their Early Teens?

For families with young kids and children in their early to mid-teens, the main thing to look into is the Kid’s Club. Many Maldivian resorts have an onsite kid’s club, and this is going to be where the kids spend a lot of their time – they’ll really enjoy it, and it’ll be a lifesaver for you – you’ll be able to take a break when you need it and enjoy some quality ‘me time’ or use that time to reconnect with your partner.

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Kid’s Clubs tend to be for kids between 3 and 4 years of age up until 12 or even 17 years of age, depending on the resort. They are staffed by members of the resort team that have received professional training in childcare and are outfitted with a range of kid-friendly amenities and activities. 


Things that kids usually get to enjoy at a typical kid’s club include face painting, arts and crafts, reading, movie-watching, outdoor treasure hunts, swimming, and so on. This keeps them entertained and, importantly, gives them a chance to play with other children who happen to be staying at the resort. Kid’s clubs also tend to divide children into different age groups so that each child can enjoy activities that are suitable for their age while interacting with peers of a similar age.

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Apart from kid’s club activities, there are several other things you can do together with young kids or teens at Maldivian resorts:

  • Take them snorkeling (check if the resort has a house reef) and let them delight in discovering the richness of life under the sea (colorful coral reef, fish, turtles, and more await)
  • Go with them on a dolphin-watching excursion
  • Enjoy a session of kayaking or standup paddleboarding with them
  • Let them try water sports such as float rides or jet skiing in tandem with yourself or an instructor
  • Build sandcastles with them on the beach (as cliche as it might sound, this can be great fun)
  • Watch movies out on the beach, under the night sky (some resorts have regular movie nights on the sand)
  • Treat them to a meal in an underwater dining restaurant, if your chosen resort has one (while the food comes, they’ll be occupied with the real-life aquarium they’re sitting in)
  • Play games with them in the resort rec rooms (a lot of resorts have a recreational center that has everything from board games to foosball, pool tables, and gaming consoles like PlayStations and Xbox
  • Sign them up for an educational activity (some resorts have museums or awareness centers on marine conservation.
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Have Kids in their Mid to Older Teens?

For mid to older teens, while some kid’s clubs activities might capture their attention, there are a lot of normal resort activities that you can enjoy with them or let them enjoy by themselves in addition to everything that the younger kids can enjoy:

  • More advanced sessions of snorkeling and scuba diving (perhaps even excursions that allow them to snorkel with marine life, such as harmless nurse sharks and manta rays, if the resort offers these experiences).
  • PADI lessons (why not let them upskill during their holiday?)
  • A range of watersports, from jet skiing and waterskiing to windsurfing, kite surfing, and traditional surfing 
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Tips for Travelling with a Baby

When you’ve got a brand new addition to the family, life can be equally parts rewarding and stressful. New parents could definitely do with a break, and what’s better than a tranquil getaway to the scenic and peaceful paradise that is the Maldives? The time comes to a standstill on the country’s many resort islands as travelers let themselves ease into the laid-back routines of island life while being waited on hand and foot in the lap of tropical luxury. 

With that being said, traveling with a baby can always be tricky, but if you know what to ask for and can select the right resorts, your vacation will run smoothly. Before booking your resort(s), get in touch with the staff to inquire about additional facilities and amenities that the resort offers to parents travelling with babies. 

For example, many resorts will happily prepare fresh baby food for your little one in the house. 

Similarly, most resorts are equipped with bassinets or cots, which they will place in your room or villa for the duration of your stay (although, they would have a limited number, so it’s always best to inform the resort as well ahead as you can and reserve one should there happen to be many guests with babies visiting at the same time as you).

Certain resorts even have professionally trained staff who can babysit for you (usually for a fee), while you enjoy some well-earned solo time or a romantic date with your partner.

Not all resorts offer all the above amenities; therefore, if you’re traveling to the Maldives with a baby, it’s important to do your homework before you book, as well as to keep the resort informed so that they can best accommodate you and your little bundle of joy.

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In terms of things you can do with your baby, at that age, for them, it’s mostly about sticking to a routine with you; babies also pick up on your mood fairly easily. The Maldives can help with both of these. A well-planned stay at a luxury resort offers a break from the hustle and bustle, and if you can detox digitally as well, you will have more time to spend in a peaceful and calming environment with your little one, minus interruptions – they’ll appreciate this. Combine this with relaxing spa treatments that uplift your spirits, and your baby will be picking up on your positive energy in no time.

Spend Quality Time Together

No matter the age of your child or children, perhaps the best thing that you can do during a Maldives vacation is to spend quality time together in a home away from home. That’s where family villas come in.

Take family villas by InterContinental Maldives Resort as an example. You get to stay together in the privacy of a luxury villa on the beach that has its own private plunge pool. 

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The family gets to stay under one roof, only this time, it’s minus all the other things like work, school, and those cool teenaged hangout spots that your older teens may love disappearing to:p) – just good old family time on a private island. And, as a bonus, you get the following:

  • A better view (the ocean’s a hop, skip and jump away)
  • The cleaning and laundry all taken care of by resort staff (a complimentary twice-daily housekeeping service)
  • Plenty of outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained (complimentary snorkeling gear as well as beach essentials for younger kids)
  • The resort Kid’s Club is within easy reach.

It’s a formula for a great family getaway on an island haven :D.

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