PENANG’s Catamarans loved by Passengers

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Penang has arranged for a fast ferry boat service for pedestrians since January of 2021. This initiative has got lots of positive responses. The chairman of the State infrastructure committee Zairil Khir Johari has announced that more than 3 lakhs passengers have utilized this service and have given very good reviews on this service. The increasing numbers of passengers have brought a broad smile to the faces of the authorities. The numbers are breaking the records of the previous month in every successive month. Therefore this project is a grand success for the organizers, who also run The passengers have stated that this service is more comfortable for them and it takes less time to reach the destination.

From the first day of this year, Penang had started this fast ferry service for the foot passengers. One of the two left-old ferries are now getting used to taking the two-wheelers from one place to another. The Penang port commission is now administering the ferry service. The local authorities have stated that this project is running beyond their expectations and are planning to build a parking space here. Though there is no plan from the MBPP local authorities to reallocate space or to rebuild the market space, they are continuing with the maintenance tasks to keep the operations of the market smooth.

The state is doing all the necessary things to keep the market space upgraded and to make a new parking space for the cars and two-wheelers near the market. The MBPP is trying to make the marketplace a sustainable and affordable space for low-income people and also is trying to build accommodation facilities near it. They said that MBPP will continue studying the requirements of the residents near the Teluk Kumbar market.

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The Penang ferry started operating in 1894 to connect Penang Island and the mainland of Singapore. Two bridges were made afterward but the ferries are still operating as the journey through the ferries is quite comfortable and entertaining. Since 2021, the authorities have thought of incorporating some major changes there. This is why they have started fast ferry services. The Penang port commission is in charge of the administration of the Penang ferry, which is a very old route of ferry services.

To reach Penang, the pedestrians and the vehicles had to go through the old decks and cross the Straits Sea which is a very old route through the sea. The older ferries were stopped from operations on 31st December of the year 2020 and the new fast ferries were introduced from 1st January 2021. The journeys on the ferries are considered as part of Penang Heritage as they are providing shuttle services to the passengers.

One of the old barges got half sunk at the Bagan Alam slipway in Butterworth. Some of the activists of that country asked to salvage the old ferries before some more damage occurred. This is why the old ferries are now replaced by the new ones and they are getting good reviews.

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