People are leaving Dhaka early to avoid suffering on Eid


Eid holidays start on April 29. Due to the Corona epidemic, many people have not been able to celebrate Eid with their families in the last two years. As there is no effect of Corona this time, the transport people are fearing that the crowd of homebound people will double on Eid. On the other hand, people are leaving Dhaka before the Eid holidays to avoid suffering. Such a picture was seen on Friday (April 22) at the Kamalapur railway station in the capital.

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At a press conference this week, the Bangladesh Passengers Welfare Association said that more than one crore people will travel from Dhaka to different districts of the country this Eid. Due to various reasons including Eid Bazar, village home commute, the transport of different classes of the country may be increased by about 60 crore flip passengers. This requires extra security, maximum caution, maximum use of every vehicle on all roads. But due to traffic congestion and mismanagement, if proper use is not ensured in public transport, a hellish situation may arise in this year’s Eid Yatra.

Not only that, BUET Accident Research Center Director Prof. Md. Hadiuzzaman said that 6 million people have performed Eid Yatra even during the Corona period. But this time 3 million people will leave Dhaka every day. However, we have the capacity of 13 to 14 million people. There is a deficit of 16 lakhs. As a result, Eid holidays should be used to reduce this pressure and make the Eid procession safer.

He said that in the end, if everyone does not go home and the journey starts from April 25, there will be a management. Besides, at present there are eight lakh buses, one lakh trains, one and half lakh launches and four lakh motor vehicles in the country. The rest of the people will go on the roofs of trucks, covered vans, trains, launches. When the demand goes beyond capacity, the road management will go into a coma, will be destroyed.

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Amidst such fears, a visit to the capital’s Kamalapur railway station on Friday (April 22nd) to find out what the Eid-ul-Fitr was like was seen. Talking to these people who came to Kamalapur to go home before the Eid holiday, it is known that someone is taking the family members. Some are college and university students. Such is Touhidul Islam. He attended Stamford University, a private university. He is leaving today (Friday) to go home.

Asked why he was going home so early, Touhidul Islam told Jago News that there are no classes or exams in the university. I am going home before Eid to avoid suffering. Now a little less stress. There will be a lot of crowd when the office holidays start.

Women and children suffer the most during Eid. Pushing the crowd, they got on the train and often fell ill on long journeys. That is why many women are going home early with their children to avoid suffering. Miriam Akhter, who was sitting on the platform to go to Mymensingh, told Jago News, “I have small children, so I am leaving home early.” It is difficult to take a child before Eid. The baby’s father has an office so he will fall. I’m leaving with the baby. So that the child does not suffer.

On the other hand, many are going home again in case of emergency. Although he wants to go after a few days, he is going home before the Eid holiday. Md. A man named Aman Ullah told Jago News that he wanted to leave a few days later but was leaving earlier because of problems at home. But now there is not much crowd.

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The pressure of people will start during the Eid journey and after a few days. Advance ticket sales have already started. It shows a long line at the train counter every morning. In addition to the embarrassment of buying tickets online, people are suffering at the station. The preparation of the railway authorities for the Eid journey is questionable.

The station manager or station master could not be reached at the Kamalapur railway station office on Friday.

It is estimated that an average of 3 million people may leave Dhaka every day this Eid. Most of the low and middle income people travel by train in this journey. As a result, the train overflows every year.