People are running to the market ignoring the storm and rain


This year’s Eid Bazaar has become quite crowded with the presence of buyers. Although the Kalavaishakhi storm and rain caused some obstacles, it did not deter the festival-goers. They are rushing to the market in the storm and buying clothes of their choice.

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On Friday (April 22), the capital’s Jamuna Future Park, Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Khilgaon Taltala Market and Malibagh-Mouchak markets were crowded with shoppers.On this day, after noon, there was a sudden downpour of rain and storm, but there was a rush of buyers in the market. Many people with their families have done Eid shopping in the market with the storm and rain on their heads.

Md. Came to Eid market in Jamuna Future Park with his family. Yasin. He said the last two years have not been able to celebrate Eid well due to the epidemic. This time the situation is normal. I have received salary and Eid bonus. So I went shopping with my family.

‘Now the market will be crowded every day. It is not possible to come to the market again and again after fasting. So today I will finish all the shopping of the family. I will not go to the village house on Eid. However, I have prepared to celebrate Eid in grand style in Dhaka.

Asked about the sales situation, Abu Saeed Mollah, branch manager of Top Ten, said, “Sales have been good since the beginning of Ramadan.” In the beginning, the crowd of buyers was more on Friday and Saturday. Now every day good customers are coming. We are selling well. Hopefully the moon will sell well until nightfall.

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After the Friday prayers, the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex was crowded with shoppers. In groups, they visit different stalls of the market and buy clothes of their choice.

Md. Came here to buy Eid Punjabi with friends. Ariful Islam. He said he saw Punjabis visiting various stalls in the market. The price of the Punjabi you like is much higher. Many times I bought three Punjabis from three friends Arang. Arang’s stall is also very crowded. There is no place to set foot. I had to stand in line for a long time to pay the bill.

As soon as Mouchak came to the market, the Kalbaishakhi storm and rain suddenly started. Buyers can be seen rushing to the market in the pouring rain. However, the crowd of buyers in the market was comparatively less.

Aynal Hossain sells three-pieces for women at Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. “We haven’t been able to sell much Eid-centric in the last two years because of Corona,” he said. Even though the market was opened before Eid, the sales were not good. I have made a loss instead of a profit in the Eid market. But this time, by the grace of God, the situation is better.

‘We got good buyers on Friday and Saturday in the early days of Roger. The rest of the day, a few buyers came. However, the number of buyers has increased a lot in the last few days. Our idea is to sell better in the coming days. Because this Eid everyone will try to shop.

When the rain stopped for a while, it started raining again from Mouchak to Khilgaon Taltola Market. As soon as you enter the Taltala market with the rain on your head, you can see the presence of shoppers in almost every clothing stall of the market.

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Rafia Hasan, who came to the market to buy three-pieces, said, “Our house is Goran.” The purpose of the market is to get out of the house around 3 pm. It rained before entering the market. Since I left home for the purpose of marketing, I will not return home without the rain.

“I don’t have a new three-piece every Eid,” he said. I have also bought new clothes for Eid of last two years. However, it has not come to the market in the last two years. Dad came alone and bought it. After two years, I am coming again for Eid shopping. It’s nice to think. However, I feel a little annoyed when the rain comes in a hurry.

Milon Sheikh, a trader of the market, said that the sales are better this time as compared to last two years. However, it is still being sold on Friday-Saturday. Since there are no more days of Eid, our idea is to sell well this week.

He said buyers have been coming to the market since 3 pm on Friday. It was raining when the buyers came to the market. Due to the rain, the presence of buyers is less now. But our idea is that the main pressure of buyers will come after dusk.