What my perfume betrays of my personality

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Wear a perfume normally intended for the opposite sex, keep the same for years or change it every morning … So many clues that tell us a lot about a fragrant puff.

Wearing a man’s perfume for a woman, does that mean something? 

The e perfume he has sex? The perfumes are culturally coded and it is true that one will associate from the outset certain scents to femininity and others to virility. Even if such associations are far from systematic. There are, nevertheless, experiences highlighting the unconscious attraction that a woman’s perfume can represent for a man, and vice versa … One of them has shown that if men’s and women’s perfumes were sprayed on ‘a waiting room, men preferred to sit on the seats that flourished the perfume of a woman. And reciprocally.
Nevertheless, one must be wary of clichés. Many perfumes escape all classifications, except in brand policies. The choice of an a priori perfume for the other sex does not indicate either a homosexual identity or a desire for identification with the father or mother. “It’s just a sign of an assertive personality,” insists Gisèle Harrus-Révidi.

To change perfume or to be faithful to it, does it make sense? 

Impossible to forget that we are in the era of zapping, eternally solicited by very attractive novelties.
Yet, even if things do not have to be given more importance than they are, the fact of constantly changing perfume may indicate that we have not yet found ourselves, is always looking for his personal style. According to Jacques Waynberg, “these people have not understood that smell is part of the definition of self in the world, that it is not a game. Perfume is for me the spine of seduction. ”

By choosing a perfume, one tames an image. What is its influence on our lives? 

Many women are seduced by the image of femininity conveyed by its advertising, even more sometimes than by its smell. It then appears as a mirror charged with reflecting them not as they are but as they dream of being. Perfumers do not deceive themselves and have put in place a classification to define their creations: woman-woman, sexy, mysterious, natural, tender … “The risk is to put masks on his own personality, to play a role, to hide behind this universe, “says Jacques Waynberg.
Conversely, taking time to tame a fragrance is important. Some do not correspond to us, even if we are able to appreciate them aesthetically. The true affirmation of oneself is done in intimacy and discretion, and not in the mass uniformization practiced by marketing.




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