Perfume Brands in India
Top 10 Perfume Brands in India

Top 10 Perfume Brands in India {2021}

Most of the people are very possessive about their fashion sense. A perfume can always provides a finishing touch for introducing who you are. Perfumes can change your entire outfit and mood and it is the little details about enhancing your natural beauty. There are many types of perfume categories in India and four of them are most used in this country:

  1. Floral that includes Rose, Lily, Lavender, Jasmine, Gardenia 
  2. Fresh that includes Think of Sea, Smell of Citrus, Grass, etc
  3. Oriental that includes Sandalwood, resin, and spices
  4. Woody that includes Amber, Moss, Pine, ceder, Vetiver, etc

Perfumes are like friends to people from removing the sweating smell to being a companion for regular use. Sometimes good taste in perfume gives you the confidence to prove who you are. with so many available perfume brands in India, its hard to decide which is the perfect match for you. To remove you confusion here is a basic list of top 10 perfume brands in India to enlighten you with their brief history and their offerings.

Here is the list of top 10 perfume brands in India {2021}

Skinn By Titan:

Skinn By Titan is a combination of international fragrance expertise and one of India’s most trusted brands Titan. Skinn offers the highest quality of fragrance with an iconic hallmark of Titan. This perfume brand was created by six world-famous perfume expertise such as Harry Fremont, Michel Girard, Fabrice Pellegrin, Nadege Le Garlantezec, and the most famous Oliver Peschuex and Alberto Morillas.

Skinn defines sensuality in a bottle and makes your normal day an extraordinary day. These factors help the perfume brand Skinn By Titan as one of the finest French fragrances. The collection of perfumes brings to you an assortment of scents, that range from woody, spicy, floral, citrusy, musky to fruity fragrances. Skinn perfumes can transform your ordinary outfits into something outstanding but these perfumes are a bit costly, but the price worth the bottle of super-fresh fragrance. For defining the appearances by its mesmerizing fragrance, Skinn By Titan is one of the top perfume brands in India.     


Gucci is the most luxurious perfume in India that is originated from Italy. This perfume brand focuses on influence, innovation, progression to present a whole new approach for modern fashion. The luxury brand has classic cologne for women, that goes with any outfit anywhere. The price is a bit high but Gucci offers perfumes ranging from sweet to salty, to sensuous to sugary.    

Gucci is a part of the Kering Group. This represents a global luxury group that manages the development of series of renowned Houses I Fashion, Leather Good, Jewelry, and Watches. Gucci defines the word luxury and since 1921 this perfume brand is serving the best fragrances to gain potential customers. Obviously, Gucci is one of the best perfume brands in India.

Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein is an American fashion brand that is recognizable as a perfume brand. The company caters to its magic bottles of perfume internationally and this Calvin Klein brand is currently India’s no. 1 perfume brand. Both men and women-based fragrances are available in Calvin Klein but the price is a bit high for reason.

The female fragrances are the definition for modernity and femininity. It ignites the senses with romantic, timeless, and unforgettable through the wide range of offerings by Calvin Klein. The brand is long-lasting and the types of fragrances are floral, aquatic, oriental woody, fresh, and many more. 

Calvin Klein perfumes are easily available in online and anyone can collect from there. Calvin Klein offers the most unique bottle of fragrance and holds the place among the top perfume brands in India.

Secret Temptation:

The secret is a Deodorant brand for women manufactured by Procter & Gamble. This US brand was launched in 1956 as the first female perfume brand and it’s the only female perfume brand in Procter & Gamble’s portfolio of products.

Currently Secret Temptation has over 55 different types of fragrances that sold under this perfume brand. This brand has most affordable price range and it can boost up your confidence and helps you to be fresh for everyday. It can enlighten your mood instantly. 

Secret Temptation is one of the most affordable perfume brand and one of the best perfume brands in India.   


Nautica is an American apparel and furnishings label founded by designer David Chu in 1983. Later, it partners with Coty to offer cologne for both men and women. The first cologne offered by Nautica was for males in 1992. 

Many fragrances of Nautica are mostly blue in colour and accompanied by an aquatic-themed name and fragrance. Currently Nautica has 24 perfumes to offer. Nautica is the perfume brand of superiority, uniqueness, and theme-based. No doubt that this is one of the best perfume brands in India.   


Fogg is one of the top-selling perfume brands in India. The founder of Fogg brand is Darsha Patel who is the promoter of Vini Vinci cosmetics brand. He launched the brand Fogg that is without gas to prevent the liquid from vapourizig easily, checks its wastage and makes a deodorant bottle last longer. 

Fogg is a revolutionary product introduced in Indian market when people only familiar with an alcohol-based perfumes. Alcohol initially stimulates sweating, but mainly they came as an aerosol spray, which caused a lot of wastage. 

But, Fogg came up with no gas spray idea which became extremely popular in Indian market. Fogg has wide range of offerings for both male and female in affordable price range. Fogg is indeed one of the top perfume brands in India.

Wild Stone:

Wild Stone is owned by McNroe Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. The company is based out of Kolkata and launched as a male perfume brand. It’s a leading male grooming brand with a presence across multiple categories such as deodorant, talc, perfume, soap, ad shaving products. 

The brand is among the top 3 brands in India that is originated in India. The fragrances offered by Wild Stone are unique and sophisticated keeping the freshness and sensuality alive by the perfumeries from France. It has gained loyal customers over the years for such offerings.

With the charming colours of the perfume bottles and affordable price range, Wild Stone is one of the leading and best perfume brands in India.  


Denver is a luxurious man grooming perfume brand in India. The luxurious fragrances that Denver brings to the market are really great and sophisticated. Denver is one of India’s most saleable perfume brands and was awarded as “India’s most promising brand” in the Men grooming category. 

Many popular faces from India appeared in Denver advertisement like the great Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Denver offer some eye-catchy collections such as SRK Autograph collection, Denver Exclusive Collection, and Shower & Hair collection in affordable range. Many aromatic solutions are a part of Denver raging woody spice to mystic ocean. Denver is a name of refreshing fragrance with a touch of royalty. For defining a unique influence in people’s mind, Denver is one of the best perfume brands in India. 


Axe is a brand of male grooming products owned by Unilever and marketed toward the younger male demographic. It was introduced in 1983 in France and today it’s among the top perfume brands in the world. In India Axe was launched in 1999 and offers a wide range of collections at a minimum cost. 

Axe has a variety of male grooming products such as perfumes, deodorant, talcs, shaving cream, after-shaving lotion, soap, etc. Axe also introduced a pocket perfume known as “Axe Ticket” which is quite popular in Indian Market. Axe fragrances are specially crafted by the world’s leading perfumers to help men smell and feel their best, adding that touch of magic to life. Axe embraces the differences in every person. 

With such offerings, Axe is one of the best perfume brands in India.

Park Avenue:

The Park Avenue range includes fragrances, body care solutions, shaving systems and hair, care solution for the grooming need of today’s men. Park Avenue products are developed international standard fragrances and a high level of research to ensure that the products stand the test of quality and consistency. 

It has earned a reputation in the Indian market as well as in the international market. Park Avenue offers delicate fragrances in an affordable price range that helps to fulfill the basic needs of the people. Park Avenue is one of the most affordable and top perfume brands in India.

Final Words:

 Here is a descriptive list of top 10 perfume brands in India. But before buying any perfume, you should check the basic three factors: concentration of the perfume, ingredients of the perfume, and your skin type. Considering your skin type before buying a perfume is the most important one. You can be allergic to anything so it’s advisable to check the ingredients list if you’re allergic to something or not.

I hope this article helped you with the information you needed. Thank you.



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