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Pietos : A Promising HR outsourcing and Background verification company

This post was most recently updated on April 5th, 2019

When and how did you start?

A brainchild of Barsha Chakraborty, Pietos launched its operations in 2015.A background verification company, offering cost effective and genuine background checks to help mitigate risk, Pietos has come a long way since then. Our services include employee background screening, vendor partner screening, insurance and KYC verifications etc. Our background checks are quick, genuine and self explanatory.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspirational moment?

The inspiration to set up Pietos stemmed from Barsha’s own challenges while she was at the helm of her HR career and her team was struggling with identifying the right talent. Somewhere, the candidates who came across as good in the interviews, later had serious concerns/ issues such as substance abuse, ingenuity of details mentioned on the resume etc. While the organization got its due diligence done through a professional third party, the high costs could not allow a thorough background verification and hence the loopholes. Also the traditional background verification companies she interacted with lacked the ability to understand the real issues. For them it was always about selling the best ‘package’ without quite understanding the client’s real needs.

“ It was one of those days that I thought of doing this a little differently, with more empathy, which was lacking in this male dominated industry. Since I have been in HR’s shoes I understand their challenges better”.  When she started, there were no women entrepreneurs in this industry. People tried to ensure she did not succeed.  But, Barsha created a niche for her company using survival skills. And it’s been a long journey with numerous ups and downs. But nothing could deter Barsha and Pietos in moving forward.

Brief about organization and founding members

Barsha has a long and successful career as a senior HR professional in companies such as Hindustan Times and IBM, before she took the risk of quitting her corporate life and starting Pietos. That risk, however, paid off.

“ I had all the odds against me. I was embarking as an entrepreneur in a male dominated industry and I was a new mother”, says Barsha.

Her daughter was barely 15 days old when she started Pietos. Pietos still has no funding and thus the growth has been slow but Barsha’s resilience and perseverance has helped shape the company to what it is today.

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers

The name ‘Pietos’ is a roman word which means ‘duty towards other fellow beings’. And this is exactly what Barsha wanted to do when she started the company. While she had the entrepreneur calling from within, she also wanted it to be in the best interests of others.

She still recalls a day when one of the new recruits, while in her stint as an HR person, was actually an online harasser.  They later realised they had not checked the applicant’s social media background well. But really how much should you check as its not always possible to check everything for everyone.

Organizations can ill afford wrong hiring as it not only harms smooth operational functioning but, also causes a larger damage to reputation and brand image in the market. But such intricacies and possible risks could only be identified for a company if you had that special acumen and had dealt with people all your life. And so, Barsha set off, with her consultative background verification, and formed Pietos.

Recognizing these gaps in the industry and with a mind to provide a seamless solution for organizations on employee verification, Pietos came up with various approaches that have helped the company gain confidence of their client base. Today, Pietos has successfully established itself as one of the most reliable names in the background verification industry.

Pietos background screening services consist of Verification of Past Employment, References, Education, Address, Court Records, Regulatory Authority Database, National Identity, Substance Abuse, Credit Risk, Integrity, Global Regulatory, Social media checks, Drug Tests, Compliance and Criminal Databases. “Our customized high-quality, cost-competitive solutions are our USP with which we aim to continue innovating and creating unique approaches for our clients”, says Barsha.

But, Barsha always knew it was not going to be easy. With no entrepreneurship experience, many larger traditional background verification companies already in business and a male dominated industry, she had to face many a challenges.

“The ecosystem does not accept you easily. People eye you with curiosity, doubt and scepticism,” says Barsha.

She started her journey when her daughter was only 15 days old. Technically, she was raising two children together and Pietos was much more demanding as a baby. But with the support of her parents and her husband, things kept falling in place.

An ace at multitasking, and having dealt with numerous ups and downs, Barsha has successfully powered through with her team’s hard work and her motivation.

About funding, plans for growth

So far, Pietos has grown organically. But investment plays a significant role in business. And now, the time has come to expand in technology and make the product they have been planning for a long time which intends to make background screening easy and hassle free for all users and businesses. Barsha’s rich experience in HR also promises some exciting products that will link background verification with artificial intelligence in HR.

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

They are focussed on professional platforms such as LinkedIn  etc but mostly Pietos believes in gaining business through client references. And that is how it has been for some time now.

A quote from the founder on the journey.

“As an entrepreneur you have to stay focused and positive, no matter what. Wear multiple hats and have oodles of resilience and tenacity. You will frequently doubt yourself. Just keep moving forward.”

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

If you have an idea and you are convinced about its need in the community or world at large, then no matter what someone says, just go for it. Don’t get bogged down by what others say. What matters to you is your belief and your eagerness to build something.

Provide some statistics like revenues or clients acquisitions etc

Today Pietos has a client base of over 50 clients and many who have been with the company since its inception.


Your website / apps / and contact details

Website – www.pietos.com

Email – [email protected]

Contact Detail – 011- 49428563



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