Plan for the future of your online training

Plan for the future of your online training
Plan for the future of your online training
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You have created an online course for training, it is working seamlessly and is proving fruitful to your cause. Now, you would want to reap the benefits of your labor for a long time, as is justified. But, the future is always uncertain. Thus, it makes perfect sense to plan for the future of your online training. 

Below are a few pointers to help you navigate through the uncertainty of the future-

Facilitate online collaboration and remote working-

The facilitation of the online collaboration even from remote locations for flawless dispersion of online training and even working, if the time demands. As seen from the covid19 pandemic scenario, it does not hurt to be prepared for such conditions. A few tools such as Slack have proved rather useful in this regard.

Providing constant support-

Constant support can be provided to the trainees in the form of Autobots using Artificial Intelligence. These bots can provide the required support and counter any doubts that trainees might face or need solving. This is a great feature to have for students, as they can continue their lessons at their own pace. Great LMSs such as Looop believe in providing automatic support to their users and at the same time provide training reminders and track engagement. 

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Making phone system online-

Rather than using a simple phone connection with wired handsets connected to each desk using different extensions, it makes sense to invest in a VoIP phone. These are Voice Over Internet Protocols. They can help much more with remote working and all than the regular phone connections and can help secure the future a little more.

Create a prototype and let skeptical customers try your product-

There are always certain customers who are skeptical about investing a good amount of money in an LMS. Such people can be convinced in a long shot, by giving them the opportunity for the trial of your product for a limited period. If you play your cards right, the customers would be hooked by the end of the trial period and willing to buy your product. Thus, increasing the customer base.

Facilitate video calling and screen sharing-

The facilitation of the services such as video calling and even screen sharing can improve employee collaboration during remote work. They can also help with employee communication, thus, facilitating fruitful remote working. 

Look for new avenues of application-

You can use your time studying different case studies for various industries. By doing this exercise you might come up with new solutions for any problems faced by them. More importantly, your product might have an unmistakable application in any of those scenarios. Thus, more customers mean a safer future. 

Don’t forget corporate social responsibility-

In the long run, corporate social responsibility cannot be avoided. Plus, fulfilling your social responsibilities has its benefits in the form of image building and brand recognition. Google has paved a way for organizations to follow their corporate social responsibility. They took proactive steps to check the spread of misinformation through their platforms. Additionally, they helped government share important news with the general public.

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Their employees also enjoyed financial support during the time of the pandemic. Thus, Google played an exemplary role in the pandemic time, showing their contemporaries the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Therefore, planning for the future requires not just taking action but also the far-sightedness of the top management and their ability to steer the company in the desired direction. LMSs can consider undertaking the above-mentioned points for a safe future.  

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