Prepare Contract of Online Marriage in Pakistan By Lawyer

Contract of Online Marriage in Pakistan:

For the contract of online marriage in Pakistan through divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. In cases of marriage, the Islamic law provides that the online marriage in Pakistan through divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan (contract of marriage) is affected simply by an offer and acceptance before two male or one male and two female Muslim witnesses.

Number of Cases:

Keeping in view the minimal number of cases to which this principle applies and which does not affect women’s daily lives, there has not been any substantial opposition to it by them. However, sporadic voices have been raised against it, particularly by those, mostly women, who the Western concept of equality has influenced. Inheritance Islam was revolutionary as regards inheritance by women. Before the Quranic injunction, women did not inherit from their relatives.

Inherit Property:

 By giving women the right to inherit property, Islam changed women’s status in an unprecedented fashion. Moreover, this right was God-given and not acquired as a result of political pressure. As regards the right to inherit, women and men are equal legal entities irrespective of online marriage in Pakistan through divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. Consequently, the question as to whether women can inherit is no longer controversial. The dispute, however, centers on the “share” that is to be inherited. The verses on inheritance demonstrate God’s wisdom in detailing each family member’s rights.

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Divorce Lawyer in Lahore:

The society was ancestral and patriarchal in online marriage in Pakistan through divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan, and where women generally had no financial security other than that provided by men. Muslim jurists have put up the argument on inheritance for centuries, with several theories being proposed. One theory explains that a brother receives double his sister’s share because he has an obligation to provide for her support. The brother is legally responsible for maintaining his family, including his unmarried sister, surviving parents, wife, and children. At the time of his man-image, he has to pay the bridal money to his wife and maintain her for the rest of their married life after online marriage in Pakistan through divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.

Inheritance in Islam:

It is, therefore, clear as to why the law of inheritance in Islam gives men twice the share than that given to women.2 On the other hand, the sister, in contrast, receives bridal money on her marriage and will be maintained by her husband. Similarly, the maintenance of the children is also the primary concern of the husband. There is no corresponding legal obligation on the wife.


Any property she owns or the income she has, including her share of the inheritance, shall be hers exclusively, and no one shall have any right over it. What she inherits she keeps, and she need not spend it on anyone, even her husband though he may be poor and she may have the means to support him. If we keep the preceding discussion in view that, while all the financial obligations for the maintenance of the ‘family’ is placed on the male member by law and the female dependents have only the right to claim maintenance, the Islamic law principle is not inequitable as erroneously claimed by many of its critics.

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