Probo- Startup Story | Founder| CEO | Funding | History | Competitors

Probo is India's First and foremost Viewpoint Marketplace
Probo- Startup Story | Founder| CEO | Funding | History | Competitors
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Probo is an online space for thought exchanging and trade. Probo websites present customers with every viewpoint and thoughts on every subject.Developed a prediction platform for trading for gathering upcoming occurrence result forecasts.

 The company’s compensate-based comment and discussing concepts programme allow people with opposing viewpoints to share them for a mutually acceptable price, allowing customers to gain their own ideas.

 probo was founded in 2019, it is a private company with around 100+ employees. The company has around 29 investors. 

Amazingly, On May 3 2022, Probo raised 25.5 million dollars in its latest deal. The deal type of early-stage VC (series A). other than this, probo has also raised money in the seed round as well. The company’s headquarters is located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. 

Probo Team
Probo Team

Probo – About

Probo is  India’s First and foremost Viewpoint Marketplace for information about the future.

on probo customers can Explore a universe of options and thoughts, and broaden their perspectives.A varied and diverse society of artists with similar opportunities to express themselves and contribute to an impact in the development of a commercial economy. The objective of the organisation has consistently been and continues to be employment that promotes equality. Gathering together a wide range of creatives with various skill sets, characteristics, and points of view.

 Giving them all the help the customer requires to succeed in their field and surprise the rest of the globe is essential. The company’s goal is to build “a trading democracy”. 

Probo values include the following – “belief creates magic”, “Truth Liberates”, “everybody is leader” and “beginner’s mind”. 

The entertainment software sector is Probo’s primary industry. The company is also in the business-to-consumer (b2c) information services industry.

Probo is socially engaged on a variety of platforms, including Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and YouTube. 

Customers can use a variety of payment methods, including UPI, with probo. 

"Probo: The Ultimate Trading Platform for Beginners and Experts Alike"
Probo: The Ultimate Trading Platform for Beginners and Experts Alike”

Company Overview :

Name Of The CompanyProbo
Founders Of The CompanyAshish Garg And Sachin Gupta
Founding Year Of The Company2019
Competitors Of The CompanyBetter Opinions, Kalshi, Versus Game, Tradex
Website Of The CompanyWww.Probo.In
Industry Of The CompanyInformation Services, Entertainment Capital-Backed.
Country India
Mission Of The CompanyThe Company Is On A Mission To Build “A Trading Democracy”
Total Investors Of The Company29
Status Of The CompanyPrivate Company
Probo Overview

Probo- Founders

Sachin Gupta and Ashish Garg : Founder of Probo
Image Credit/Source : startuptalky ( Sachin Gupta and Ashish Garg : Founder of Probo)

The co-founders of the company probo are- Ashish Garg and Sachin Gupta.

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Ashish Garg :

Ashish Garg is the co-founder of probo. He completed his schooling in the year of 2011 at DAV sr secondary school, Ambala. After his schooling, he went to the National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, Haryana from where he did B.Tech in 2015.

 He started his career in 2014 where he worked as a software development intern in Pune. After that, he started working in Zomato from 2015 to 2016 as a software development engineer. After Zomato he shifted to Urban company where he worked at many different designations for 5 years. In March 2021, he founded probo in Haryana.

Ashish Garg
AAshish Garg is the co-founder of probo (Image source: LinkedIn)

Sachin Gupta :

Sachin Gupta is the co-founder of probo. Gupta completed his bachelor’s in technology ( in electrical and electronics engineering from the national institute of Technology, Karnataka in 2009. After that, he went for his Master’s in business administration in economics from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. 

He started his journey as a derivatives trader in 2006 in a company called futures first where he worked only for 6 months. After that, he founded probo in 2021 with Ashish Garg. Sachin Gupta has around 10,843 followers on LinkedIn and 500 + connections.

Sachin  Gupta
Sachin Gupta Co founder of Probo (Credit- LinkedIn)

Probo- Logo

Probo logo
Probo Logo

What is Probo App | 2023 | How To Earn Money From Probo App | Opinion Trading Probo

Probo- Competitors

Better Opinions :

Better Opinions is an internet-based occasion trading and forecasting tool. Individuals can profit by properly forecasting occurrences in a variety of topics. Users can forecast whether or not an occurrence will occur and compete with other individuals who anticipate alternatively, winning if their forecast is correct. The mobile application is accessible to those with Android phones. the company was founded in 2021 in Gurgaon, Haryana. 

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The company has raised a total funding of 3.5 million dollars. Better opinion works in the media and entertainment market.

Kalshi :

kalshi is a playing online platform that provides event-based planning betting services. The website allows users to place bets on different occurrences and earn cash prizes. It has advantages like an interesting UI/UX, immediate payments, and more. 

The company was founded in san francisco in the united states in 2015. The company has raised total funds of 36.1 million dollars. the company works in the fintech, media and entertainment markets.

Versus game :

Versus Game is an internet-based wagering marketplace for event predictions. Users can make forecasts on their favourite companies, famous individuals, performers, films, athletics, and so on, and see if their forecasts match what actually happens. 

Users claimed to have won greater financial rewards. The app for smartphones and tablets is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Versus game raised total funding of 52.8 million dollars on June 15th, 2022. The company serves in the B2C sector and works in the media and entertainment market.

Probo- Funding

The company has had 2 funding rounds before-

  • The seed round was completed on the 27th of July in 2021.
  • The early stage VC (series A) round was completed on the 3rd of May, 2022 where the company raised a whopping 25.5 million dollars.

Probo- Net Worth

The total net worth of the company probo is 788 crore. Out of which 46.90% (362 cr) holding is with the co-founders.

1.61% (12.5cr) holding is with the angels and 8.70% (68.5 cr) is with the ESOP.

0,19% (1.46 cr) is with the enterprise.

Probo- Investors

Probo has a total of 29 investors. Some known investors of probo are as follows-

Sequoia capital

This venture capital company mainly helps fintech, healthcare and Saas companies. The company was founded in 1972 in menlo park, US. the company’s total portfolio count is 1713. 


Elevation was founded in 2021 in Delhi, India. The company’s total portfolio count is 165 companies. The latest investment of this company is the famous clothing brand the souled store on March 29, 2023. The company has exited 47 portfolios.

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MK venture capital

mk venture capital is a technology-focused venture capital fund which typically invests in process-agnostic firms in Germany. The company was founded in 2015.


Tradex is an Online marketplace for social activities. Users can utilise the site to make investments in or exchange on worldwide occurrences.

 Users can forecast the final result of events such as the environment, governance, and commerce and speculate on price movements depending on their predictions.

 It is an economic transaction in which individuals can exchange their opinions and protect against daily hazards. The mobile application can be downloaded for smartphones and tablets with Android.

Tradex serves in the B2C space and its market is fintech, media and entertainment. The valuation of Tradex is 1.89 million dollars as on July 1st, 2021. The company ranks 3rd among 11 of its competitor and its latest funding round was on Feb 02, 2022. Where the company raised $125k. The company was founded in Delhi, India in 2021.

FAQs About Probo:-

Where is probo located?

Probo’s registered office is on the 7th floor, indiqube Vatika Towers, tower B, sector 54, Gurgaon Haryana. 

What is the customer support email of probo?

The customer support email is

What different UPI platforms probo accepts?

Paytm, G pay and phone pay are accepted by probo.

Is probo active on any social media platform?

Yes, probo is available on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, discord and LinkedIn.

Who are the board members of probo?

The board members of probo are Ashish Garg, sachin gupta and shweta sharma.

Is probo a private company?

Yes, probo is a private company.

What industry is probo in?

Probo is in the information services and entertainment software industry.

What is the website of probo? is the website of probo

What is the legal name of probo?


What is the mission of probo?

Probo is on a mission to make “a trading democracy”.


The company is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana and was founded in 2019 by co-founders Ashish Garg and Sachin gupta. Probo is a private company that respects its employees and gives them equal treatment. Probo has raised a total amount of 25.5 million dollars from its recent funding which was a Series A round. A few of its competitors are versus games, better opinions, tradeX and Kalshi.

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