Project management tools that can be used by digital marketing agencies

Project management tools that can be used by digital marketing agencies
Project management tools that can be used by digital marketing agencies
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There is no surprise that most digital marketing agencies have a lot on their plate. Whether they need to keep an eye out for a particular marketing campaign or to do audits on a particular website, you can be sure that they will be scrambling to complete it all on time. This is why good project management tools have become a necessity – so everyone can keep track of what they are doing and when it needs to be due.

Without project management software, a digital marketing and advertising agency would run the risk of wasting time by trawling through email threads or chat messages. Fortunately, project management tools aim to solve this problem by streamlining your workflow and making it more efficient. These custom multi tool help with organizing, collaborating with teams, and delivering projects on time. But with so many to choose from, which one is the right one for you?

Here, we will cover a few of the top project management tools out there, so you can see what they offer and whether they are suitable for your particular project, team, or company.


ClickUp is by far one of the best all-in-one project management tools there is. It allows digital agencies to plan, collaborate, organize, and work on all their projects in a variety of different views too! These views include lists, boards (Kanban style), calendars, timelines, dashboards, and more. Other ways people can collaborate using this program are through Docs, Chats, Whiteboards, and Goals. It allows for easy customization, so this means you can view your projects in whatever way you wish.

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Unsurprisingly, most marketing agencies use ClickUp to help manage their clients, marketing campaigns, operations, onboarding, and more. The software even provides integrations to other commonly used programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Adobe Creative Suite, and time-tracking apps like Clockify. If you are worried that you may find it hard to access the software away from your desktop, then do not worry – it is also available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

That being said, ClickUp does have a slightly steeper learning curve, especially with the number of its available features like automation and recurring events. This means it may take some time to train your employees, teammates, or even clients before they feel confident using the software.

ClickUpfree forever pricing allows up to 100Mb of storage, unlimited tasks, 5 Spaces, and 400 folders per space. Its next lowest tier, the Unlimited plan, is $5 per month per user and has everything in the free forever plan alongside unlimited storage, unlimited integrations, and unlimited dashboards.


Unlike the rest, Notion started out as a note-taking tool that has since expanded into project management. It is generally used by content creators, solopreneurs, and small teams. Notion allows users to keep all their project-related information in one place. It is made up of pages that can be interlinked or nested. Because you can essentially start on a blank page, it can be organized and customized in any way you want. The notion does not restrict the structure of a page, making it great if you want it to look a certain aesthetic.

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Aside from pages, Notion also provides multiple views when it comes to managing projects – such as lists, timelines, boards, and calendars, to name a few. That being said, there remains a lack of integrations and automation available.

Aside from Notion’s forever free plan (which offers unlimited pages, a page history of 7 days, a collaborative workspace, and basic page analytics), its next pricing plan, Plus, is $8 a month ($10 annually), and introduces unlimited file uploads, 30 days of page history and 100 guest collaborators.)


If you are looking for something slightly simpler, then Trello has you covered. It mainly specializes in its Kanban board style design. The cards are all simple to read and intuitive to grasp, so for companies who have never used project management tools before, this is a good place to start.

Each card in Trello allows you to add different elements that are related to your project. For instance, you can put in images, links, comments, the due date, assignee, and more. As such, everyone can easily keep track of how things are going. The card’s drag-and-drop function also allows you to delegate and move tasks around quickly. Users can also turn a card into a template if it happens to be a recurring project.

Because Trello mainly uses Kanban boards, it is best for simple projects that can be moved in stages. However, for larger projects, Trello can become slightly overwhelming.

Trello has a variety of different pricing tiers. Its forever-free version offers unlimited cards but only 10 boards per workspace. Its next pricing tier, Standard, is $5 a month per year and includes unlimited boards, advanced checklists, and custom fields. Even higher is the Premium tier, which is $10 a month and is billed annually and includes other views like Calendar, Timeline, Dashboard, and table views.

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This is a cloud-based platform that lets marketing agencies automate their workflow and manage their projects and tasks in one place. The great thing about it is its flexibility – it can be used for almost anything, such as customer relationship management, human resources, as well as project management. All its dashboards are stunningly designed and intuitive to use, providing you with quick updates whenever you need them.’s free forever plan starts with 2 seats and 3 boards, along with unlimited docs, 200+ templates, and over 20 column types. It can also be accessed through IOS and Android devices. Its next tier, the basic plan, starts at $8 a month (billed annually) and has unlimited free viewers and unlimited items, and you can create a dashboard based on 1 board.’s most popular plan, Standard, is $10 a month billed annually and offers a timeline, Gantt and calendar views, guest access, automation, and integrations.

In addition to its 24/7 live customer support, also provides daily live webinars for all its plans. These webinars are deep dives into the software’s more complex features so that your team can get the most out of it. These recordings are also available, so they can be watched anytime, anywhere.

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