Promotional Shopping Bags are More Than a Promotional Gift

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“About 50% of consumers become loyal customers to a brand or business that has given them a promotional shopping bag.”

In some countries, people complain about the extra cost of buying shopping bags whenever they go shopping. Also, there is a recent increased demand for reusable or recyclable shopping bags, especially an alternative to nylon or plastic shopping bags.

Therefore, as a brand or business, you can take advantage of this gap by utilizing promotional shopping bags to cater for their needs while fulfilling your advertising and marketing objectives. Furthermore, these bags can bring both short term and long-term benefits to your business. Kindly read on the topic; “Promotional Shopping Bags are more than a Promotional Gift” outline below to know more about these benefits:

  • Shopping bags; a must-have promotional item.
  • How to choose an excellent promotional shopping bag?
  • What are reusable shopping bags made of?
  • The best printing techniques for reusable shopping bags.
  • Benefits of reusable shopping bags for your company.

 Shopping bags; a must-have promotional item

A promotional shopping bag is a branded, customized or personalized shopping bag. It is a shopping bag branded with a specific color, print, design, logo, embroidery, words and sometimes even images. Grocery shopping bags are commonly used by shoppers to carry home their purchases and can be used to store items at homes, offices and other places.

Indeed, shopping bags are a practical and flattering promotional item that would increase brand visibility to your brand. A single shopping bag has the potential to reach over 1000 leads in its lifetime. It is an item used daily and, thus, advertises your brand wherever it is seen. Imagine this, your promotional shopping bag is worn by a single person but seen by over 50 people in a store daily, over 300 in a week, over 1000 in a month. Okay, imagine if this bag is given out to another persona and the same cycle repeats, the visibility is doubled from just a single shopping bag.

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Also, the shopping bag has a large surface area, suitable for branding. Therefore, your company can take a creative approach to the advertising design or message, producing beautiful shopping bags that would make it much appreciated as a fashion statement by the users while strongly piquing the attention and interest of others. A good quality promotional shopping bag is the best thing that your business needs and your customers want.

It is an excellent way to integrate your brand message into your recipients’ lives, thereby establishing brand recognition and loyalty. Generally, the bags offer a perfect way to generate positive impressions, so when in doubt, a promotional shopping bag is the best bet for your business. Thus, it’s satisfying to say that its’ promotional value is always more than you expect, compared to its cost.

 How to choose an excellent promotional shopping bag

Usability is an element of gifting, and so you should go for more durable promotional products. A good grocery shopping bag should be made from quality material and have a large surface area to display your advertising design, message or logo. Choose a cheap promotional shopping bag that reflects your brand’s personality while meeting your recipient’s taste. Determine the size and weight of the bags according to your products. You can have your promotional shopping bags in different sizes, suitable for other products.

The purpose of the shopping bags would also determine if it is aerated or waterproof and the colour. Always make functionality a priority. Thus, you should pay attention to other details such as strength, convenience, ropes and handles. Furthermore, you can opt for eco-friendly options such as reusable and recyclable shopping bags. This would leave a positive impression in the minds of your recipients, sharing the message that your brand cares about humans and the environment and eventually establishing a good brand reputation in the long run.

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What are reusable shopping bags made of?

Cheap promotional shopping bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags. They are produced and promoted out of a need to reduce exploitation of the natural ecosystem and its consequences such as pollution, climate change, environmental hazards etc. Indeed, customized promotional shopping bags are promotional gifts that protect the environment from the harmful effects of plastic bags.

Generally, reusable bags are more durable than regular or standard shopping bags. Reusable bags are usually tote made from natural products such as canvas, cotton, hemp, jute, or synthetic and recycled products such as woven synthetic fibres, polypropylene (PP), recycled PET bags, nylon etc. Sometimes, they can be made from plastic, but a very durable plastic would significantly reduce the need to buy plastic shopping bags due to its longevity.

The reusable shopping bag is made not for just a “single-use” but rather for “multi-use” and “multi-purpose uses”. Due to regulatory policies and awareness of reusable products, these bags have become one of the new fashion trends. It has encouraged positive consumer behavior and consumer loyalty with associated brands. Therefore, unique and colorful promotional reusable shopping bags are an excellent way to represent your brand initially and exclusively.

The best printing techniques for reusable shopping bags

Shopping bags have a good surface area where you can highlight your message and logo. Also, they can be printed from edge to edge, giving you more advertising options and branding areas. The best printing techniques for customized promotional shopping bags are screen-printed transfer (traditionally called silk screen printing) and digital transfer. Screen-printed transfer can print up to 300 x 300 mm dimensions, while digital transfer can print 300 x 260 mm. 

Silkscreen printing is a technique that involves the transfer of a stenciled design onto a flat surface. The procedure is printed on a transparent acetate film, creating a stencil or screen. Then, a mesh screen is chosen and coated with a layer of light-reactive emulsion. Afterwards, the screen is carefully placed on the mesh and placed under very bright light, causing the emulsion to harden. Ink or dye is transferred via silk from the screen to the material. A squeegee drags the ink across the length of the screen to create the patterned design except in areas made impermeable on the substrate.

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This process is repeated for several colors until the whole design is produced. On the other hand, the digital transfer involves transferring a design or logo to adhesive plastic digitally. The logo is cut digitally and then transferred to the promotional products via heat. Digital transfer is preferable because it has no color restrictions ensures that small and fine details are printed. Also, the digital colors printed are very bright and vibrant compared to other printing techniques.

 Benefits of reusable shopping bags for your company

Cheap promotional shopping bags bring value to your company. They share the message that your company promotes “Green-earth“, boosting brand loyalty. They tell your employees, clients, customers, business partners and social media followers that you care about them and would want to prevent them from environmental and health hazards caused by toxic pollutants. In return, these corporate gifts would boost sales for you and can bring in favorable investments, boosting your company’s stocks.

Customized promotional shopping bags help you save costs. Making promotional shopping bags cost less than some promo items, making you pay even less on production. Furthermore, the bags are a travelling poster that would boost visibility for your business, kickstart social media conversations and amplify campaigns. In the long run, these bags would substantially raise your business profile, increase productivity, boost the company’s growth, and earn significant profits for you. 

This article would have shared insights on the significance of promotional shopping bags, why they are the perfect lifesaver for your clients and customers when shopping and how you can achieve your advertising goals with these simple yet powerful corporate gifts. Remember, promotional shopping bags are more than a promotional gift, and you should not underestimate the reward your brand and business can enjoy, especially in the long term.

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