Proper maintenance of a plumbing system: the right things to do

Proper maintenance of a plumbing system: the right things to do
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A home’s plumbing system must be in good condition. For a good reason, life is not easy in a house poorly supplied with drinking water. This is also the case in a home where dirty water is not normally evacuated. It is therefore vital to maintain the pipes properly. Here are some good tips for properly maintaining your plumbing system.

When you have a clogged drain at home, a hidden problem causes this inconvenience. The reasons for this are manifold. We will see in this article how to overcome these annoying problems without doing much.

Regularly check the facilities

To properly maintain your plumbing system, you must regularly check the condition of your installations. If you have a problem, do not hesitate to contact a plumbing expert. Generally, it is recommended to make an annual visit and clean your water heater. Also, check often for toxic gas leaks (for gas installations) and pressure systems (if your boiler has one).

You will also need to check the hoses’ dates and clean the heaters at least once a year. For pipes installed outside, it is essential to adopt ideal solutions to prevent them from being protected from frost.

Take care of the pipes often

The pipes are often clogged, and soaps, shampoos, and shower gels contribute enormously to the clogging of the pipes. You will have to use specific techniques or chemicals to unclog your pipe. For mechanical cleaning, you can use a suction cup. Also, you can clean such with many tips (a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar, for example).

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In plumbing stores, many products can unclog the pipes, however, be vigilant. Admittedly, these products often make it possible to solve fouling problems, but they can also damage your pipes. For this reason, it is usually recommended to opt for mechanical rather than chemical solutions.

Pay attention to the water quality

The quality of the water can accelerate the deterioration of your pipes. Lime-rich waters are the main enemies of your plumbing system. Several solutions are available to you to reduce their impact. For example, there are water softeners such as Nuvo-H2O. They make it possible to modify the water’s chemical composition, thus making it harmless for your pipes.

Additionally, you can choose electronic, electromagnetic, and magnetic scale filters. Here, it is a question of setting up magnets at the points of arrival of water. These magnets do not modify the chemical composition of the water, but they fight against the incrustation of limestone. Apart from these two solutions, you can choose a CO2 injection system. This is a mechanism put in place at the cold water inlet points.

A few things to do daily

Every day, we pose (without really realizing it) acts that jeopardize our channeling. For example, large waste is allowed to forcefully slide into the sink, which increases the clogging of the pipe. To avoid this, you have the option of using a sieve. Also, it is not advisable to leave greasy products in the lever.

Indeed, in contact with cold water, these products consolidate and promote clogging. Some of your hair may fall out during your showers and seek to seep into the pipes. Remove them regularly, once a week. Above all, don’t forget to use anti-limestone for your dishwasher and washing machine.

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A clogged toilet, what to do?

Try to unclog my toilet.

Before incurring too much expense, try unclogging your toilet with a market product. For hot water in your bathroom with the product, this is a trick to increase its effectiveness. Wait at least 30 minutes, and with a toilet plunger, try to remove the blockage that has formed in your pipe. If your installation is recent and the evacuation diameter is larger than in the old one, you will have more chances to unclog your pipe successfully.

Call a professional

If the clog resists, it may be huge, or your drain is too tiny to unclog quickly. We, therefore, recommend calling on the services of a professional. It has a wide range of tools and processes to unclog your toilet: ferret, curettage truck, and an endoscopic camera. Let’s hope for you that your pipes are not broken because it will then be necessary to plan major excavation work and refurbishment of your evacuation ducts to the sewers.


Finally, regular maintenance of the plumbing system requires attention to several elements. Since hard water is dangerous for your pipes, you must opt ​​for anti-limestone solutions. Also, you must most often maintain all the pipes and prevent specific waste from infiltrating.

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