Proper use of social media for students

social media for students
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Effectiveness of Social media for students

This digital age led to enhance the usage of social media among people of different age groups. After Covid-19, social media has a grip on everyone, including students. There is no doubt, like everything around, social media also has some advantages and disadvantages. Social media is a quick way of learning, interacting, and problem-solving, while it is also a distraction for the students. So it is important to know the efficacy of social media for students and which social media application is best for students.

What is social media?

Social media is a set of websites and applications that provides a platform for sharing different things to increase networking. This social media platform is not limited to posting photos and updating status. Still, it also provides a technology where people can share different information, career interest, ideas, and other forms of expression. When it comes to students’ personal use, they use these platforms to seek help to pay someone to take my online class to accomplish their academic goals. Student assistance sites like Scholarly Help, Brainly, Cheklet, etc. find their target audience there; therefore, they are more active on these social channels.

Students use various social media platforms that may help them in their studies or daily life. Research shows that students’ most popular social media applications are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Imo, Snapchat, Myspace, and Skype.

How Important is Social Media For Students?

Social media plays a significant role in the lives of individuals with various occupations and lifestyles. Students use social media for online learning, group discussions, exam preparation, and other related to their academia.

Following are the key points that indicate why social media is important for students:

1. Learning:

Social media is a windfall for young professionals and students. It helps to learn various aspects enchantingly. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and Zoom are platforms where students can learn a lot according to their needs. Video lectures are an important feature of these platforms. When students use these platforms in the right way, they can exchange their ideas and knowledge and learn something new that may be productive for their professional careers.

2. Creative Exposure:

Social media provides exposure to the student to show their skills and utilize them in their professional career. In the earlier years, most of the students found it difficult to show their specific skills worldwide. Social media make it possible for those students who are enthusiastic about creative ideas and skills. So they acquire more opportunities to show their talent worldwide.

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3. Networking:

After the pandemic, the importance of social media for students and professionals enhanced significantly. Many students and young professionals build their networks on various social network applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and Zoom. Students also utilize some other social networking applications such as Microsoft team, Google hangout, Group tweet, Discord, Goodreads, Brainly, Twiducate, classloom, blackboard, and EDU2.0.

Participation in various social networking platforms builds various skills in students and young professionals. These skills include communication, building confidence, professionalism, critical thinking, and teamwork. These are the valuable benefits of social media for students and young professionals. With strong profiles on these networking sites you are encouraged to review services you have used and share your experiences with other students to help. Similarly, you can get advantages of unbiased reviews on these platforms. Moreover, a socially shared link to detailed reviews published on other sites is equally important for the student’s community, such as the Scholarly Help review.

4. Career opportunities:

In the past, newspapers and job portals were prominent ways of landing jobs. Now, social media has become the most important platform for freshers and professionals to grab job opportunities. Numerous organizations use social media accounts to advertise their job opening; they use different social media accounts and group discussions. So the job seekers can access these opportunities and apply according to their experience and interest.

These points enhance the importance of social media for students.

Best Social media platform for student

There are several types of social media for the student. It is important for students to decide what social media application and website is best for them. Here is a collection of the most interesting and best social media platforms that can help students to decide which is better for them according to their needs.


Facebook is a social media platform that allows users to share images, videos, music, articles, and statuses. Students can use this application for different purposes; they can follow pages that share information and knowledge related to their needs. They can join groups to interact with their peers and follow the important information. Different colleges and universities use their Facebook account for students’ notification and other useful information.


Instagram is also a popular social media platform. Users can edit the picture and use different effects to attract their followers. Students can use this application to develop their photography skills, increase language skills, and improve interpersonal skills. This platform is also useful for knowledge sharing as well. The student just needs to follow the pages according to their needs and acquire the information.

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Twitter is a microblogging social media application. Users can use this application to express themselves in limited characters. Almost 18.5% of users of Twitter belong to the 25-34 age group. It is one of the important platforms to get current news and get up to date regarding the latest events. Users just need to download this application and provide the required detail for account sign-up. Students can use this forum to build their narratives and can participate in world affairs by using the Hashtag feature of Twitter.


LinkedIn is also an important platform for freshers and young professionals. Having a LinkedIn account shows that a student is dedicated towards his/her career. Students can use this platform to show their online presence. This online presence brings various jobs and internship opportunities. LinkedIn is working in more than 200 countries with 750 million users.


It is also a popular social media platform for students. Users can create a channel and upload videos on various topics and themes. This platform has abundant information on each topic. If students have creative ideas, they can simply make their content and upload it to the forum. YouTube is also an important platform for earning as well. However, different educational organizations also use this platform to upload lectures so that students can watch them and prepare for their exams and other content according to their needs.


Skype is one of the best social media for the student. It is an application for video communication. It can carry the world into the school practically. Students can host experts, Writers, correspond and visit laboratories with pen pals worldwide.


During the pandemic, this application is vastly used for academic purposes. Different conferences, classes, pieces of training, and events are conducted via this application. It is a platform that reduces training costs and increases productivity, standardization, and real-time access to information.

Microsoft Team

It is a social media platform that helps to manage classes, projects, and groups. This form is also used during the pandemic. Students can use this platform for recorded lectures and can communicate with their peers to discuss issues related to their subject. This social media specifically work for the students and teachers.

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Google Hangout

It is also an effective social media for students. This application works on all devices and is used in various ways to enhance interactive learning. This social media application is best for building skills outside of class time. It is a place to record video lectures that can watch repeatedly. Students can also find content that fits into their lesson plans. Students can also coordinate with their peers to meet after class and discuss their lessons.


It is a protected place for students and teachers; they can collaborate via this social media application. Twiducate is an explicit social media application for educational purposes. Usage of this application is simple and easy; it helps educators to build an online class environment by using the class codes of students.


It is an interesting social media for students. This application allows students to ask questions, and other students and experts can answer them from all over the world. This social network application creates interactivity between worldwide students.


Discord is a text messaging, voice, and video communication place that is easily available on the internet. This application allows students to join different communities and groups according to their interests. This application is also used as an alternative to Microsoft and google to take online classes.


It is also a social media networking website. Specifically for the students who love to review books, track reading history, and share recommendations. It is a platform where students can see what their peers are reading and can link with the group for their favorite books. This social media platform enhances students reading experience and helps them to become enthusiastic and thoughtful readers.

These are the best social media for students in terms of interaction, learning, sharing creative content, study, and online classes. Students can also take help from online class services such as Scholarly Help is a platform that helps students in their online classes, exam, and other learning activities.

Disadvantages of social media

Social media is a good way to learn new things, but at the same time, it is a way that creates a disturbance for students in a different way.

  • Social media decreases face-to-face communication.
  • Reduce the family closeness
  • It conveys an inauthentic way of communication
  • Excessive use of social media causes psychological damages
  • It creates a skewed self-image and identity


Social media is an effective platform for students in many ways. They can interact with peers, share their ideas and thoughts, and can take online classes with the help of the best social media applications. However, students should use social media as much as required; unintentional and excessive use of social media for students bring negative impacts on their educational and professional career.

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