Pros and Cons of Kratom Extract Shots, the Facts, and Everything You Should Know

Pros and Cons of Kratom Extract Shots, the Facts, and Everything You Should Know
Pros and Cons of Kratom Extract Shots, the Facts, and Everything You Should Know
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Kratom extract shots are all the rage in the kratom community right now. Their fast-acting, intense effects make them a popular choice among seasoned users everywhere. But what exactly makes these shots so powerful, and what can you expect from them? Here’s a quick guide to bring you up to speed on Kratom extract shots. All information will be Included in the article.

What Are Kratom Extract Shots and How Are They Made?

Kratom extract is a concentrated form of kratom that contains a higher amount of alkaloids compared to simple leaf powder. As a result, it delivers stronger effects that only experienced users can handle. These extracts can be in the form of powdered capsules, but they’re more commonly consumed as liquid shots. To make these, dried kratom leaves are placed in a jar with an ethanol-water mixture (or just water, depending on the preference). The mixture is then brought to a pH level of 4 by adding citric acid or lemon juice. To break down fats and oils, a small amount of glycerin is added to the solution. It’s given a good shake to mix everything nicely, sealed tightly, and placed in a cool dark place for a week.

After a week, the solution is taken out and strained. Some of the water has evaporated, making it even stronger. This paste-like mixture is then enhanced with natural flavors and further liquids to make it into a tasty extract shot. To get complete information on kratom extract shots, be sure to check out

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Pros and Cons of Kratom Extract Shots

If you’re thinking about buying kratom extract shots, here are some pros and cons to know:

  • Pros
  • No preparation is needed as they come ready to consume
  • Take them anywhere you go with ease
  • Strong and long-lasting effects
  • The fastest way to experience the effects of kratom in one go
  • Ideal for energy, focus, better mood, and pain relief
  • Often come flavored, so you don’t have to endure the earthy taste of kratom
  • Smooth texture; very easy to consume
  • Widely available in smoke shops and online stores
  • Cons
  • Way too strong — unsuitable for new kratom users
  • Expensive, typically around $15 to $20 for a three-serving bottle
  • Not all of them have a pleasant taste

Best Kratom Extract Shots

If you’re interested in buying kratom extract shots, here are some of the best products to try:

K-Shot Black Liquid Extract Shot

K-Shot Black is an extra-strength 10 ml bottle made from the Maeng Da strain. It’s an excellent shot for boosting mood and energy. It has a single serving size of 3.3 ml, which is enough to get you pumped up.

K-Shot NU

Another one of K-Shot’s wonders is their NU extract shot which features a superb combination of kratom and nootropics to increase focus and boost energy. The 59 ml bottle infuses a variety of extracts — pure kratom, white willow bark, California poppy ariel part, and Boswellia serrata resin — to relieve pain and improve concentration and mood.

MIT 45 Go Black Extra-Strength Kratom Shot

MIT 45 is another popular name in the realm of kratom extract shots. Their Go Black Extra-Strength Shot comes in a 15 ml on-the-go pouch and boasts a delicious citrus flavor. It incorporates 150 mg of mitragynine speciosa extract, along with cinnamon, honey, black pepper extract, thiamine, and tapioca syrup. This delightful combination gives it, what many users claim to be, an orange marmalade taste.

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Hush Kratom Ultra Shot Extract

Hush Kratom Ultra Shot Extract is an intense kratom shot that’s perfect for increasing energy, focus, and mental clarity. It comes in a 10 ml bottle with 7 to 8 grams of pure kratom leaf powder. It has a delicious lemon-lime flavor that many users enjoy.


Kratom extract shots have furthered the kratom craze with their easy-to-consume, fast-acting qualities. If you want to add some magic to your daytime plans, check out for the best collection of kratom extract shots on the market!

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