Qualities of a Good LOCKOUT/TAGOUT Device


In order to prevent any unexpected restarts during service and maintenance, the lockout tag out operation makes sure that all machines are turned off and properly de-energized. In other words, prior to performing maintenance or repairs, dangerous energy sources are isolated using the LOTO safety method. A lockout device, padlock, or tag is used to lock out the power source. The employee then keeps the lock’s key in his or her possession to make sure that only they can open the lock or turn on the machine. This stops unintentional start-up while the employee is making repairs or installing anything.

Lockout/tagout devices are typically installed to maintain energy isolation gadgets off. Since no one can dismantle the lockout devices without a key or other opening tool, such as bolt cutters, this technique is exceedingly secure. However, unless lockout equipment and lockout paperwork are also used, tag out equipment cannot guarantee safety on its own.

A lock and a tag are the two essential pieces of equipment for a lockout tag out method. In order to prevent the power supply from being turned on, the lock is typically attached to it. Also, to prevent individuals from turning on, plugging in, or tampering with the lockout equipment, a warning tag or words of caution are placed on it.

Employee fatalities and workplace injuries are avoided because of the lockout tag out device. Additionally, it aids in preventing the unintentional start-up of machinery and the discharge of dangerous energy. Plumbing systems, machines, and electric devices all benefit from this equipment.

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What are the Basic Features of a Good Log out Tag out Device?

By following the appropriate lockout tag out protocols and utilizing top-notch lockout tag out equipment, like a lockout padlock, many incidents can be prevented. The following requirements must be met by the device: 

  • The tag out apparatus should be robust and durable. Even when they make contact with caustic chemicals like acids or moist substances, they shouldn’t be harmed. 
  • The coloration, size, form, style, and print of tags must all be distinctive. Tags that provide unambiguous instructions like “Do Not Open,” “Out of Service,” “Do Not Operate,” or “Danger” are designed to be visible and intelligible. 
  • To prevent any unauthorized removal, locks should be exceedingly secure and trustworthy. They must only be able to be removed with force and the utilization of bolt cutters or specialized metal cutting tools.
  • One-piece nylon cable ties are used to secure tags since they are durable and able to withstand any environment. A decent tag attachment should be non-reusable and have a 50 pound unlocking strength. 
  • You should label your lockout/tagout equipment with the name of the authenticated users handling the device. 
  • The employer is accountable for ensuring that the lockout/tag out products are original and of high quality.

We can assist you if you’re still having trouble choosing the right hardware and solutions for your lockout tagout program. Work together with our internal team of lockout tagout specialists, who can help you develop an effective and legal safety policy.

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