QUREKA LITE- Startup Story | Founder| CEO | Funding | History | Competitors

QUREKALITE- Startup Story | Founder| CEO | Funding | History | Competitors
QUREKALITE- Startup Story | Founder| CEO | Funding | History | Competitors
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23 March 2023, Bangalore, India

Qureka Lite is a Publisher-focused M-Web Quiz solution. App and website publishers can start with a simple single-link integration to instantly increase traffic engagement and revenue. Shalini Tewari and Apurva Kumar founded the Qureka lite, which began with a group of individual teams and quickly grew to 50 employees within a year. The application’s success has been built on the concept of combining learning, fun, and gamification in a live quiz format. Not only the concept but also the knowledge and abilities of the co-founders and team have contributed to the application’s popularity. Qureka, India’s leading top mobile app today, is equipped with knowledge-building features and is socially accepted.

About Qurekalite

Qureka Lite (Cool Boots Media) is a Google Channel Partner and a Times Internet (India’s largest digital conglomerate) supported action that has been built over years of experience in the Trivia/Quiz category. qureka lite has its headquarters on golf course road, Gurugram, Haryana. the company employs more than 50 employees currently. the industry qureka lite works in our technology, information and the internet. qureka lite is available both in the app and online on the website. qureka lite is an entertaining trivia website where users can participate in free live quiz shows and other quiz contests in over 25 different categories. Qureka lite, also known as the Qureka lite Earn Money App, has quizzes every 30 minutes from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day, so you can play whenever you want! quReka lite includes many different quiz styles, such as Back to School, Memory Quiz, Trail Mail Quiz, and many more. Furthermore, it includes fantasy sports. qureka lite has its own website called www.qurekalite.com. Qureka Lite is a Publisher-focused m-web quiz solution. App and website publishers can quickly increase traffic engagement and revenue by integrating a single link. Every day, Qureka Lite hosts over 100 quiz contests in over 20 categories for your users to participate in, with new and non-monotonous offerings in the M-web/H5 games category  Qureka lite attracts mobile gamers due to its unique collection of live quizzes.

Qureka Lite is incorporated into over 4000 mobile apps and websites in India and around the world. Publishers have seen a significant increase in traffic engagement and, as a result, cash flows. one can Simply include Qureka Lite to make his/her product offering more substantial for the user base by hosting exciting Quiz contests in which lakhs of users compete with their subject matter knowledge on a daily basis. the qureka lite Users no longer have to play the same games every day thanks to new contests added regularly by qureka lite. Qureka Lite has a dedicated gaming engine and a massive database that is kept fresh and seasonal, ensuring high user retention. Quizzes are available in a variety of categories, including GK, Sports, Indian Cricketers, Bollywood, Literature, Math, Science, IPL, Geography, and History, to name a few. Qureka lite ensures a solid offering to your user base while generating revenue traffic without undercutting your established proposals. 

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Qureka Lite Founders

Avinash Anandan, Kumar Apurva, Payal Shah, and Shalini Tewari founded Qureka in 2010. Shalini Tiwari other than qureka lite also founded many different platforms like viral craft media and cool boots. the app qureka lite was founded in 2010.

Shalini tiwari is one of the founders of Qureka Lite
Shalini tiwari is one of the founders of Qureka Lite

Shalini tiwari is one of the successful female business owners who has excelled in the IT and digital industries. As a result of their extensive experience and background in people capital, business, and communications, Qureka lite has grown into an enjoyable, educational in nature, and culturally acceptable gaming smartphone network. 

Qureka Lite Name And Logo

Logo for Qureka Lite

qureka lite logo

An M-Web Quiz answer geared toward Publisher is known as Qureka Lite. Publishers of apps and websites can start with a straightforward one-link integration to boost traffic, engagement, and revenue right away. The Qureka lite was established by Shalini Tewari and Apurva Kumar. It started with a few small teams and quickly expanded to have 50 employees in just one year.

Qureka Lite Revenue

By 2022, Qureka is projecting a 90% mobile usage rate in India. The app wants to connect with the next 500 million Indians by 2023 in order to record this. Although Qureka already offers games in six different languages, it is a favourite among mobile users who do not understand English. Since approximately 50% of gamers do not understand English, language diversity has been one of the key factors in the gaming industry’s growth as they move closer to their 2020 goal. Qureka lite revenue is around 71 million dollars as of 11th of march, 2023.

Qureka Lite Competitors

Qureka lite has multiple competitors, some of qureka lite competitors are-

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Genially– Genially is a platform for developing media which concentrates on generating and distributing presentations and multimedia of all types. Individuals can start from fresh or predesigned designs from the interface, which are divided into different categories. These categories consist of movies, data visualizations, interactive photographs, assessments, and more. genially was built in 2015 in Cordoba, Spain. genially consists of a total of 20 investors, the company has got a total of 26.3 million dollars. top investors genially are plug-and-play tech centres, FJ and more.

Playbuzz– Playbuzz is a major storytelling platform with support from Disney that is used by prestigious publishers and companies globally for journalistic and business reasons to create, share, and make money via interactive stories that increase audience participation. play buzz was founded in 2012. in New York City, USA. play buzz has raised a total funding of 69.2 million dollars. the top investors of play buzz are voila group, 83 NORTH and many more.

Kdan Mobile– Kdan Mobile is a multinational SaaS (Software as a Service) business that equips contemporary professionals with the tools to increase productivity and free their creativity in the rapidly changing technological work. the company was founded in 2009 in State College, United States. the company has raised a total of 22.2 million dollars. the total number of investors of k dan mobile is 11 including fintech, WI harper group and 9 others. 

Various ways to transfer money in Qureka Lite.

Four distinct withdrawal options are provided by Qureka Pro or Qureka Lite Coins:

  • Amazon Pay
  • UPI
  • Bank Account
  • PayTM

what sets Qureka Lite apart from other applications and websites?

Qureka Lite

With the availability of new cognitive and memory-training games, the team thinks that it is an excellent method of eliminating the literacy barrier, aside from the dialect and language component. Currently, the program offers multiple live quizzes per day across different groups. the program introduced the concept of virtual currency tokens. It has been growing and improving due to regular updates, altering formats, and overcoming linguistic and literate barriers. Overall, Qureka has developed a dynamic platform to connect with the broadest possible segment of the Indian population.

Qureka Lite’s terms and conditions for using the program to withdraw money-

  • the player must complete the KYC procedure before they can withdraw their profits. One must verify their mobile number, address, and PAN card as part of the procedure.
  • Only the Winning Cash may be taken out. One cannot take the rewards or reference payments out. However, one can use it to participate in competitions and win additional rewards. The money one earn can be cashed out later.
  • The user’s identity only needs to be verified once. However, one may need to re-verify the account if one makes any changes to it.
  • After one begins the withdrawal procedure, it will take a maximum of three days for the money to appear in the financial institution’s account.
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Qureka lite FAQs-

What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limit in qureka lite?

the minimum limit to withdraw is RS 10 and the maximum limit to withdraw is Rs 1,00,000 Rs

what are the withdrawal fees of qureka lite?

On Qureka, there are no withdrawal costs. However, all rewards are liable to a tax deduction under the Income Tax Act of 1961. (or TDS). For any reward money amount exceeding 10,000 rupees, the Government of India mandates a 30% TDS rate. Qureka lite App must therefore subtract 30% TDS from Net Winnings.

how can one person withdraw money from qureka lite using a bank account?

Use the Qureka bank withdrawal tool to use the details of your bank account to withdraw the funds directly into the bank’s account. The bank’s information, including the amount, account number, and IFSC code, is needed for this procedure. Customers must authenticate their bank account on the program before making a withdrawal.

How to use UPI to acquire money from Qureka?

The UPI withdrawal procedure needs a verified UPI ID. Someone can select withdraw after entering the desired amount and UPI ID.

How to use Paytm for withdrawing money from Qureka lite?

Someone can transfer their profits right into their Paytm wallets. However, someone must complete the KYC first before one can transfer money to Paytm. How to send money from Qureka to Paytm is described here.

How to take money withdrawn from Qureka lite?

  • Launch the Qureka app on your smartphone.
  • On the upper side, select the “Earnings Wallet” button.
  • Depending on which wallet one would like to take the money from, click “Game Wallet” or “Referral Wallet” at this point.
  • Next, select the “Transfer” option next to the wallet balance.
  • Enter the desired withdrawal sum here, then select “Proceed.”
  • The removal procedure will start right away. A maximum of two to three days will be needed by Qureka pro to send the funds into that bank account.

what is the Limit on daily withdrawals from Qureka lite?

The minimum withdrawal sum at Qureka is twenty rupees, and the daily withdrawal cap is 10 lakh Rs. The bonuses and recommendation compensation are non-withdrawable. These funds can be used by players to join and win competitions. As a result, the money is transformed into profits that can be withdrawn.


  Qureka lite encourages users to think creatively and fosters a healthy sense of competition. The learning experience and fantastic cash rewards are what make for an improved user experience and keep users coming back for more. Qureka’s user-friendly and developing formats have successfully transformed the smartphone gaming industry.

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