Read the Brief Journey of Two Tech Genius how they Inspired To Innovate IT Technology

Read the Brief Journey of Two Tech Genius how they Inspired To Innovate IT Technology

Image Credit/ Source: Team Nimap Infotech 

Working with a big renowned company is everybody’s dream to start their career and stepping towards the first step of this ladder of your career is a big task in itself. The first step to reach the top of this success ladder is very important and choosing the correct ladder among many is a hard task to do. Today in every lane you’ll find a company starting up its own business, but which lane you choose to work with, makes all the difference and more than that why this only!!

Every graduate’s head who has just passed out from the college would be full of such things. To help out all those confused thoughts we’ll like to share our Nimap story, from which pace it started up and where it lands today.          If you’re finding a job what would be the first thing you’ll search for? How does it work? Where does it work? No! The first thing you’ll get stuck with is its Name! What is the name of the company? some people may say what’s there in a company’s name! But setting a good company name is the first thing a start-up do, hence, it acts as the first target, first idea, and the long journey which he’s promising to start. After that every other point comes to like, is it matching with our area of work, working hours, salary, location, or any other requirement, etc.

“Nimap was one such idea that struck before eight years and comes into execution to see if it works as we thought it like or not. A company’s name itself tells a lot many things about the start-ups’ mind and the working street in which he wants to set up his business castle.

Before 8 years Nimap came into the rise and started its journey with a small team of only 3 members. Today maybe haven’t reached that level where we can proudly walk up to where everyone already knows about our firm. But at least we developed something of our own that helps users to find solutions for their business. That’s the thing that matters in the end, which keeps increasing our belief to do more and more. After reading our experience maybe not more but even if any one single person gets inspires than it will be a big thing for us to get happy, feeling our objective of sharing the story got fulfilled”, Says Mr. Priyank Ranka Founder and Ceo of  Nimap Infotech. 


You might be continuously thinking about what this Nimap is and why are we, again and again, repeating its name. So, to begin with, the story of our journey, Nimap is the name of our company which builds its formation in 2009 by Priyank (that’s me) and Sagar my college mate with the dream of building one of the biggest company of India launching creative and innovative mobile applications. Nimap means immeasurable. Just like digitalization and its services which has no end. Nimap wants to provide services with  immeasurable account of benefits without sticking to any limits. In today’s date if we see back we have traveled a long journey but if we look ahead in our imagination we had not even reached our journey’s halfway. As its name suggests we have to grow all over the globe.


Writing this article made me think of the past days and go to the flashbacks when I took admission in engineering against my parent’s decision. Just like every normal ‘Marwari’ family they also do not want me to go and learn engineering but instead wanted me to do commerce graduation and start a small business but till that time I don’t remember from where this worm of development entered my body. To satisfy this urge of learning, I took admission in computer engineering and completed my graduation in the year 2007.

After my graduation when I entered into the world for implying my knowledge, I started working under someone else but as I went there I started realizing my hunger for developing new applications didn’t satisfy and it just remained a 9-6 busy office life without any personal growth. I continuously changed my jobs to find that actual platform where I can apply my ideas and produce something new. And it is then I realized that I am not made for working under someone else. And so I decided to start my own setup, but starting my own firm was also a really big challenge as there was no financial support. But then they say it was into me, so, somehow I finally moved towards this decision with Sagar. I was then turned up into us, and we started Nimap as part-time developers. Till 2011 we were not even having our own business place to work. The company which started in 2009 got no place to work until 2011 and then the time came when after 2 years of continuous hardship we bought a small rented place to work together, setting up the perfect office atmosphere. And later after those years, as we worked we started getting better with the places.

In 2015 when our setup was in Byculla, Mumbai we started investing in e-commerce and Skin4gadgets got the life. Later after one year, we started developing our own products and that’s how ChatOnGo application developed. ChatOnGo is a social network tool which allowed companies to help in employees engagement & team collaboration. The application got high success as it was totally different from other messaging applications. It provided the best ways to communicate inside Business Organizations. Later Field Force Connect SaaS-based product came to the picture – Enhancing Field Force Solution and solving problems faced by FMCG, Healthcare and Retail Industry.


 Read the Brief Journey of Two Tech Genius how they Inspired To Innovate IT Technology

Image Credit/ Source: Mr. Priyank Ranka : Founder and Ceo of  Nimap Infotech. 

Today Nimap is popular as one of the most well-known Mobile Application Development and IT Sourcing Company in Mumbai.  Setting a fixed goal is very important, and as we started, leading in the world of product development was our main goal and so we moved forward towards that direction. In today’s world of digitalization, we have covered almost all the sections. Today we have reached that level of our growth that we are leading a dedicated team of sixty members where clients approach us to hire our iOS, Android, Asp.Net Developer, UI UX Designer, Software Tester, and Java Developers. Our team is recognized as providing one of the best software development services and IT outsourcing company in India.

From concept to delivery to launching and marketing the end product to find a connection with your end-users we walk with our customers all the way. From iOS application development, android development to m-commerce applications we developed many mobile app strategies and won many hearts.


“Company’s storyline builds and grows along with the people who are working for it and the company’s culture helps in debugging almost all the negativity of its environment. Company’s culture tells us about its aura and that plays a main role towards the futuristic goal of any company. When we started we had only two members along with us and those two people are still serving for the company. Although we were small in number our values and ways of working was so high that it never affected the quality of work “says Mr. Priyank. 



 Read the Brief Journey of Two Tech Genius how they Inspired To Innovate IT Technology

Image Credit/ Source: Mr. Sagar Nagda: Co-Founder of  Nimap Infotech

Good recruitment is a must thing. Recruiting a good bunch of people is the initial step for setting up a good company culture, it refers to the people who are going to walk with us on our journey. Choose people who are process oriented so that both of you can be on the same page and can understand each other’s expectations of work well. Look for people who are focused towards their work and always ready to work hard to drive the business in forwarding direction.

This is a very essential advice to remember as once we ourselves gone through that rough experience in the year 2016 where we hired some freshers and due to lack of knowledge and their understanding we had to undergo some unwanted bad debts that made us suffer and cost a lot.

While owning a company another good perk one should apply is allow inventive ideas from all sides, encourage their employees to push a little bit to lit up their mind and recognize their efforts. It will charge up the other people to join the game and you’ll see the change when next they will voluntarily take part.

Empower them to use their ideas and see if that works or not, with this they’ll learn what changes they need to adopt and in the next project you’ll end up seeing their flexibility cause sometimes small failures end up teaching many big things. I don’t think employees of a company following such norms cannot stop themselves from raving their company’s name and that will be the next best success any company could have. Any environment in which employees love to come and work to make their business grow is like several people moving towards one single goal.

Keeping friendly one day outings once in a 4-5 months, doing huddles on weekly basis where you can discuss and share the new ideas together, giving your employees team lunch on any Saturday or doing any half an hour activities together, etc all these efforts of building and growing up like a family add up a sense of togetherness and employees not just remains employees but a part of your family.

Working in a market of mobile development business is not an easy task cause every day you have to face a new challenge with a new competitor and more than that a new phase of development. But challenges are part of life and they are the ones which teach us to grow.


“What we learned through our experience is always see your challenges positively cause they are the true friends in disguise and that’s what we would like to share or advise to all – we don’t grow when things are easy instead we grow when we face challenges,” Says Priyank. 


 Read the Brief Journey of Two Tech Genius how they Inspired To Innovate IT Technology

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