Top 10 Recruiting Software for HR Managers

Recruiting Software for HR Managers
Recruiting Software for HR Managers

Recruiting software is an application that plays out the undertaking of occupation postings, auditing of resumes, interviewing the executives, and management of the recruiting processes. By supporting the production of proposition letters and online endorsement, this product helps in dispensing with desk work by and large. The recruitment software helps in employing the top ability by offering strong pursuit usefulness and reconciliation with the web-based entertainment. Today, in this article, we will see the list of the Top 10 Recruiting Software for HR Managers.

Top 10 Recruiting Software for HR Managers:


Manatal is the top cloud-based recruiting software for corporate HR and recruitment organizations. Its foundation offers an extraordinary mix of center ATS devices and new imaginative simulated intelligence-controlled highlights. Its plan and functionalities are on target to make it the most ridiculously complete arrangement of recruitment arrangements.

From competitors obtaining the entire way to onboarding and then some, Manatal gives different devices that smooth out your enlistment cycles and upgrade cooperation. This goes for inside correspondence similarly however much outside outsiders, for example, employing directors, sellers, or clients.


monday.com offers a representative administration framework that can follow the ability pipeline and draw in workers. It gives the functionalities of the enrollment pipeline, onboarding process, representative prosperity, and improvement and learning.

The stage will give you perceivability into the everyday exhibition of representatives. This will assist you with becoming guaranteed about the outcome of the representative right from the start. Its joint effort highlights will allow you to speak with supervisors and their immediate reports. It comes in the list of the best Recruiting Software for HR Managers.

Breezy HR:

Breezy HR is a start to finish recruiting programming. It gives the highlights and functionalities to assist you with drawing in and recruiting representatives. It will allow you to assemble and streamline your recruiting interaction.

Breezy HR will give significant bits of knowledge to every specific part of the enrolling system. This will assist you with pursuing more educated choices and working on the interaction.

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It has a visually simplified interface. The instrument will give you a 10,000-foot perspective of the competitor’s pipeline. You can redo the pipelines for various jobs. The apparatus will permit you to computerize correspondence, undertakings, planning, and subsequent meet-ups. It is one of the most amazing Recruiting Software for HR Managers.


Jobvite is a recruitment management software that arranges with embracing, recruiting, and onboarding the top ability.

It gives the arrangement from recruitment promoting to recently added team member commitment. Jobvite gives seven answers for assist you in the enlistment with handling for example Jobvite Recruit, Jobvite Draw in, Jobvite Locally available, Jobvite Brand, Jobvite Video, Versatile Employing Group Application, and Jobvite Text.

Jobvite is appropriate for any business type, for example little, medium, and huge. It is one of the top Recruiting Software for HR Managers.


Bullhorn is a recruitment software that assists in mechanizing the recruitment process. It assists in working on the arrangement with a rating of up to 43%.

Its prescient knowledge will give a savvy understanding into the applicant’s action. It gives numerous helpful elements like SMS and Mass Mailing. Bullhorn is reasonable for any business type, for example little, medium, and huge. It comes in the list of the best Recruiting Software for HR Managers.

  • Highlights:
  • Bullhorn gives an answer for mechanizing the center and backend arrangements.
  • Online answers for center and backend assignments will permit you to get to the records whenever anyplace.
  • Closed-loop VMS combination accessible.


Lever recruitment Software will help you in obtaining, talking with and employing the top ability.

Lever gives three answers to assist you in the enrollment with handling, Lever Recruit, Lever Sustain, and Lever Examination. The framework can be coordinated with many apparatuses. Lever instrument is reasonable for any business type, for example little, medium, and huge. It is one of the most amazing Recruiting Software for HR Managers.

  • Highlights:
  • Lever Recruit is a blend of the candidate global positioning framework and CRM.
  • Simplified interface for interview planning.
  • Lever Sustain is an insightful method of obtaining computerization programming.
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Greenhouse, Candidate Following and Enlisting device will help you in improving the enrollment cycle. Portable Application is accessible for iOS and Android gadgets. Nursery is appropriate for Medium and Enormous Organizations. It is one of the top Recruiting Software for HR Managers.

  • Highlights:
  • Pipeline view for any job.
  • Cooperation with the employing groups.
  • Scorecard with key credits will help the questionnaire in evaluating the applicant’s presentation.
  • Adjustable email layouts.
  • You can modify the vocation pages and occupation sheets.


CIMS gives an answer for Offer Administration, Candidate Following, CRM, and Worker Onboarding. The framework stores the up-and-comer information in a solitary data set.

The ATS will permit you to send the designated messages for holding and improving the commitment. It helps in keeping up with connections as well. iCIMS is appropriate for any business type, for example little, medium, and huge. It comes in the list of the best Recruiting Software for HR Managers.

  • Highlights:
  • For making the ability pool, iCIMS Interface can be utilized with any ATS or HCM.
  • It gives the Work process Management and Occupation Board Posting highlights.
  • The framework has highlights for Interview management.

Jazz HR:

JazzHR is a candidate global positioning framework and recruitment software which assists in the whole enlisting with handling through highlights and functionalities like Work posting and digitization of the deal cycle.

The framework upholds Free and Premium Work postings and Social Work Sharing. It gives HRIS combination and utilizing this framework, resumes can be transferred in mass. JazzHR is appropriate for small and medium organizations. It is one of the most amazing Recruiting Software for HR Managers.

  • Highlights:
  • The framework gives Applicant Assessment Formats.
  • It incorporates a Versatile Work Board.
  • Mix with LinkedIn.


Recruiterbox is a Candidate Global positioning framework and Recruitment software. The framework assists in building an appealing career site. With this framework, you will get all the data like conversations with the competitors, shared assessments, or connected archives in a single spot.

Every one of the applications will be saved in one spot, paying little mind to what they are used to for example messages, work sheets, or vocation pages. Recruiterbox is reasonable for small and average size organizations. It is one of the top Recruiting Software for HR Managers.

  • Highlights:
  • Work Board Postings.
  • Make the occupation once and it will get refreshed wherever for example vocation page, web-based entertainment, and web search tools.
  • Candidate following.
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Top 10 Recruiting Software for HR Managers with their website:

S. No. Recruiting Software for HR ManagersWebsite
3.Breezy HRhttps://breezy.hr/
9.Jazz HRhttps://www.jazzhr.com/


How do I choose a good recruitment software?

  • Security and privacy controls.
  • User training, customer support, and onboarding.
  • Easy job advertising on free, premium, and niche job boards.
  • Candidate sourcing and passive candidate search tools.
  • Social media job promotion.

What recruitment methods would you recommend to the HR manager?

  • Employee Referral Programs. 
  • Internships. 
  • Word-of-Mouth. 
  • Recruitment Events. 
  • Social Media. 
  • Better Job Postings. 
  • Recognize That Candidates Are Evaluating the Companies Too.

What types of technology are the most useful for recruiting?

  • Chatbots. 
  • Facial recognition.
  • Recruitment marketing automation. 
  • Mobile recruitment. 
  • Programmatic recruitment. 
  • Blockchain. 
  • Video interviews. 
  • Virtual reality.

How do you manage the hiring process?

  • Identify the hiring need. 
  • Devise A Recruitment Plan. 
  • Write a job description. 
  • Advertise the Position. 
  • Recruit the Position. 
  • Review Applications. 
  • Phone Interview/Initial Screening. 
  • Interviews.

How can the recruitment process be improved?

  • Craft clear and attractive job ads.
  • Boost your candidate sourcing.
  • Build talent pipelines.
  • Improve your recruitment efficiency.
  • Evaluate candidates effectively.
  • Enhance candidate experience.

What are the main features of an effective recruitment strategy?

  • Employee base strategization. 
  • Recruiter stratification. 
  • Reference checking. 
  • Smart sourcing. 
  • Employee branding. 
  • Considering the candidate experience.

What are the methods of recruitment?

  • Direct advertising. 
  • Talent pool databases. 
  • Employee referrals. 
  • Boomerang employees. 
  • Promotions and transfers. 
  • Employment exchanges. 
  • Recruitment agencies. 
  • Professional organizations.

What are the alternatives to recruitment?

  • Niche Job-Boards. 
  • Social Media Recruitment. 
  • Campus Recruitment. 
  • Referral Recruitment.


So, these are the list of Top 10 Recruiting Software for HR Managers. You need to pick the right programming for your organization. In this way, you can think about the highlights of the recorded recruitment apparatuses with the objectives of your endeavor. Then you will track down the right device to utilize the right ability!







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