Reviewing the Latest Heybike Tyson Electric Bike

Reviewing the Latest Heybike Tyson Electric Bike
Reviewing the Latest Heybike Tyson Electric Bike

A new experience

As a regular bike user, it’s quite the leap to try the Heybike Tyson e-bike. There are more features on the electric bike that can take some time to get used to. However, once the initial awe wears off, it’s easy to appreciate the extras of the e-bike.

Firstly, I like the strong and durable appearance of the magnesium alloy frame. The unibody is an ode to regular bikes, but it steps up the game by having a foldable design. The telescoping stem and folding parts made it easy to carry and store. 

The light frame and practical look of this e-bike were a worry since I am on the heavier side. However, trying it out eased this worry since the load capacity is a whopping 400 lbs., and the bike itself has a solid construction. 

This Ebike has a max speed rating of 28 mph, making it ideal for daily commutes to work or school. The Li-ion battery has a 48W 15Ah capacity, it’s one of its best advantages. The battery power is exceptional and offers a max range of 55 miles for a single charge. For errands, you can take several trips and still not drain the battery. It only needs 4-5 hours of charging, a feat that I liked, too.

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Riding comfort 

Once you hop on this folding e-bike, you will immediately notice its comfortable form and function. The bike owes it to the front hydraulic suspension fork that handles bumpy terrain very well. Still, it’s good to be careful when riding since the rear suspension is not as well-equipped.

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The four-inch tires are thicker than other rivals, but it does not weigh down the e-bike. Instead, it stabilizes the ride and conquers flaws on the trail with relative ease. The 750W electric motor churns ample power to maneuver the e-bike like any motor-powered vehicle. 

You can expect stress-free braking with its hydraulic disc brakes that soften the impact on rough tracks. The braking system is a plus factor for this model. Also, the seats are adjustable, and the handlebars can also accommodate various heights and postures.


Should you choose this e-bike?

My experience using the Heybike Tyson Fern Green electric bike was full of discoveries. It was fun to test the features of this e-bike, including the 4G and Bluetooth-capable TFT display. I also believe the phone app that enables bike location tracking is astounding. Overall, this folding e-bike is perfect for people like me who want to explore the future of cycling.

For more information on Heybike’s latest products and to stay up to date on the news from the company, visit heybike.com and follow the brand on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. To test ride the Heybike or learn more, visit your local dealer.

Media Contact:Business@heybike.com

Foldable DesignHydraulic Front Fork Suspension
Step-OverHydraulic Disc Brake
750W Hub MotorTFT-4G Display
28mph Top Speed (class 3)App-Enabled Bluetooth
48V/4A Charger (4-5 hours charging time)Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur
Up to 55 Miles per Charge (PAS mode)Samsung Battery Core
48V/15Ah (720Wh) BatteryWeight 77 lbs (35kg)

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