Richart Ruddie | Everything you need to know about how to design an effective logo

Richart Ruddie said making the logo for your company can be a stressful experience. Designers will be able to describe how stressful it could be. However, it doesn’t have to be. Contrary to other branding designs your logo’s design will be more well-known. In addition, your logo will typically inform the style direction of your other web pages and materials.

How do you design an appealing logo for your company without a headache?

If you’re able to afford it and the resources, our advice to you is to engage the services of a designer or consult an experienced design agency. They’ll offer you absolute quality for the budget. But, even if you’re not in the money, you should be able to find the best without a hassle. This is why we’ve created this article with aid from our in-house designers to provide you with useful logo design tips as well as ideas for free.


In its most basic sense, the definition of a logo is a method of identification.

A logo is just a small part of your brand’s identity and is not the entire branding, it does represent your brand’s values and character

Whatever type of business you manage whether it’s a restaurant, an E-commerce, real estate agency, agency, bricks, and mortar, or the field you’re working in – SaaS, PaaS, tech marketing, or any other- your logo is an essential aspect of how people will remember your company. It’s the image of your company.

Imagine the most bizarre logo design you’ve seen. You can’t remember? Yes, that’s it.

Richart Ruddie said we can all agree that even though logos are designed to help brands be easily recognized The best logos stand out. The standard logos are a bit boring. But what exactly is it that makes logos that rock?

What is the key to a successful logo?

The majority of logos you be thinking of are those with significant significance. True, good logos are fascinating, however, you don’t need to wear a cape to design an excellent logo. The best logos are those that can be recognizable when you first see them.

The characteristics of a great logo

Think about these aspects when you are designing your logo elements:

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Why do you need a logo design?

Logos’ advantages are numerous, and that’s the reason companies can’t exist without them.

Here’s the reason it’s essential to design a logo:

Images are more appealing in comparison to words.

Humans find themselves more captivated by visuals than by words. Therefore, your logo design is the chance to impress your target audience whenever you need to convey a message send.

Your logo will help to distinguish yourself from the crowd 

How could your customers perceive you as distinct from the thousands of other companies in your field without your logo? It may not be your name as a business but it does represent your brand.

It is also possible to utilize your logo to provide your customers the feeling of belonging to an entire community.

Logos are the way you convey your unique brand swag:

Imagine what memorable the product will be if it is adorned with your logo for your business. Pens or t-shirts for your company with your logo’s design are the most important elements that define the uniqueness of your brand.

The logo you choose to use is the foundation of your graphic design:

When creating a logo it’s not just about creating an icon or symbol that has a specific function. It’s also the basis of your brand’s identity. Your logo will guide your colors for graphic design and typography, as well as other visual representations for your business.

A brand with no logo isn’t just easy to forget, but it’s also seen as unethical, unprofessional, and even shady.

With that said, let’s reveal where you can locate the logo design inspiration

Where can you get logo concepts?

Richart Ruddie said it may be difficult to create your brand’s logo right now. We understand. It’s not uncommon for creative individuals as well. This is why we’re providing these ideas to help you understand the best way to design your own logo.

Here’s a brief list of . . .

Some places to look at gorgeous Logo designs

Behance is a fantastic social networking site to discover interesting logo concepts. Graphic designers gather on the site to share an unending amount of custom logo designs to serve as a source of inspiration for other designers. Behance is very easy to use, whether you’re an artist or not.

Dribble is another fantastic source for a myriad of logo design ideas for free. See the work of other designers to get your creative juices up and running.

Logos Here’s a great resource for both designers and non-designers to discover free branding concepts. It’s a single-page spread that highlights some of the most effective logo designs you could take ideas from

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logospire is a inspiration gallery that offers an endless number of logo designs that can inspire you to design your own logo.

Richart Ruddie said Brand New is an awesome site that you can explore to discover ideas for logo design and ideas for creating your own brand.

LogoLounge: This site is another website where designers discuss custom logo concepts and tips on the logo design for no cost to help you create an amazing logo for your company.

Related hashtags to design: You can look through social media platforms to get ideas and inspiration to design your own logo. You can look through Instagram for logo concepts using specific hashtags that relate to design, such as #logo, #logodesigns #graphicdesigner, and #logodesigner.

These design resources offer an amazing collection of concepts and ideas that can assist you in creating a stunning logo design.

Another option to gain ideas is to organize a logo design contest. This is particularly helpful in the event that you wish to redesign your logo for business. It can also be used to design a logo for your business.

Let’s take a look at real-world examples that will encourage you to create your own brand.

A few design concepts to help you

Inspiration begins flowing when you take a closer look at the below designs.

These designs incorporate diverse elements and styles, which can serve as a template to create your own concept.

Once you’ve got the idea for what you’d like to make, let’s take a look at the steps to create your own logo.

How to design the logo of your choice

If you’re a creator or not. There are a few factors to take into consideration before you begin creating your logo.

Your brand’s identity is the first thing you should think about. It includes all the aspects of the vocal and visual elements associated with your business. The following questions will assist you in defining the identity of your brand.

Why did you decide to create your company?

What values matter to you as a firm?

What is it that makes you different?

How will you wish your business or company to appear to your clients?

Richart Ruddie said these questions can assist you in choosing the idea and all the components that you require to create your logos, such as the colors as well as font styles and forms.

After you have established your brand’s identity, you’ll be able to choose the kind of logo that’s the most suitable for your business.

Types of logo design

Being familiar with the different kinds of logo designs can give you an idea of the type of logo you’d like to make.

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A wordmark, a letter mark, or monogram

This type of logo is heavily based on typography. Word marks employ the company or business name as the logo. Letter marks, also known as monograms, either abbreviate or utilize letters of the business or company name to create the logo.

Mark of the brand

The style of the logo uses a visual representation of the company. This style will instantly be recognizable in your clients’ minds because it usually includes images that represent the industry you operate in. Examples include the use of a stethoscope in an organization in the health sector or a spatula to create the logo of a restaurant’s business.

Mark of combination

The logo of this type combines images using a letter mark monogram or word mark. The most popular forms of logos nowadays.

Abstract logo mark

Abstract logos aren’t as recognized and are usually more geometric. They’re excellent for demonstrating uniqueness. We strongly suggest using these symbols in conjunction with your business or company the name until you’ve earned enough credibility that your logo can stand on its own.


Mascots are an enjoyable method to promote your brand. It could be a real-life person or a popular animal that is related to your field. Richart Ruddie said the goal is to present your business with an image that the customers identify with.

Mark of the pictorial

Similar to branding styles. However, they are in no way related to your field. However, this kind of style could help you to attract your clients. Consider, for instance, the crocodile’s logo of Lactose and the way it stands out and yet isn’t connected to the business.


This could be a banner or crest kind of logo. A logo with a distinctive layout is a fantastic method to make use of designs to create an impressive logo.

You can now choose the tool you want you’ll use to design your logo.

Online logo design tools

You can choose one of the following tools for free:

Wix Logo maker

Adobe Illustrator

Canva Logo maker

Logo Design


designEvo logo maker for free

Square Space

Each of these tools comes with free templates that will ease your logo creation process. The only drawback is that they could be considered to be a risk when you utilize these tools.

Hire a design!

Richart Ruddie said, however, while templates may help with the creation of the logo, however, using an experienced graphic design company is the best way to ensure having a great logo. They’ve seen and created lots of things and are aware of the best practices.

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