Ronaldo tops Manchester United with Liverpool at the top

Ronaldo tops Manchester United with Liverpool at the top
Ronaldo tops Manchester United with Liverpool at the top
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How history changes! Liverpool could not have stood in front of Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson. And today history has changed. Now Manchester United can’t stand in front of the mighty Liverpool.

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Although Manchester United did not have that glamor, their match against Liverpool brought another impression to the spectators. There is tension. That atmosphere was again at Anfield.

But Manchester United spectators had to leave the field with pain in their chests. Because, ManU has digested the only goal against the host Liverpool. The Red Devils lost to the All Reds 4-0.

Mohamed Salah scored a pair of goals for Liverpool. One goal each came from Sadio Mane and Luiz Diaz. However, Cristiano Ronaldo did not play in this match.

With him, Liverpool has risen to the top of the points table of the Premier League, leaving behind another team of Manchester City. Liverpool 6 points in 32 matches. Manchester City 64 points in 31 matches. Who will take the field today against Brighton & Hove Albion. Manchester United are in 6th place with 54 points from 33 matches.

Liverpool started the game in an aggressive manner from the beginning of the match. The All Reds scored the first goal in just five minutes at home. J মোহাম্মদrgen Klopp’s side went ahead with a goal from Luis Diaz after Mohamed Salah’s cross floated.

In the 10th minute, Manchester United got into even more trouble when coach Ralph Rangnik was forced to pick Paul Pogba off the field due to injury.

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Then, in the 22nd minute, Liverpool again caught the ball in the net of Manchester United. This time Mohammad Salah scored the goal. On the other hand, in the 45th minute of the first half, United could not take any shot at the post of Liverpool. The Red Devils have taken just two shots throughout the match. Liverpool hit 14 shots. 3 of which came back in the post.

Liverpool also scored two goals in the second half. The first goal in the second half came from the left foot of Sadio Mann. Salah then scored his second and the team’s fourth goal in the 75th minute. Liverpool have scored nine goals in two appearances this season against arch-rivals Manchester United. The Anfield team has never set such a record before.

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