“SciKnowTech – Exposure leads to Exploration”-  A break-through in experiential science learning

"SciKnowTech - Exposure leads to Exploration”-  A break-through in experiential science learning
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When and how did you start?

” Started in December 2015 with a small group of children at home started as SciTech Academics, the name given by those children only,” Says the Founding Team of SciKnowTech.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment

” The Idea generated from my own son and children around. Only conceptual learning or only exposing to experiments/models actually did not make sense for learning science. Children knew how to do the experiments watching Youtube videos but didn’t know why that was happening. And I thought who else can be better than me to answer those questions. Thus, with the philosophy of “Exposure leads to Exploration” came up with an idea of having SciKnowTech– a break-through in experiential science learning and thus exposing children to various aspects using multiple language of learning for the same topic definitely makes them think out of the box, spreading research attitude and aptitude in Indian society” Says Mr. Saleel Bhatt Co-founder: SciKnowTech.

Brief about the organization and founding members

About Organization:

SciKnowTech is a platform of “Experiential Learning” of Science. The main aim is to develop scientific temperament and aptitude in children up to Grade 8. To make children think out of the box in the subject of science with various languages of learning – amalgamating conceptual/theoretical learning along with experiential part of it in the form of audio-visual, traditional teaching, model making, experiments, story-telling, Expert’s intervention, field trips and using technology wherever possible.

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Founding members

"SciKnowTech - Exposure leads to Exploration”-  A break-through in experiential science learning

Image Credit/Source: Dr. Megha Bhatt (Founder –SciKnowTech)

  1. Dr. Megha Bhatt who conceived the idea is an educationist and scientist herself with more than 22 years of experience of teaching and research. Now an entrepreneur with many accolades like Digital woman 2017(Disruption), Gujarat Innovation Society (Trendsetter), National start-up and innovation summit (best start-up). Her passion towards teaching and research helps SciKnowTech not only as an experiential science academy but also the research-cultivating module for kids.

"SciKnowTech - Exposure leads to Exploration”-  A break-through in experiential science learning

Image Credit/Source:  Mr. Saleel Bhatt (Co-founder: SciKnowTech)

Co-founder Mr. Saleel Bhatt is a management post-graduate specialized in marketing and branding, which helps make the concept known to the world and also with his networking skill, the brand has reached not only in Ahmedabad but also has started spreading wings out of the city & country.

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers.

SciKnowTech started just around 2.5 years ago in a small room with 7 kids at home.

On account of the uniqueness of the idea and the sincere approach, today it is a known name not only in Ahmedabad but outside too, with a huge number of followers in social media and positive relationship with an ecosystem of schools and educational institutes. We are positive to take this journey forward keeping the legacy and philosophy of SciKnowTech on.

About funding, plans for growth

Currently, the Product offering business module of SciKnowTech works with 4 main modules….

1. Year-Long programmes – Convened at the academy, where the child comes every week, everything get covered as school curriculum. Also practically in form of experiments, model-making, field-trips, audio-visual and expert’s intervention. Here, the child Pays fees annually.

  1. Convening workshops in schools, universities and other social organizations to spread Science and expose the kids to “Experiential Learning”. Done more than 200 workshops since last 20 months. We also are to take the concept of workshop forward in form of CSR activities as well as “Teacher’s Training” programme, where year-long science clubs grade-wise can be designed and taught to teachers along with the support of models/activities by SciKnowTech. The main aim here is to also spread this unique idea across the society – including underprivileged children.
  1. We also intend to start providing models or kits to institutions or an individual’s which also will form one more stream of revenue and as well provide medium of propagating science.
  2. Our next step also will be establishing “Science Rooms” in schools where kids can have an environment of true science and concepts in form of not only table-top big models but also grade-wise models / creative kits for them to try their hands on…..thereby making the learning more fun activity than a burden.
  3. Finally, we also plan to take the module to virtual platform for the majority of the parts of the world to take advantage of such learning.
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Digital WomenImage Credit/Source: SciKnowTech

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

Challenges: Higher cost than traditional classes, parent’s ignorance of how grades can automatically better with such learning. It takes time to bring in a change in society with such “against the stream” concept.

The same model can be franchised in other parts of the city, state, and eventually nation by identifying right partners, who believe in this philosophy. Eventually, scaling up would happen by going for online tutoring to avoid any bars of a region. This would ensure scalability of the academy as well as providing models and raw materials across the globe.

In today’s market, most of the products are replicable, but with the unique combination of strength of SciKnowTech team (Academics and Administration), coupled with continuous strive to update with knowledge and upgrading of infrastructure, technology, methodology, knowledge-base and exhibits will make the product stand-out at any point of time to provide benefit of being leader in the marketplace.

Video Credit/ Source: GTPL TV

 Future plans and funding

Franchising the concept first in the city, then state and then in India, going virtual to propagate it to across the globe.

A quote from the founder on the journey, or dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment.

“Exposure leads to Exploration”

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs.

At any age, one can become an entrepreneur if one is confident about one’s own expertise and one is creative enough to innovate the extempore idea!

Provide some statistics like revenues or Client acquisitions

This needs detailed discussion, but a macro level figure of revenue is close to Rs. 10 lac and the outreach is 75 kids in a year-long programme, Catered to more than 45 schools, done more than 200 workshops and reached  18000 children.

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"SciKnowTech - Exposure leads to Exploration”-  A break-through in experiential science learning

Your website / apps / and contact details

Our website www.SciKnowTech.com

FB Page www.facebook.com/Sci.Know.Tech

SciKnowTech Academy 9825505969


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