Seaside Club Conquers Poverty and the Ignorance of Humanity

Seaside Club Conquers Poverty and the Ignorance of Humanity
Seaside Club Conquers Poverty and the Ignorance of Humanity

Improving the quality of life… And not just one’s own, but that of the whole community. And not just by strengthening their financial situation, but also by enlightening them. Seaside Club is going to use its NFT collection to do this. But how are these components interlinked?

A more highly moral application of the blockchain – is it even possible?

Down with the autocracy of banks! Long live a decentralised financial world! These were the slogans that started the 20th century. And in just a couple of decades, humanity managed to get rid of the tyranny of the global financial system.

Thanks to cryptocurrencies, everyone can now make anonymous transactions with their capital without waiting for authorisation. But the main purpose of finance, including cryptocurrency finance, remains the same – to enrich units at the expense of the majority.

However, not everyone is blinded by their own lust for profit, which can be fully satisfied by cryptocurrencies. A few members of the human race have managed to identify another talent for crypto. They are the founders of Seaside Club. 

Develop yourself by developing your own kind

The project has many secondary goals… But achieving them has a single goal – to bring people together under one roof, united by the idea of improving all of humanity. But first, Seaside Club will use elements of the cryptocurrency system to improve the lives of its own community members. And that will require an ideal business model, which can only be created based on NFT, blockchain and smart contracts.

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But how should one use these components for educational purposes? You see, because without education, it is not possible to achieve a higher moral and intellectual level.

To accelerate the colossal evolution of humanity, you would have to start with a handful of people… Who are ready and motivated to innovate.

Learn2Earn – a knowledge enrichment based project

Nonsense, but believe it or not, a hundred years ago mankind was far more educated. In the 19th century, the average European knew two or three languages, and read several books a week… And could even recite passages from his favourite writers and poets by heart.

And now modern education does not provide even half of the knowledge that their grandmothers and grandfathers received. And the simplification of requirements for schoolchildren and students is happening at the instigation of the state itself. As a result, children do not receive the necessary amount of information, which is required for learning the principles of building the outside world. And also for the development of their horizons.

Learn2Earn is designed to educate members. It will provide news about the latest developments in marketing, IT and other high-demand fields. The knowledge gained in Learn2Earn will help club members improve their professional skills in the future and, as a result, improve their financial situation.

And to motivate the app’s users to educate themselves, a quiz will be held. The quiz is designed to motivate users of the app to educate themselves and will select the top five monthly participants, who will compete for a cash prize.

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Travel 2 Earn – get richer by talking to others

The internet and aviation have reduced the distance between countries… But not between cultures. Many of us still don’t even know the traditions and mentality of those who live close by. And getting to know them allows us to peacefully solve many of the disputes and conflicts that arise between races and cultures, which prevent mankind from being whole.

To neutralise this global problem, Seaside Club will launch another project, Travel 2 Earn. The participants will be NFT owners from the Apex Humanity collection, who will be randomly selected. Several groups will be formed from them, who will travel to the specified countries and perform the tasks set by the organisers of the competition.

Seaside Club is the only project that has made the cryptocurrency universe not only increase the wealth of individual units, but also work for the benefit of all humanity. This is no longer a myth, but an accomplished fact.


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