Top 10 Seed Companies in India

Top 10 Seed Companies in India
Top 10 Seed Companies in India
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The agriculture industry in India has reached a value of INR 63,506 Billion in 2020. The total cultivated land in India is about 1.5 million hectares and agriculture employed more than 50% of the Indian workforces as the agricultural industry is one of the major components in the Indian economy that contributes to both GDP and employment of common people. India is a global agricultural powerhouse and one of the largest producers of Rice, vegetables, and spices. We can read in detail on the Top 10 Seed Companies in India.

It’s miraculous that whenever we go to a grocery shop we buy a lot of products. But that grocery items come from the hard work of farmers. Agricultural industries as a whole help the farmers to grow the crops with advanced technology and a lot of offerings. Seed Companies are a  major part of the agricultural industry in India for producing the best quality of seeds and the other requirements to preserve the crops like pesticides with advanced research work.

Here is a list of the top 10 seed companies in India that help in the growth of the Indian economy and the efficiency of a farmer.

List of Best Seed Companies in India :

JK Agri Genetics Ltd(JK Seeds):

JK Agri Genetics Ltd., an erstwhile division of JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. was established in 1989 with its headquarters at Hyderabad in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The seed company focuses on research and development, production, processing, and marketing of hybrid seeds of Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Maize, Cotton, Sunflower, Rice, Tomato, Okra, and Hot Pepper. 

The continuous involvement of this seed company in research, management, production, processing, marketing, and quality over the years enhanced the quality of the seeds and gained trust from millions of farmers in India. This seed company consists of a group of committed, high-qualified, top-ranking, experienced professionals in the seed industry to operate a seed company that defines the brand JK Seeds. The company also uses advanced biotechnology to produce top-class seeds. With such offerings and a brand name, JK Agri Genetics Ltd. is one of the top seed companies in India.

Kaveri Seed Company:

Kaveri Seed Company was established in 1986 by a graduate in agricultural science, Mr. Gundavaram Rao. He initiated his seed company with the production of Public bred varieties of corn, bajra, sunflower on his own lands in a village of Andhra Pradesh. The offerings by Kaveri Seeds Company are synonymous with the premium quality seeds over the decades and the company is continuously maintaining the finest quality. 

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This seed company is also a key stakeholder in fueling Green Revolution that begins with the seeds, the most important input in agriculture. This company owns over 600 acres of farmland and has a lot of highly experienced and dedicated professionals for research to help the farmers with their advanced requirements in the agricultural field. 

Being a leading seed company in India, this seed company focuses on the combined use of conventional breeding and biotechnology to enhance the quality of the seeds, and Kaveri Seeds Company also serves internationally. No doubt, over the decades, Kaveri Seeds Company has earned the trust of the farmers and become one of the top Seed Companies in India.  

Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd.(KRIBHCO):

Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd. (KRIBHCO) is a major organization for farmers in India. It was incorporated in 1980 and headquartered in Surat in the Indian state of Gujarat. This seed company focuses on every activity of farming starting from seeds to the preservation of the seeds when they will grow. KRIBHCO also manufactures fertilizers for farming lands. 

It is a premier National level cooperative society of India that supports the farmer community to enhance their quality of farming by providing high-quality chemical fertilizers, seed testing labs, soil testing labs, and hybrid seeds. 

As the representative of today’s farmer community and the catalyst in the modern farming procedure, KRIBHCO is one of the best seed companies in India.  

Krishidhan Seeds Pvt. Ltd.:

Krishidhan Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading seed companies that is totally influenced by advanced technology. It is an entirely research-based agricultural organization that involves biotechnology to enhance the quality of seeds up to a premium level. This seed company offers seeds of cotton, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, bajra, jowar, soybean, paddy, maize, etc.

 Krishidhan Seeds Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1996 and now it has become a group of companies that devoted the entire research into modern agriculture. The entire business focuses on quality R&D, quality control, production, processing, marketing, sales with the definite goal of serving the farmers both nationally and internationally. With such offerings, Krishidhan Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top seed companies in India.

Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation Ltd.:

Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading seed-producing states in India and the network of seed growers and with high quality of seed production and varietal improvements help the production focusing on the minimization of cost per unit. Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation Limited(APSSDCL) was established in 1976 with active joint participation of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Government of India through National Seeds Corporation, and shareholder farmers of the State.

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The main focus of APSSDCL Seed Company is to produce high-quality seeds for timely supply to the farmers and increasing productivity by introducing hybrid seeds. APSSDCL is a hallmark of a helping hand of the agro-climatic zones of the state and is surely one of the top seed companies in India.

Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd.:

Nuiziveedu Seeds Ltd. (NSL) was incorporated by Shri Mandava Venkat Ramiah in 1973 at the advent of the Green revolution period. NSL is among the leading seed companies in India that aim for the best research and production of the supreme quality of seeds. The seed company is into R&D and breeding programs in 24 different crops that include 9 field crops like Cotton, Maize, Rice, Pearl Millet, Sunflower, Mustard, Wheat, Jute, Shorgum, etc and 15 vegetables crops like Cucumber, Tomato, Okra, Cabbage, Sweet Corn, Chilies, Cauliflower, carrot, etc.

NSL also highlights the basic needs of modern agriculture and introduces high research on the seeds and plant variation, and provides the best hybrid seeds. The modern era of agriculture is defined by NSL and its one of the best seed companies in India.  

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DuPoint India:

This is one of the oldest seed companies in the country, established in 1802. DuPoint India is a Gurgaon-based company and proudly serving 90+ countries over the years. The company is mainly focused on the production of seeds and hybrid seeds. Moreover, this seed company also produces the basic need in agriculture, pesticides, and insecticides. 

DuPoint also involves in the noble work of producing food for farm animals and continues to bring innovation for the best experience of the farmers. Indeed DuPoint is one of the top seed companies in India.

PAN Seeds:

PAN Seeds was set up in the year 1975 as a single product company for engaging in the production and marketing of Jute seeds. After a decade, the company started to produce Rice seeds. The foray into Rice met with huge success simply because of the company’s commitment to providing quality seeds to the farmers in India. The company also started the marketing of vegetable seeds, wheat seeds, potato seeds, oilseeds, and Agricultural hand sprayers. 

Currently, the company enhanced the business by introducing hybrid rice technology and it is very important to India to avoid shortages and imports and become self-sufficient in meeting its food requirements. This company also exports its seeds to other countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and also Southeast Asian countries which are predominantly rice-growing countries.

With the vision of a good seed and good life, PAN Seeds are one of the top seed brands in India.  

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Kalash Seeds Pvt. Ltd.:

Kalash Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top and leading seed companies in India mainly in the vegetable sector. The company has gained leadership in many varieties of seeds like beetroot, onion, muskmelon, broccoli, capsicum, etc. 

With an experience of 50 years, this seed company is catering to the best quality of vegetable seeds among the thousands of Indian and international professional growers and farmers. Kalash Pvt. Ltd. mainly focuses on the research work through top-class scientists. The innovative technology and outstanding products and process is the most important area of this company. It plays a major role in catering perfect quality known as one of the best seed companies.

Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd.:

Incorporated in 1973, Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is doing great over the years by serving the best quality of seeds in the agricultural field. The seed company produces a variety of high-quality seeds like Cotton, Millet, Maize, Wheat, etc. but, the company is widely known for its best cotton seeds production.

Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is an organization of best research on the seeds, hybridization procedures, experienced and highly qualified professionals. With so many offerings to the Indian agriculture market, Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best and growing seed companies in India.

Top 10 Seed Companies in India along with websites listed below:

Sr. No.Seed CompaniesWebsites
1JK Agri Genetics Ltd(JK Seeds)
2Kaveri Seed Company
3Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd.(KRIBHCO)
4Krishidhan Seeds Pvt. Ltd
5Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation Ltd
6Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd
7DuPoint India
8PAN Seeds
9Kalash Seeds Pvt. Ltd
10Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd

Final Words:

 It’s a list of the top 10 seed companies in India. There are a lot of seed companies in India too as it’s one of the best countries in agriculture like National Seeds Corporation Ltd., Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Pvt. Ltd., etc are remarkable too.

Faq’s about Top 10 Seed Companies in India:

Which is the largest seed company in the world?

Dupont is the world’s largest seed company, with seed revenues in excess of $1.8 billion.

What is the list of top seed companies in the world?

1. Monsanto(US)
2. Corteva Agriscience (DowDupont) (US)
3. Syngenta (ChemChina) (China)
4. Limagrain (France)
5. Bayer(Germany)
6. KWS(Germany)
7. Sakata seed (Japan)
8. DLF(Denmark)
9. Long Ping HiTech (China)
10. Rijk Zwaan(Nederland)

Which company’s seeds are best in India?

1. Kaveri Seed Company Ltd
2. Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd (KRIBHCO)
3. Krishidhan Seeds Pvt Ltd
4. Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Pvt Ltd (Mahyco) 
5. National Seeds Corporation Ltd.
6. Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd.
7. Rasi Seeds Pvt Ltd.

What are the top 3 seed-producing companies?

1. Bayer (Monsanto) (Germany)
2. Corteva Agriscience (US)
3. Syngenta (ChemChina) (China)

What is the list of top vegetable seed companies?

1. Park Seed
2. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
3. Hudson Valley Seeds
4. Pinetree Garden Seeds
5. Johnny’s Selected Seeds
6. Renee’s Garden
7. Swallowtail Garden Seeds
8. Burpee Seeds
9. Floret Farm
10. Botanical Interests

Which is the largest seed company in the US?

Monsanto is the largest seed company in the US.

Who owns most of the world’s seeds?

Today, four corporations — Bayer, Corteva, ChemChina, and Limagrain — control more than 50% of the world’s seeds. These staggering monopolies dominate the global food supply.

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