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These are the links to the SelfCloud Pro add-ons. 1,2,3,4,5 You can get a discount on the 7 OTO links and a lot of extras if you buy them. OTO SelfCloud Pro There will be a great deal of SelfCloud Pro has one front-end product and five add-ons.

SelfCloud Pro OTO Links + Massive Bonuses

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>> OTO1 Unlimited Edition  <<

>> OTO2 Max Edition  <<

>> OTO3 Turbo Edition  <<

>> OTO4 Prime Edition  <<

>> OTO5 Agency  Edition  <<

>> OTO6 Reseller  Edition  <<

>> OTO7 Whitelabel Edition  <<

SelfCloud Pro OTO Links Above –  What is Self Cloud Pro ?

Plug in a bunch of free cloud drives, and you’ll have your own cloud storage without having to use a third-party service. Using the cloud, you can easily share, store, and get to your files from anywhere. Stop spending a lot of money each month on big cloud storage services like One Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive, and stop taking the chance of a huge storage failure. You don’t need to worry about moving your files from one cloud to another without first downloading them. Never put important business files or data at risk of getting lost. Offering Red Hot Services to Hungry Clients with an Unlimited Commercial License to Make Big Money Putting together the best features from different cloud storage platforms. Never have a hard time keeping track of many cloud storages.

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Product Overview


SelfCloud Pro OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

FE stands for OTO1 Limited Edition.

You can download and upload up to 100 tasks to different clouds every day.
With Unlimited, you can use a 264-bit encryption key to open, upload, and download files and folders.
Full File Statistics (Visitors, Country, Most Popular Referrers, Browsers, OS, Private and Public Folder Option)
The preview file should have a watermark.
a file that is protected by a password

OTO2 Max Licence for Commercial Use

Do you want to move or copy your files from one cloud to another without having to manually download and upload them?

With Max Online Version, you can open the app and use 100,000 transfer credits to move files instantly from one cloud to another on your Dashboard.

From one cloud to another, files can be easily copied, cut, or moved.

OTO3’s Turbo Edition

By turning on Turbo Mode on the dashboard of Self Cloud, you can move an unlimited number of files from one cloud to another without being connected to the internet. You just need to set up the operation and use your valuable time while Self Cloud Turbo takes care of the hard tasks.
You can see a full analysis of the finished task, including the file statuses for copying, migrating, and failing.
You can tell Turbo to get rid of files, and it will do so behind the scenes.

The best version of OTO4 is

Turn on Self Cloud Prime and back up your files and folders regularly to another cloud storage or by hand so that there is always a copy of them in case you accidentally delete them.

Prime Version will always ask you to create a backup of any cloud files you want to delete. So, you won’t lose important data by accident.

Version of OTO5 for agencies.

Get 250 accounts for Self Cloud Pro Free, OTO1, and OTO2.

Version for reselling OTO6

Reseller rights for the whole Self Cloud Pro funnel and a 100% commission on each sale

OTO7 White Label Edition

Make your own brand for Self Cloud Pro, complete with your own logo, and sell accounts at your own price with your own plans for different add-ons.

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SelfCloud Pro OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only SelfCloud Pro

SelfCloud Pro   – Text From This Video

The X570 Tai Chi Razor Edition and Asrock are the ones who paid for this video. In fact, Razer and Azrock have teamed up to make the best RGB control. This is amazing: it has a ton of argb zones right on the motherboard, two argb and 5050 headers for, um, total control over your rgb experience, and three synapse and razer components. I have tested and overclocked the 16 50-amp power stages that power the CPU. On this motherboard, there are many second-generation changes and lessons learned that make it really great.

It has a clear layout. To run, you would need a GPU with three slots, a GPU, and different add-in cards. Since this is the X570 version (there is also a B550 version), it is clearly PCI Express 4. A three-year warranty, the Razer special sauce, and all the accessories are also included. It is an extremely expensive X570 board. You should learn more about AMD if you want to use it in your next project.

OTOs for SelfCloud Pro Local

We got a request at level.

It just goes to show that when you’re online, you never know who you’re going to hear from—and it could be a fairly well-known person. Who asked us to maybe give storage and cloud service consulting? Since we’re not sure if it will really happen or not, we don’t want to say anything about it just yet. But as a part of it, we wanted to quickly show them what we had in mind for creating their own private cloud, which involves Next Cloud. Where do you go if you want to set up a quick, actual demo of Next Cloud? Well, if you’ve seen any of these before, I assume you know what I’m going to say. Lenode has a one-click marketplace, and Nextcloud is one of the one-click options, so that’s why we’re heading there.

Let’s look through it now. It is really easy. Amazingly, it’s easy. Even though you don’t really need a demo, we’ll still walk you through the process because Lenode makes it so easy and only costs a few dollars per month. After using NexCloud, I have to say that Lenode has a great user experience if you want to host your future cloud there.

Everything is fast and works incredibly well. I’m old and not used to this newfangled stuff, but it’s sleek; it’s a little too straight and sexual for my taste, but it works great and looks great. Let’s look into it, then. Just a short note about this video: During the story, you’ll notice that I only use the word “office” a few times. We originally planned to use only Office, and I did install it. But Calabra is the default that comes with Next Cloud, and it works great and does everything we need it to.

So, when I said I was just talking about Office, you were actually looking at Collabora, which is part of the suite of applications you can install by checking a box when you install Next Cloud and set up Next Cloud on the node. Instead of setting up a distribution like we usually do, we’re going to go to the marketplace, where all these install apps are already set up for us, so we can build a Linode using their one-click marketplace. There is a different way to do things, but what’s going on here? By doing this, you will get a special environment for this kind of thing and have it set up for you. So, there are several options when we click on the next cloud. Some things are necessary.

Linka for SelfCloud Pro add-ons

Some of my passwords are no longer good.

The MySQL root password, the MySQL user password that we will need to set up, and the server’s root password are all stored in a text file that I have already made. So, really, those are the only two things you need right now. A restricted sudo user can be made. SSH keys and different domain access levels can also be set up.

Now, it is one of your options if you decide to use a next-generation cloud server with domain access. You can point your DNS to Lenode and set this up here instead of setting up your own records on your DNS, and Lenode will take care of it for you. Since this is just a test and they will only try it out, I won’t bother with it. We won’t worry about setting up a DNS for it because we don’t really care; instead, we’ll use its IP address to reach it. Even though this is just a demo, you should follow those steps if you want to use this in the real world, especially if more than one person will be using it. The image has no other options; it can only be installed on Debian 10, which Lenode thinks is best for Next Cloud. Atlanta will be our new region of choice, and when it’s time to choose the CPU type, I’ll go with the 4 GB option because I need a lot of storage.

After all, it is cloud storage. Even though I don’t know how much testing will be done, we’ll make sure we have space for any big files that may be sent our way. Since this is a demo, I won’t worry about an ssh key, but you could do it. I’ll keep all of the different labels and other things; I’m not too worried about that. When everything is set up and private IP backups aren’t a worry, we’ll press the create button. Wait for the boot cycle to end, you know. When you’ve waited long enough for your next cloud instance to boot up and start, you can log in. This page will automatically be updated as that goes on.

Even though it claims to have been kicked out, you know. Give it a few minutes if you try to reach it but can’t because it might need to start some services or whatever else we will have the IP address for. If you set up DNS, you’ll have a little more set up, but since this isn’t a long-term solution, we’ll just use the IP address to get to our next cloud. Depending on whether or not we’ve finished testing it before this video goes live, we might hide this IP address. We’ll show it to you as long as we take it down before the movie is uploaded. It’s over here under the IP addresses or in the IP addresses. So, you have IPv4 and IPv6, but we’ll stick with IPv4 and only use the domain name or that IP address. We are starting with “slash next cloud,” which you put up.

This is the UH setup page for the newly installed Next Cloud for the admin user.

I’m just going to call that NC admin, and I already know what the name of my newly created password database is: user database. Hey, we didn’t put things up, you might be thinking. I agree; we didn’t. Even though we used the default, the database password you did set is just next cloud. You probably wrote down that value, so you can enter it here. If you look at the node creation for the user and the database, they are both just “next cloud.” We can connect to localhost since this is already running on this server, which is great. Even though using the suggested apps isn’t required, since we’re only testing this out, why not?

If so, why not? So, now that we’ve gone through the steps of installing the app, we’ll click to finish up and let it run its course. It’s nice when an installation has a user interface that guides me through the work rather than just making me wait. These are the extras we decided to include as a package to install on our next cloud instance. You can skip this action.

The AIUpsell for SelfCloud Pro OTO

It’s not really necessary if you don’t want these things, and the next cloud just put out a cute little splash screen for the first time.

Does it desire communication from me? Slides are popular, so host your information and assets there. Yes, I’d like to do that using open standards. Oh, what a wonderful open source.

The convenience of the app store is why we love it when the next cloud has 100 apps.

We’ll install at least one of those, along with some mobile apps and desktop software, so you can connect to it.

After that, we’ll look at the desktop application or, at the very least, start making contributions. I don’t have time right now, but maybe later. Let’s start using XCloud. Go to users in the control widget, the next cloud widget, and click on groups for users. nc admin is the only user we have right now.

We don’t want to follow the admin’s orders. We must make users who can handle daily tasks, because that would be rude. This demo is actually for a very top-secret project that might never happen. I’d say it’s less than 50/50 right now, but let’s still make both groups because music could be one type of group for this project and video could be another. Let’s just say, “M user one for music user one!” since several users have been added.

This works well as a display name! I’ve come to the conclusion that Obs is not catching these proposed passwords. So I can use those, then. I’ll just write them down in this text file, email you, and maybe that will work. We’ll add this user to the music, and I’ll leave that spot blank.

The interface is strange, the video isn’t knotted, and when you click, the arrow stays in place until you move the mouse away from it, which is a little strange.

I can see where they’re coming from. It’s tempting, but a little confusing. We don’t want them in a place of power. Let’s not worry about it; you already know what we’re showing, to quote you.

Bonuses for the SelfCloud Pro OTO

We shouldn’t worry about quotas right now because they might really need to use more. Okay, so it will be as it seems to be. Can’t we avoid using email? Uh? Yes, that’s fine; one still looks there.

Reloading the website shows that there are now two of them.

So, now that we have user one, let’s create user one as well. We’ll get another password suggestion here, write them down on video, and there they are—user one. It tells us to refresh the page. Now that it says “three,” we can tell that there are groups and users. Let’s set up some storage for those squeegees right now.

So we have our users. For those users, let’s make some folders. Click the plus sign on the files page by going to this link. The Calabra app lets us add documents, as well as add folders and upload files. Just add some folders. Now that we have users for music and videos, we will make folders for each of them. At this moment, there are no files in this folder. You could now click on “upload,”

The upload prompt that appeared on Windows cannot be seen, but we all know that, right? Anyone who wants can upload a file. We can also share here, and I could get a vague idea of what it was like right away. Can I share through the two groups I just started? That is something that, uh, isn’t always true.

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