Top 10 Semiconductor Companies in USA

Top 10 Semiconductor Companies in USA
Semiconductor Companies in USA
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Semiconductor companies are those companies who engaged in the designing and development of semiconductors and semiconductor devices that impact our every day life. The semiconductor industry is an increasingly popular and rapidly rising industry. Semiconductor industry is considered as the important technology enabler for the huge electronic industry.

Organizations and consumers globally use semiconductor devices to smooth the progress and cost effective technology solutions. There are several semiconductor companies in USA. But here, we are going to discuss the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin. Please check companies below.

List of Top 10 semiconductor companies in USA

1Samsung Austin semiconductor1996
2Muto technology1979
3Micro semi corp.1959
4Texas Instruments1951
5Brooks automation Inc1978
6Semiconductor support services co.2001
7Cirrus logic1998
8Nxp semiconductor USA1959
9Silicon laboratories 1996
10Tempo semiconductor Inc2013

Samsung Austin semiconductor

Samsung Austin semiconductor is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin

Samsung Austin semiconductor is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin founded in 1996 headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA. It is a subsidiary of world leader, Samsung electronics. They are focusing on developing and producing high class products to meet consumer needs. Samsung Austin semiconductor designs, engineers and builds high premium technology.

They have a dream to make a better world full of wealthier digital experiences through modern technology and products boast one of the most developed semiconductor manufacturing amenities in the world. Samsung Austin semiconductor provides highly developed and wide array of procedure technologies through the international semiconductor development alliance (ISDA), semiconductor R&D centre.

Their technology portfolio ranges from 65nm planar transistors to the advance 3D fin fet technology of 14nm and 28/32 nm technologies. They provide their services globally with a broad range of products including DRAM chips, PCs& computer services, micro processors, micro circuits, integrated semiconductor, computer logic modules, memories, flash memory and more. Their services include advertising, entertainment, information & communication technology, medical & health care and semiconductor foundary.

Muto technology

Muto technology is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin

Muto technology is one of the recognized companies in semiconductors manufacturing in USA. Muto technology is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin established in 1979. They are independent manufacturers of cost effective engineered consumable & disposable for semiconductor equipment. Muto technology offers broad array of products used in PVD, etch, CVD & related operations. Seven of the top 10 global semiconductor manufacturers specify Muto products & kits to improve equipment performance and reduce down line for savings that drive the bottom line.

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They are directly supporting 130 fabs globally and leading supplier of third party parts & service provider. To ensure quality Muto technology uses vertical integration and also provides a superior cost structure over any others. Muto technology’s total kit solution comprises cleaning, coating, refurbishment, replacement and logistic support to merge progress chamber kits. 

Micro semi corp.

Micro Semi Corporation is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin founded in 1959

Micro Semi Corporation is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin founded in 1959 by Arthur Feldon and Steve Manning. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of microchip technologies Inc, world’s largest supplier of microchip products. They offer inclusive collection of semiconductor and system solution for areas such as communication, defense & security, aero space and industrial.

They manufacture top performance and radiation hardened analog mixed signal integrated circuits, FPGAs, SoCs and AJICs, power management products, timing and synchronization devices and pressure line solutions selling the world standard for line solutions, voice processing devices, RF solutions, discrete components, enterprise storage & communication solutions, security technologies and more. They serve areas including automotive, communication, commercial aviation, data center, defense, industrial, medical etc.

Micro semi corp. has provided semiconductor solutions for numerous US space programs dating back to the lunch of first allas rocket. Several of micro space products were used in the Mars curiosity rover in 2012. Micro semi corp. has won numerous awards and recognitions including 2018 leading lights outstanding components vendor, 2018 SIA new product showcase award, 2017 elektra awards, 2017 Wales online digital awards and many more.

 Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is an American semiconductor company among top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin

Texas Instruments is an American semiconductor company among top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin. Their profit is mainly from the production of analog chips and embedded processors. Texas Instruments Founded in 1930 as a restructuring of ‘Geophysical service incorporated’. Texas Instruments was officially emerged later in 1951. Texas instruments provides semi conductors and a variety of integrated circuits internationally mainly for electronic designers and manufacturers.

World’s first silicon transistor introduced by Texas Instruments in 1954 and the same year they produced first transistor radio. Texas Instruments working with a dream of creating a better world by creating electronics more reasonable through semiconductors. They remain trust worthy, comprehensive, inventive, and competitive & result oriented services.  Texas Instruments has 15 manufacturing sites globally that produce millions of chips each year. They offer approximately 80,000 products for over 100,000 customers.

Brooks automation Inc

Brooks automation Inc is a leading semiconductor manufacturing company in America and it is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin founded in 1978

Brooks automation Inc is a leading semiconductor manufacturing company in America and it is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin founded in 1978. They provide automation, vacuum and instrumentation solutions globally for different markets including semiconductor manufacturing life sciences, and clean energy. Brooks automation Inc has been leading partner to the global semiconductor manufacturing sector since inception.

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Their technologies, engineering, competencies, breadth of global services provide customers a rapid response and high uptime. Through product development initiation and strategic acquisition, they have expanded their reach to meet the needs of customers in life science industry, analytical & research fields, clean energy markets. Company ensures reliability and high efficiency. 

Semiconductor support services co.

 It is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin founded in 2001

Semiconductor support services co is number one in delivering solutions for the semiconductor wafer fab equipment industry since 2001. It is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin founded in 2001. It is a privately owned company employs industry experts worldwide with headquarters in Austin, Texas.

They are committed to produce high quality products, creating better solutions, parts& equipments, peculator product family, equipment for sale and new V452SBC boards. Semiconductor support services co is working with a mission to partner with their customer and enable them to sustain and improve their operations, using their high quality services & products.

They focus on innovative new products, customer satisfaction and better solutions. They are specializes in AMAT, MKS, SMC, Lam, TEL and other wafer fab equipment. They provide wide range of products including controllers, implanter, peculators, data system, solid state drive touch monitors and other equipment. System refurbished by SSSCO installed in semiconductor factories is located in US, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. SSSCO has been built an outstanding status supplying spare &surplus parts to this niche market. 

Cirrus logic

Cirrus logic is among top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin

Cirrus logic is an Austin based fabless semiconductor supplier that specializes in analog, mixed signal and audio DSP and integrated circuites. They are global supplier of semiconductors and among top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin. Cirrus logic was founded in 1998 by Dr. Suhas Patel.  They are commited to creating a responsible, sustainable business environment for processing products that exceed their customers expectations for quality & delivery.

They provide their products including ICs, audio encoder/decorder, digital amplifier, digital audio converts & energy management devices.  Their encoder chips are used in smartphones, tablet and laptop computers, blue ray displays gaming devices, and digital TV. Cirrus logic has over 3000 customers including popular companies such as Ford, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Onkyo, Sony, Marantz, Poineer, Harman international, vizio LG, Motorola and more. They also owns 3800 issued and pending patents worlwide. The company gets most of its sales from customers in China.

NXP semiconductor USA

NXP® Semiconductors is among the best semiconductor companies in Austin

Nxp semiconductor USA is a semiconductor manufacturing company founded in 1959 with a passion to innovate to develop life changing technologies. It is a subsidiary of Nxp semiconductor in Netherlands, that focuses on automotive industry.

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They offers products including arm processors, imax applications, AMAICU’s power architecture processors,  general purpose sensors, MCU’s and more.  They are present in 30 + countries with 29000 talented employees  led by dedication, passion and strong partnerships. Nxp semiconductor USA drives innovations in automotive, industrial,mobile, smart home, communication infrastructure and IoT sectors. 

Silicon laboratories

Silicon Labs  is  semiconductor companies in Austin

Silicon laboratories is a Austin based semiconductor company founded in 1996 and it is among the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin. They design and manufactures semiconductors and other silicon devices & software. They sales their products to electronics design engineers and manufacturers in IoT infrastructure globally. Their products include microcontrollers, sensors, wireless system on chips and modules.

Silicon laboratories is chief in secure intelligent wireless technology. Their integrated software & hardware platform intuitive development tools, Un matched ecosystem and robust support make them the ideal long term partner in building advanced industrial commercial, home & life applications. They have a dream to empower developers to create wirelessly connected devices that change industries, cultivate economies and advance lives.

Tempo semiconductor Inc

Tempo Semiconductor is one of the best semiconductor companies in Austin

Tempo semiconductor Inc is an American multinational company based in Austin, Texas, USA founded in 2013. Tempo semiconductor Inc provide ultra-low powered mixed-signal, analog & DSP technologies to deliver silicon and software solutions that enhance customer end user experience.

Their products target the consumer and industrial audio solutions. Their products include PCs, notebook & tablet computers, headsets, printers, video monitors, game console and variety of other devices. They have a goal to enable low power handled devices by developing components for the handheld electronics market including high fidelity audio codes ICs. Tempo semiconductor Inc has partnered with two technology leaders called NXP semiconductors and Infineon.

 FAQ’s about Top 10 semiconductor Companies in Austin

What is semi conductor?

A substance that has characters and capacity to conduct a small amount of electrical current in a controlled manner

What is a semi conductor company?

A semi conductor company is a company that engaged in design and manufacturing of semiconductors and semi conductor devices.

 Which is the most widely used semiconductor?

MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor)

Which are the top 10 embedded companies in Austin?

  • Samsung Austin semiconductor
  • Muto technology
  • Micro semi corp
  • Texas Instruments
  • Brooks automation Inc
  • Semiconductor support services co.
  • Cirrus logic
  • NXP semiconductor USA
  • Silicon laboratories 
  • Tempo semiconductor Inc

Which are the three companies able to manufacture the most advanced semiconductor?

  • TSML of Taiwan
  •  Samsung of South 
  • Intel of USA

What are the four categories of semi conductor?

Micro processors, memory chips, commodity integrated circuits and complex systems on a chip

What is the importance of semiconductors?

Semiconductors are integral part of electronic industry. Semiconductors enable advance in every industry including computing, health care, military systems, transportation, clean energy and many more

What are the two types of charge carrier?

Electronics and holes


Semiconductor companies are emerging day by day. They make quick changes in various sectors like telecommunication, industrial control, automotive sector and more. If you are looking for the top 10 semiconductor companies in Austin you are in correct place. According to us these are some of the top semiconductor companies in Austin.

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