Shantial Dean unveils her book ‘Shantial’s I Survived the Struggles’

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1. Tell us something about yourself?

I am a peace-loving philanthropist who likes to travel the world and spend time witnessing incredible sunsets on distant beaches.From an early age, I had a passion for writing. I wanted to convert my feelings and emotions into words that could inspire the world. However, I never thought of writing a book during the early years of my life.

We all have certain turning points that change the course of our lives, and at one such point, I realized that writing is like therapy to me. I meditate by writing down my feelings and emotions on paper. That is when I decided to open up and write a book.

2. Your book, “Shantial’s I Survived the Struggles,” was published recently. To begin with, could you tell those who donot know much about the book?

I am Shantial, a passionate writer andphilanthropist. I am the writer of “Shantial’s I Survived the Struggles.” Being an African-American, I suffered a lot. I struggled throughout my life. The primary purpose of this book is to motivate other people who are going through the same psychological traumas and feel alienated from their society.

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3. What inspired your debut?

A friend of mine was going through the worst phase of his life, and his whole world was falling apart. He was having suicidal thoughts. I stood by him in that moment and listened to him. I encouraged him to talk about his problems and psychological condition. He felt relieved after that quick meditating session. Then, I decided to encourage other people who were going through the same mental state by telling them my own story of life.

I reached the suicide helpline to seek help. I found out that 12.2 million people have suicidal thoughts each year. These people wanted to be heard and needed our attention and care. For me, saving a life is like saving the whole of humanity.These factswere the primarymotivating factors for me to write this book.

4. What is your process of writing a book?

The process of writing this book is simple. I pour my heart out. This book speaks for everyone knowing through hard times. Furthermore, my book is already complete. You can purchase this bookfrom various websites.

5. What book are you planning to write next?

It is obvious that I will write something in the future. However, I am not sure about the topic and content of that book.

6. Have you written any other books?

Some people do not know that I have written four books so far. These books are available online for you to read.

7. Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Being an author, you have a massive responsibility on your shoulders. Your words can make someone’s day the other way around. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed when hard work is not paying off but ask yourself why you started in the first place! Believe in yourself and believe and keep working hard!

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8. What are your career goals?

I am a writer by passion and co-owner of the “Willie Dean, Feed the Hunger” Organization. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on the elimination of hunger. We strive to feed all the people on the Earth irrespective of their color, creed, religion, or ethnicity. I am here to serve humanity, and I will keep doing this job until my last moment.

9. Where can our readers find you online?

You can reach me on Instagram as shantial_the_author and on Facebook as Author Shantial Dean. I would love to receive your message and talk to you.

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