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Auto shipping is a big decision, but if you find a shipping company with years of experience, they’ll know exactly how to ship a car anywhere quickly and easily. They’ll make sure your car gets to your desired destination safely and on time.

How to Select a Reliable Car Shipping Company

Here are some suggestions for finding a trustworthy and dependable company: 

1. Ask your car insurance company for advice. They might have a list of the companies they work with and can recommend.

2. Check with your friends. Ask if they have used a company to ship a car. If they have, they can tell you how it went. 

3. Read online reviews of auto shipping companies. These will tell you what other customers think of the company and whether or not they would recommend it.

You can find a company that will give you excellent service if you do your research. There are a lot of choices out there, so take your time, check out numerous companies, and carefully read all online reviews before making a decision.

Choose the Services You Need

When you find a company you can trust, you’ll be able to choose the best car shipping services you need.

First, decide how you want your car to be picked up.

The two types of auto shipping services are door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal.

A door-to-door service involves a shipping company’s truck coming to your home to pick up your car and take it where you want. This service is more convenient, but it also costs more. 

The terminal-to-terminal service involves dropping off your car at the shipping company’s terminal and picking it up at their terminal at the destination. This service is cheaper, but it is also less convenient.

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Next, decide how you want your car to be transported.

You will have to choose between an open transport carrier and an enclosed transport carrier. 

Open transport carriers cost less, but your car will be exposed to the weather while it is moved. 

Enclosed transport carriers cost more, but your car will be protected from the elements. If you have an older car, then an open transport carrier is an economical option. If you have a new car or a luxury vehicle, then an enclosed carrier is worth the higher price.

Invest in High Quality Insurance

Before you give your car to an auto shipping service, you want to make sure they have the right insurance.

It is best to purchase “all-risk” insurance so that no matter what happens to your car, you will be covered. So even if it gets scratched during transit, you’ll be compensated for the damage.

It’s worth paying a little more for this type of insurance because you will always be able to file a claim in the unlikely situation that the transport truck has an accident or your car gets damaged when it’s being loaded on or off the carrier. 

Shipping Cars Are Easy When You Know How

When you know what you’re doing, shipping a car isn’t complicated or stressful. Follow these basic steps, and you’ll be able to ship your car with confidence, knowing it’s in good hands and will arrive at its destination safely.

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