Should You Rebrand? 5 Reasons to Work with a Logo Design Company

This post was most recently updated on September 5th, 2022

Rebranding can seem like an intimidating decision, but it doesn’t have to be. First, decide if you actually need to rebrand; this may not always be the case, and sometimes it can help to just make subtle changes instead of jumping into a full-blown brand overhaul. Once you’ve decided that rebranding makes sense, go through these five reasons why you should work with a logo design company when rebranding your business or organization.

1) A rebrand can make your business stand out
A rebrand is more than just changing your logo or creating a new company name. It’s about investing in your brand, defining the experience of your company, and communicating that message across all channels to create consistency. Sometimes, just updating colors or fonts is enough to make people notice you and turn them into customers. However, if you’re hoping for an overhaul of the company’s personality, it’s time for a logo design by Logo Design Company Long Island. It can be tough trying to stand out when you’re already up against so many others in your industry. But what if there was one way to make your business truly unique: a logo design company Long Island could provide? Now, while this might seem like an overwhelming step, there are actually plenty of reasons why you should take the leap into rebranding. And working with a logo design company Long Island is one of them!

2) It can create new customers
To be successful, your business needs people. Even if you’re in an industry with strong demand, you need customers! One of the best ways to grow your customer base is by creating new ones. The fastest way to do this is by working on making your company seem trustworthy and popular, so new customers are drawn in and previous customers stay loyal. So how can you make your company feel like something people want to do business with? That’s where branding comes in. A professional logo design company can create a lasting impression that leads to long-term success for your business. Here are five reasons why you should consider rebranding:

3) A rebrand is cheaper than you think
A rebrand is cheaper than you think, so if your business has changed and evolved, it might be time for a new image. If your old logo doesn’t suit your business anymore or if it’s not communicating the right message, then this might be the right time to change your brand. For instance, when Nissan updated their logo in 2000 they chose a simpler design to help their customers identify more easily with their vehicles.
A successful company should always have an updated logo design on hand in case they need it in the future. In fact, Nike redesigned their logo from 1972 into what we know today just five years later. Keeping up with trends and market demands will make sure that your company stays relevant and attractive to consumers in the long run. And remember that redesigning your logo does not mean you need to completely change everything about how you operate; a simple tweak can do wonders!

4) A new brand attracts new talent
Your company logo is the first point of contact for customers, so it’s important that your logo attracts new talent. Developing a new logo is more than just slapping some text on an old graphic design; hiring the right branding agency will make sure you create something that will resonate with the future and past of your company. At SeedBranding, we are committed to crafting logos in Kansas City that not only attract new talent but also reflect your current vision and desired culture.

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. . . people would have the same opinion about a new brand as they did about your original one. In short, if people loved or hated your original brand, chances are they’ll feel the same way about a new one!
You’ll get an entirely different perspective: One of the benefits of working with professional designers is that they can give you advice based on their experience – because nobody knows what will work better for your business better than someone who has had success designing brands in Kansas City before.

5) A rebrand tells your audience something they don’t already know
There are many reasons why you might need to rebrand your company. If you want to express your professional ambitions and give yourself an edge over your competitors, then a rebrand is an essential tool. In other cases, you may simply have exhausted the full potential of your original branding and it’s time for something new. Or perhaps you’re expanding into different markets or launching new products that require a different image altogether. Or maybe your company has changed its business model and requires a logo that reflects its evolution. Whatever the reason, if you feel like it’s time for change but aren’t sure where to start, reach out to our team at Pique Logos!

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